June 21, 2011

Benefit's Posietint for Summer Simplicity

As the longest day approaches here in Copenhagen (only barely seeing an hour of darkness on the days spanning 22-24th June), daytime summer looks are preferred. I find that less is more and go for very simple looks. In less than 10 makeup products from base to point makeup, I'm out of the door in less than 15 minutes.

Today's FOTD encompasses Armani Eyes to Kill in #1 which I mentioned yesterday and a cheek stain, Posietint. Glamour UK (June edition) has released a few mini 4mL freebies (Benetint, Posietint and High Beam), and it reminded me to use the things that I still have in my stash.

Benefit Posietint is no stranger to the avid beauty connoisseur. A sequel the cult Benetint, Benefit continues to release a number of cheek stains. Latest that I heard, they have released a coral cheek tint called Cha Cha Tint. Each 'nail-polish'-like container contains 12.5mL. 

I'm not too big a fan of the applicator brush; it's flimsy and hard to control. I'm not even sure what the right method is exactly, but the tip is to blend it real quick before it sets!

The shade is simply a candy floss pink. The pinks that Japanese girls go gaga over. 

I have a love-hate relationships with cheek tints. They're messy and they dry too quickly for my liking, leaving a streaky mess. Benefit readjusted the formulation for Posietint, making it creamier and easier to blend. But still, if you leave it a little bit too long (lets say 30 seconds), you still get a stubborn streak that just won't budge. The beauty of cheek stains, however, is that it stays put all day. Dance all night and you still get a beautiful color on your cheeks. 

With the right amount, I daresay that the cheek stain looks like my own natural flush.  

In summary, I think it's a nice summer product. Cheek stains and cream blushes are great go-to-products for late and hot summery nights. It's a shade that can be easily duped by other companies so if you're tight on cash, you won't have to look too hard to find something comparable.

Rock on Summer! <3

June 20, 2011

Incredible Dimensions with Armani Eyes To Kill #1

I am a bit late on jumping the Armani Eyes To Kill bandwagon, but I only discovered this gem at London two weekends ago. I certainly wasn't expecting to purchase anything from Armani but upon swatching the range, I was instantly drawn into #1 - Blast of Blue. 

The blue and gold character pigments infused into a single swatch of divine goodness is something that I have yet to see, almost like semi-precious molten rock. For 23 pounds sterling, it's definitely a luxury bullet to bite. But for all that's its worth, the eyeshadow transfers easily on the eyelids and on days, I find that using this eyeshadow alone is all I need. Fuss free. Perfect. 

On my lids, it's simply breathtaking. 

And although it is mostly an evening look, I have been wearing it to work almost daily now.

In fact, #1 Blast of Blue reminded me so much of MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass, which is infused with beautiful blue micro shimmer. 

Other news; this is a quick post to get me started again on blogging after a very long break. It's been quite challenging to find the time and motivation to blog again. But I met a friend last night, who is pursuing his dreams on photography. And he reminded of what I looked forward to most when returning home, and that is blogging. I will most definitely be putting more posts for the month of July. 

Thanks again for supporting me and hello to my new readers from the Makeup Blogette (Thanks Sophia! *hugs*)

June 9, 2011

Every girl deserves to be pampered with LUSH

Life has been a little rough to me lately - too many work deadlines, late night study, lack of sleep and life disappointments. We all go through ups and downs in life and it's totally normal. As a result, I've left my blog alone for a little, but I promise to get back in the roll when things are more or less stable. 

I went a little gaga with LUSH UK online last week when my stress levels were shooting off the roof. I received my goodies today with glee.

Honestly I don't even remember what I ordered. I got carried away obviously and my shipment was substantial enough that they had to separate it into two boxes! 

So what did I get exactly?

 Vanilla in the mist soap 
 Noubar soap
 Porridge soap 
 Honey I washed the kids soap (love)
 Lemslip soap
Rockstar soap (love)

 Sugar babe scrub - to prep skin for sunless tanning :-)
The Joy of Jelly showerjelly - fun times!
Volcano foot scrub - for feet so soft that you want to eat it!

Dream cream (love) - to feel dreamy in my sleep 
Mange Too massage bar 

H'suan wen hua hair treatment (love) - to have hair that you've always wanted
R&B hair moisturiser

This will last me a while I think. haha!

Till then, have a lovely weekend! I'm off to watch the finals at Queens Club, London. I hope to see Nadal in action. I will be just chilling out this weekend, after a crazy intense week of work and study. And it's just another night of study till my exam tomorrow. Woopie!

June 3, 2011

Summer is here in Denmark

It's finally summer here in Denmark. Everyone is bustling in the city, and all the music festivals crowd around this weekend. My friend from Berlin will be coming over to visit me, and we plan to party up a storm on the weekend. All the girls are in floral dresses with their stylish bicycles, so I had to join in as well. Or at least look half as good looking as them. :-)

I decided to use my GHD to straighten out my permed hair. It makes me miss my straight-haired days. 

On my cheeks, I used Nars Copacabana multiple, which gives a pearlescent highlight. On top I have MAC (correction! Better) Happy Together Mineralize Blush, which works beautifully together with the highlighter, to give my skin a soft summer glow. 

On my eyes, I'm used a combination of neutral shades. There wasn't much thought when I did this look, but it turned out alright! MAC Dirty Greaspaint stick coupled with Phloof and Style Snob eyeshadows create this somewhat sultry look that is wearable in the daylight. 

My Forever21 top is my favourite this season. It's light, floral, and looks great paired with some tight tight cigarette jeans. 

Little elephants earrings which I picked up from Taiwan. 

My skin is feeling alot better day after day as a result of bikram yoga. On days, I don't really have to wear foundation and powder. I love this freedom. 

A bit of yoga philosophy for the day: Quieten the mind so that you can overcome your internal hurdles

Today is especially challenging. I have alot of thoughts in my head lately, and I certainly don't want to be doing bikram yoga today. The room seemed hotter than usual, and the people next to me were half-hearted in their poses. Or so it seems, to me. 

The trick about yoga is to quieten the voices in your head and focus despite all the external factors. Everything may seem hard at first (i.e. the eagle pose when you're sliding around with sweat or tempted to wipe your face halfway through a pose). Sometimes you feel like giving up. I was feeling nauseous and dizzy, and worried that I'll experience cramping because I didn't drink my prescription of 2 litres of water prior to class. There's so many reasons why you can't do something. Too many. 

But the mind is stronger than that, if you allow it to be. Focus on each challenge as if it's your last, and let go of expectations on yourself. Let go, let go, let go... and your mind will finally relax and move on. 

Have a lovely weekend :-)
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