December 20, 2012

Shopping in Vienna ~ Inglot Eyeshadows

Christmas shopping in Vienna is delightful - shops displaying their latest christmas merchandise, streets alit with glistening lights, stalls serving hot wine and chocolates and Austrians flocking to the stores ticking off their christmas shopping list. Temperatures have been hovering above the zero mark, making it a lot easier to venture around the off-beaten paths. Above is the main shopping street in the middle of Vienna called Stephansplatz, aptly named after the main catholic church.

Vienna reminds me of quintessential Copenhagen, but perhaps in a more grandeur style; there's always violins and cellos on the streets and the way that the buildings stack up next to each other ooze this cozy feeling that you're still living in the 19th century. And, there are two fragrance shops you must visit when you're ever here to visit. One, Duft & Kulture on a street behind Petersplatz, and two, Le Parfum right in front of the Petersplatz church. I purchased quite a few of my fragrances here, with the most patient sales person. I can't wait to show you the fragrances that I picked up, but I want to test each one first before I express my thoughts. Once my fragrances unite with the rest of my others, I will of course show you what I own. I love my perfume is all I can say. 

I also discovered Inglots' newest store in Vienna, located quite a bit away from the city. I was dead set on getting those darn eyeshadows that everyone is raving about. Curse the blogosphere/Youtube space because I was on a mission like no other. Even it if meant that I had to jump on 3 trains to get there...

After reading reviews of the Inglot eyeshadow palettes, I was informed NOT to get it. 

Instead, I used MAC's new pro 15' palette. Here's the caveat: inglot eyeshadow pans are NOT magnetised which means that you had to source for your own magnetised sheet. It was worth all the effort eventually. But, I'm just too lazy to care about building a stash of eyeshadow palettes. 

I picked up a total of 11 eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are so beautifully pigmented and there's just too many to choose from.

I had also considered getting a Z Palette - it's cheaper and they give magnets too. I couldn't be bothered to purchase them separately online anyway, so I settled with the MAC. The fit is not perfect - there's about 1 cm gap left on the width and about 2cm on the length. 

Here are all the swatches of the eyeshadows for reference. Each inglot single pan eyeshadow costs 7 euros.

What are your thoughts on inglot eyeshadows? Are they worth all the craze?

December 11, 2012

My first Celine

In celebration for my career milestone, I decided to reward myself with something beautiful. And so I did. I paid for a ticket to Paris, stayed in one of the cute boutique hotels, ate macaroons and fresh baguettes, visited mega art exhibits (Dali and Hopper), and sniffed perfumes till my senses were completely overwhelmed! And, I picked up my first Celine. 

This little gem was one of the main reasons for me wanting to go to Paris. The Celine luggage tote was heavily contested by Asian and Russian patrons who were visiting Paris for the festive season. It was a rather stressful purchase because I needed time to consider, and meanwhile having a few customers standing close by waiting for me to let go of the handles. 

I was torn between a Celine luggage tote and a classic Chanel flap bag. Well, the latter was sold out in the medium size in the whole of Europe. I eventually thought that I'm just not ready to have a Chanel in my life. It's not quite my style, not yet anyway. Maybe when I'm older. 

I bought my Celine in the micro size, a perfect size to fit all my essentials: wallet, phone, diary book, and more. I'm glad I didn't get the mini (the larger tote), because it is somewhat heavier. The shade here is in khaki green, in heavenly leather. 

Thanks for reading!

December 9, 2012

Annick Goutal Vanilla Exquise

Annick Goutal Vanilla Exquise (EDT) proclaims my love for soft gourmand and vanilla scents. I hunted down her only shop that was open during the Sunday - Champs des Elysee in one of the galleries close to Sephora. Her boutiques are scattered everywhere in Paris: from the winding pavements of Abesses to a quint corner in neighbourly Saint Sulpice. I never ventured so much into Annick Goutal in the past because I found her scents too safe, maybe a tad too 'demure' compared to the likes of Serge Lutens and Frederic Malle. However, I do find that my preferences for FM or SL to be far more adventurous when I'm on vacation, but lesser so when I'm need an unobtrusive scent for work. Annick Goutal seems to fit the bill for a wallflower-type scent, but pretty nonetheless.

Vanilla Exquise in one word is simply vanilla. The fragrance features angelica, almond, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and guaiac wood. Not the kind of sickly sweet vanilla, and neither sharp or spicy like Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise. It's smooth and well rounded on the edges; its tone like a mild toffee spongecake. Perhaps it lacks a bit of character to Parfums de Nicolai Vanilla Intense or even Diptyque Eau Duelle.

Delicate and sweet, and not at all obtrusive. There's an angelic-like quality on the dry down, bringing me back to when my little sister was brought into the world. Her room would be temperate and her scent would be mixed with scents of baby powder, milk and her fresh clean skin. It's a strange connection, but resonates Vanilla Exquise subtle qualities quite well.

Is it worth 100mL, you may ask? In my honest opinion, not quite. If they had a smaller 30mL bottle, I would have preferred that. I do think it's a matter of body chemistry. On paper, it was a 'meh' but it only drew me in when I smelled it on my skin after about 20 minutes or so. I only give vanilla-scents privilege to my skin. Otherwise, they are often left on test paper!

It's best worn in autumn and cooler climates. The absence of florals and spice is a step away from my usual foray of characteristic dimensional perfume candidates. I have mine in the EDT version, which I would much prefer to the EDP. Its lasting power stands for about 4-5 hours on end. I purchased mine for 96 euros I believe, and you can have them shipped in the EU from her website.

December 4, 2012

A brand new start for a brand new year

I apologise to those who have noticed my lack of posts and blogger activities in the last few weeks. I have been delaying my announcement for some time now, only because I am not mentally prepared for this. I will be leaving Denmark, and moving back to Singapore. In many ways this move is for the better but intrinsically, I am mixed pot of feelings. Given the circumstances and the opportunities aplenty in Asia, I had to take my chances and hope that I am making the right move. The last two years in Copenhagen has been wonderful; I met my dearest SO, made amazing friends, learnt so much about history and culture and took my blogging to a level that I'm happy with.

I have spent the last few weeks organising myself for the move, travelled to Paris to see Dali's and Hopper's exhibitions, bidded farewell to friends and colleagues. So you can certainly imagine how much has been going on behind the scenes. The next time I write I would be in Singapore. I will of course try my very best to write when I'm touring about in Eastern Europe.

Till then, have a wonderful festive rest of the year!
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