February 28, 2011

Switching Mondays to Fridays with a Simple Red Lip

Fridays in my office are dress-down days. Mondays are usually boring and depressing days. So how do we switch boring Mondays into fun pseudo-Fridays? Do something different with your makeup and outfit! Why not?

Today I am featuring a red lip, just because I needed to spruce up my "lets start the week with a bang, shall we?" outlook. 

With red lips you need a flawless complexion. I paid more attention to the base makeup today, making sure blemishes are concealed.

Then I used some neutral eye makeup using Bobbi Brown's Nude Palette. It's almost on the same league of the Urban Decay Palette but with a more satin finish. The colours are less intense, but it doesn't mean it's less pretty. Lined my upper lash line with MAC's Blitz & Glitz fluidline. And added more 'ooomph' to my lashes with a coat of Lancome Cils Booster and YSL Faux Cils Mascara.

I actually did nothing to my cheeks today - for a change. I didn't want too much colour going on. I just wanted to focus on my lips.

Metro had their 20% sale last week, and so I used the opportunity to purchase a Chanel Lip Pencil in Framboise. It was released in their Spring 2011 collection, and I would describe it to be a pinky red. Not a true red, which is easy to pair with any other type of red lipstick.

Firstly, I used the Body Shop Shea Lip Butter which feels absolutely divine on the lips and smells glorious.

Then I lined my lips with Chanel Framboise Lip Pencil, which glided on so smoothly. And what I do notice with Chanel lip liners are that they are exquisitely packaged with a pencil sharpener and lip brush. I like that special thought companies put into their products. It certainly saves me the trouble of looking for a pencil sharpener (I am look at you Stila).

Then I filled the rest of my lips with the same Chanel Framboise Lip Pencil.

I used the brush that comes with the Chanel Lip Pencil and applied one coat of MAC Red lipstick. I would describe this lipstick to be more blue-toned than Russian Red (which I don't own... yet).

We all know that red lips has to be perfectly defined. This will you bring you from 'auntie from the street' to 'poster girl' in an instant! So I used Dior's Nude Concealer, to outline and further define my outer lip area. It doesn't have the highest concealing properties, but it's hydrating and does not cake up. Who wants a cakey moustache anyway?

And finally a mysterious guest... the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss to just make my lips a little bit more moisturised, glossy and yummy. 

My lip gear used today

- Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer
- MAC Red Lipstick (Satin)
- Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Framboise 37
- Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Timothy

I hope you have a fun-tastic makeup Monday! :-)

February 26, 2011

Illuminance with Anna Sui Protective Base Makeup

Today, I drew my curtains wide open to test out Anna Sui's Protective Foundation Primer C. Retails island-wide for SGD49, starting from 1st of March 2011. 

Anna Sui will be releasing a new range of base makeup to add to their already extensive collection of products. Their new range of base makeup products are targeted for oily skinned ladies with an extra sun protection factor of 38 PA++ to shield against hot and humid climates. 

I find it incredibly annoying when I've put on a full face of makeup in the morning, fixed it with a gazillion fix sprays, and in a few hours I already experience my makeup sliding. And, you just can't avoid it here in Singapore. Walking from the MRT to the Hereen will make me bead sweat and oily without a doubt. And, I just detest that feeling of my foundation sliding from my forehead to my chin and neck. 

So, the concept of the Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer C is not to compromise on the 'oh-so-loved' dewy factor, and yet still holds strong against the sebum. It serves well for anyone who's not so big on liquid foundation, and topped off with a little bit of pressed powder, your skin will look suitably prepped for work. And for anyone else who prefers more coverage, this primer will give your long-lasting oil control foundation (that tends to be very matte in finish) a boost in illuminance. 

There is only one shade in 200 Platinum Purple. It appears more of a lilac purple in person. The texture is quite emollient and creamy. It spreads very easily with your fingers. I'll be quite interested to see how it fares in terms of oil control, but I need to trial run it for a week to gage how it performs. 

I did notice the floral scent and this is signature to all Anna Sui cosmetics. I like it, but I can understand anyone who might prefer non-scented products. 

You will need about two pea-sized amounts to spread to your entire face. Here, I will be testing the left side of my face to show you the dewiness that this primer will create. 

On bare face

It's fairly obvious that the left side is more 'illuminated' than the right. I also intentionally made sure that when I took this shot I was standing at an area where I was getting equal amounts of light to both sides of my face. So no bias here!

The primer didn't completely conceal my pinky undertones, but that can be easily fixed with liquid foundation or loose powder. As you can see, the primer did a fantastic job to even out my sullen skin tone. Here I used a smidgen of Anna Sui's Loose Compact Powder UV. 

The powder comes out of small incisions that drums the loose powder, which appears to have a lilac shade as well. My only issue was that I could not transfer much powder to the puff. Another reason why I prefer compact pressed powder. 

The loose powder comes in capsules that you can easily refill into the most gorgeous, and most beautiful Anna Sui case. I have a soft spot for anything with pretty packaging and Anna Sui wins over rivals hands down. I remember raving on about Anna Sui cases with my colleague, and will intentionally get a refill just so that my current case will be fully utilised. So I have a stash of compact powders sitting pretty but waiting to be used. *guilty!*

The Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder UV, has a SPF of 15 PA++, but only contains 4g. Now, it makes sense that you wouldn't want to be carrying that much loose powder anyway. It's a novelty to be carrying loose powder instead of pressed powder. And we all love the translucent finish loose powder gives us, which pressed powders aren't able to achieve.

Edited 27/02/11: That said... 4g is a tiny amount of product. I recall my Lunasol deluxe sized loose powders are sized at 3g. So I expected more product in each capsule. 

Now isn't the casing glamorous? =-)

Anna Sui's Dolly Girl lipstick in Shade 003 was peeking at me today. I was curious to see how it feels and looks on my lips. 

The shade runs on a sheerer side, but feels adequately moisturising on the lips, with a little slip.  There are 3 shades in the limited edition special packaging, and I believe there is a brighter rosy pink if you prefer more pigmented colours. 

The shape of the lipstick is different of course. It reminds of the bullet-like exterior packaging of MAC lipsticks. 

I love today's FOTD. I love my glowy skin thanks to Anna Sui's Protective Foundation Primer C. I brushed on MAC's shimmery mineralize skinfinish blush in Daft Pink to my cheeks to make my skin even more glowy! LOVE! 

Happy weekend everybody! 

Paul & Joe Parasol Spring 2011 Collection Release

Paul & Joe finally released the Parasol Spring 2011 Collection two days ago at Isetan Scotts. Today, I sneaked a mini preview of the collection at Takashimaya, attended by my favourite sales assistants - Mark, Bee Lian and Ruby. Unfortunately, I couldn't swatch any of the colours but they let me have a little play around. *grin* 

The entire collection is sizeable, compared to previous Paul & Joe releases. You have little trinkets of eyeshadow duos, lipsticks and nailpolishes. 

Out of the entire collection, I must say the lipsticks are stellar. Paul & Joe lipsticks are traditionally very moisturising, and has significantly improved my chapped lips. The packaging is inter-changeable so you can still keep the cardboard packaging in its prestine condition. 

However, if there is only one lipstick you must get, it would have to be 071, which looks like a raspberry pink colour. My immediate reaction is 'LOVE'. Mark and I were like little kids swooning over this colour. It's simply breathtaking. 

A pity that this collection was not released for Valentines day, because the packaging will fit the theme perfectly. 

There are 5 Eye Colour S - duo eyeshadows, with different pretty Spring colours. Mark suggested to apply a contrasting colour on the top and bottom lash line. The lime green and yellow shade looks like something I'll probably grab for. "Tracy, don't you already have enough lime green shadows?" 

And 3 Colour Powder S, which I presume you can use for the cheeks (070 and 071 shades)? They are priced at $49, and thus a little more pricey than the Eye Colour S. The formulation appears to be less shimmery and sparkly.

AND, there's more! 5 nailpolishes to please the office ladies. There's a lovely floral scent to Paul & Joe nailpolishes (not that I whiff it intentionally), which I can't put my finger on. But all I can say is that it's different to traditional nailpolish scents. 

 The soft shimmers and sparkle with these products can only be appreciated in person, so I suggest you take a trip down to Takashimaya to view the gorgeous-ness of this new release. I'm waiting for this collection to be officially released in Takashimaya from 1st March. 

 And finally, please do me a favour and visit Mark, Bee Lian and Ruby if you have any questions on this collection, because their customer service is impeccable! 
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