About this blog:

I started this blog in late 2008 wanting to express my thoughts on my obsession - makeup. I started getting into beauty when I first started work in a retail pharmacy selling Lancome and La Prairie. I love ABC testing and writing reviews on Makeup Alley. But posting pictures was somewhat difficult then, so in the spur of the moment, I created an account - 'Tracys Beauty Blogsphere', and the name has not changed since.

I love all things that are pretty but also versatile, especially in mind to use on a regular basis. I consider myself a practical person; I go for classic looks, with an occasional pop of color. This blog is by no means commercial or affiliated - all thoughts and opinions are mine. I am sometimes emailed press releases and commercial samples, however I have made a conscious choice to keep advertising to nil, and all thoughts true to me.

My preference lies in high-end makeup (Chanel, Burberry, Guerlain, Dior) and niche fragrance lines. 

You can contact me at tracysbeautysales (at) gmail (dot) com - or you may drop me a comment in any of posts. 


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marchonsummer said...

Hi! I am NC 15, I think you're about nc 15 too? and am new to lippies. I am looking for a natural nude lipstick, but the ones i buy wash me out or they're too brown. Which ones do you recommend? Looking for something natural nude, nothing hot pink or barbie pink. THank you so much! My email is

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