May 31, 2010

EOTD with Lunasol Coral-Coral Eyeshadow Palette

I'm flying off to Mumbai tonight, which is a BIG relief to me! I'm starting to really appreciate time away from the office, so that I minimise myself from the rampant office politics. Last week was torturous as you can imagine. The boss was back and I was rushing (and being rushed) to meet earlier and earlier project deadlines. So going to India is much better. I can meet up with customers, get a fresh mindset and think about ways to do things better (as opposed to being stepped and trodden by unnecessary politics).

Today, I'm using my Lunasol Coral Coral Eyeshadow Palette. I admit, this is a pretty old release and I still haven't used it! I got this from the Lunasol sale last year for a decent price.

Anyway, I've found a new gem... A perfect eyeshadow palette for strict corporate days. Minimal makeup and a professional look.

After base makeup
Lunasol Coral Coral is a GORGEOUS eyeshadow palette. It has natural shades that whispers office lady...

Applying the top left shade (light pink) to the inner corner of my eye

Then the top right shade (light brown) to the middle lid. Using my MAC 239 brush.

Very sheer color
Now using the darkest brown shade (which is not so dark) to the outer crease area

I wish I took better pictures than this... This does not properly capture the true subtle beauty of the shimmers!

All the 'Point Makeup' (Color makeup) I used today. I'm loving Guerlain blushes. They're so soft, smells beautiful too. I will be doing a more detailed FOTD using this blush in coming posts.

I hope you have a good week and don't forget to smile cos I will be in incredible India! :)

May 30, 2010

Massive LUSH UK Haul - Experiences, Shipping, Costs, Suggestions

Ok, so I hauled. Big time hauled. I'm down to my little palm size amount of 'Honey I washed my kids' soap and I needed some more. I read from several blogs that ordering from the Lush UK store is cheaper, and more efficient than the Lush HK or IN (India) site. It's a pity that Lush is not in Singapore, so it's hard to know what you're getting until you receive it in the mail. 

I had butterflies in my stomach. I was REALLY looking forward to this. 

It's nicely packed in a 15cm (Height) X 23cm (Width) X 14cm (Depth), which means you end up saving extra shipping cost. In fact, the total weight of this was 1.78kg, which comes to £7.95 to ship to the USA. That's considerably affordable especially not having to pay for 17.5% VAT in Europe/UK. 

I shipped this to my US Borderlinx suite, and consolidated my shipments that I had. The shipping cost from the US to Singapore is about SGD20ish. It's much cheaper than shipping it directly from the UK to Singapore, which is about 40 pounds if I remember correctly. I placed this order on the 9th May and I received this about 10 days in the US Borderlinx Suite. It was definitely worth the wait! I spent SGD120 for all 10 products. Do take advantage of the low pound (GBP) currency while you still can. 

Everything is nicely packed in the box, nothing was damaged. But I can see how bath bombs can potentially be affected because of it's relatively small box. I didn't order any bath bombs cos I don't really take baths. 

On to the products; LUSH items are generally short-expiry especially the liquid based products. I won't be going into depth with the products since I haven't used all of them yet. But if you wish for any reviews, let me know in the comments below.

H'Suan Wen Hua - a deep conditioning hair mask. I'll probably use this fairly quickly. I heard alot of good stuff about this product. Smells of oatmeal with herbs. A bit of a strange scent, to be honest. I'm more interested in the benefits than the actual scent. It should be great for ladies with chemically treated hair like mine! Expires in 3 months. 

The highly raved Dream Cream. I tried it on my hands and the moisturiser sinks in beautifully without the tacky feeling you often get. It smells very much like Jurlique's Rose Water. So if you're a fan of Jurlique, you'll love this too. Expires in 1 yr. 

Honey Trap Lip Balm. Tried this on my lips and found it decently moisturising. It doesn't give you the glossy finish that some lipbalms do. But it smells lovely and is solid so there's less chances of germs penetrating the product. Expires in 1 yr.

Angels on Bare Skin - I'm really looking forward to trying this. It really reminds me of the Jurlique Face Wash Cream where it looks like there's bits of cereal. It does look like cake dough before it's being molded to pretty gingerbread man shapes. Expires in 3 months.

Packaging for the soaps from the UK site is slightly different to the ones you get from the store. They seal it in a cellophane sheet, which works just fine. But I'll probably put this into freezer bags to avoid the scents transferring to my other products.

Sexy Peel is a slightly softer soap, which smells of lemon. I ordered the 100g size and I think this may last me for 2 months of everyday use. 

Rockstar. When I first got this, I didn't know whether I liked it. My boyfriend immediately thought 'Candy Floss'! How cute. 

Honey I Washed the Kids - It smells sooooo divine when it's fresh. My current one still sits in my shower and it still exudes the gorgeous scent making my bathroom smell uber nice. I'm disappointed with the size, cos it looks slightly smaller than my other two. I wish I ordered more! 

American Cream hair conditioner. Smells lovely and will probably start using this today. Expires in 1 yr.

Big Buffy got me slightly confused. When I received this, it was crazy soft as if it was melting in my hands. I wasn't sure if it was meant to be the case, so I popped this in my fridge. The minimum size was 200g, and this will probably last me a very long time. An exfoliant and moisturiser at the same time. 

The Soft Touch Massage Bar got me very interested. It smells sooo divine with citrus and applies like a dream. It literally melts in your hands. It does have a greasy texture and takes a while for it to soak into the skin but it's got a lovely smell that it's not too much of a hassle to use. This came with a LUSH tin, and fits this massage bar perfectly. This piece will last me a very long time cos you only need the slightest amount to rub onto your hands. 

My entire LUSH UK loot! It was a positive experience and if any girls are interested to find out more, do let me know!

May 28, 2010

Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Eye Gel

Today I finished my tub of Lancome Genifique Eye Cream (Youth Activating as well!). A sad moment for me, because it'll be a while till I purchase it again with it's super high price tag.

On the brighter side, I'm on something new. I've always really liked the Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Range which is replaced with the Hydrability Range. The Hydrability Range has additional seaweed extracts which helps to increase moisture retention... That to me sounds like alot of marketing jargon, which is nice but lets be honest here... do we really know what seaweed extracts do? 

I bought the Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Eye Gel a while back in December last year. 
It claims to moisturize dehydrated eyes, and minimize puffiness, dark circles and smoothen out fine dry lines. For me, i just need hydration to avoid the wrinkles. 

Ingredients if you're interested. Mostly contains Sea Water, which is interesting. 

Comes in a 15mL tube with 6 months expiry upon opening

With a hygienic dispensing tip and screw top. 
1 small pearl size is enough for both eyes, applying gently away from the centre (to minimise puffiness).

The gel applies easily on the skin, leaving a slight cooling feeling. After a few seconds, the gel completely absorbs into the skin and does not leave a greasy texture. 
I'm looking forward to using this in my daily skin routine. I see that its a nice replacement to the Genifique Eye Cream which is more creamy in texture than the Shu Uemura Replenishing Eye Gel. 

May 26, 2010

Yellow eyeshadows are my new favourite!

So I finally got to sit down and depot all my Shu Uemura eyeshadows into my existing MAC palette. All the MAC eyeshadows have now been transferred to my old individual pots for the time being until they find a new home. So altogether, I can fit 19 Shu Uemura and Laneige eyeshadows and 2 blushes. I'm happy I found a cheaper alternative for my Shu Uemera eyeshadow pans. And I find that it's much easier to do my eye makeup in the morning now without having to hunt, tear my hair out and think too hard. 

I noticed that I haven't really used much of my yellow shadow (ME 300) to the left. It looks scary on the pan as well. 

It's actually the most beautiful yellow shade in the market. MAC and MUFE can't compare! This is truly a rare gem. You can use it to pair up with brighter blues and greens if you dare, or keep it fairly neutral with a pop of colour. Since I'm an office lady from Monday to Friday, I'm going to use my neutral shades numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 below.

1. The white pearlescent shade (1) in the inner corner

2. Champagne (2) color next on the middle of lid

3. Pearl taupe brown (3) to the outer corner. Gorgeous shade...

4. Using the metallic brown (4), I lined the outer corner of my lid

5. Adding the bright yellow color to the inner corner of the eye towards the lashline

See how subtle it is? It almost looks gold with the browns. LOVE!

One coat of mascara

Paired with a nude pink lip by MAC Way to Love lipstick (LE)

I've been dying at the office lately. So I had to pull my hair back with a hairband, while I slog away at my laptop. 

In fact, I was so stressed out that I bought myself a Maybelline Watershine lipstick in B24 (no mention of the colour name). With 20% off at Watsons, this lipstick is very affordable at SGD 10. I hear that the watershine range is Asia Exclusive. 

Looks great in the tube.

Swatches glossy with a warm pink undertone. Kinda like my MAC way to love, which i'm still trying to find dupes to replace the colour cos I love it so much!

But, I was so disappointed when I applied this on my lips. It has no moisturizing factor in it at all, it completely looks like water with fragments of pigment separating from the product. It looked so bad, I couldn't take a picture of my lips. I mean, my lips already looks chapped but this makes me look like a living makeup nightmare! 

So I learnt my lesson! No more lipstick bargain shopping unless I'm positively sure of the swatches on the lips! In fact, I went shopping today to help me feel better and got the Chanel Rouge Coco. 

I hope you're having a good week :) Friday is a public holiday so it means I get to be a total bum for 3 days. Yay! 

May 22, 2010

Project Trying-Really-Hard-To-Use-Up!!

If you ever get that feeling of excitement when you're about to finish something, you fall under the category of beauty addiction. I've been feeling excited recently to see a few of things reach it's end of it's life. Strange as it is, it sort of powers you to make sure you use it daily, or several times a day... almost to the point of obsessive compulsive disorder. I.e. applying lipgloss every half an hr. I'm guilty. 

Okay, it's not exactly 10 products. Like I said before, Project-10-pan will kill me in the process. 9 products of loves and not-so-appreciated...

Here we go...
Impress Brightening Wash
To be honest, this smells of Hazeline Snow cream, and doesn't leave the nice clean feeling like my IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam. I got this from the Kanebo sales in Takashimaya. This face wash was going at $23, which was a bargain I couldn't resist. It's not bad but IPSA is so much better. I think I have another month till this tube will be finito!

Lancome Genifique Eye Cream
One day when I opened this, I was shocked to see that I've pretty much used up this eyecream. I love it. I think it absorbs really nicely. It offers hydration. And it comes in a cute little jar, which I will probably keep to mix pigments of that sort. It'll take me another 2 weeks to finish this. This is the best eyecream I've used thus far. 

YSL Anti-Cernes Multi Action Concealer
How many times have you read that I'm so in love with this concealer? Yeah, too many. 
It's almost at it's tail end... Probably another month to go with moderate use. 

MAC Way to Love Lustre Lipstick
I love this colour. I thought I would have finished this long ago. But my current state of lip-affairs has made me avoid all MAC lipsticks altogether. 

IPSA In-Essence Foundation
If you're looking for something dewy, this foundation gives you a moisturized feeling. I don't have much love towards this foundation. I much prefer my NARS Sheer Glow for it's illuminosity. I find that the IPSA foundation can feel a little too creamy for my liking. Another 2 weeks till this one is in the 'parking bag'. 

Shu Uemura Principe Lip Serum
Honestly, I don't know why people rave about this lip serum. It's very blah. It's not very waxy and feels slippery. I'm forcing myself to use this, cos I'm definitely not wanting to keep this in my current stash for very long. 

Korres Body Butter
This is a great body butter for very very dry skin. My mum took it from me for a bit then suddenly it reappeared in my bedroom. Great to use before bed, and your skin will be super happy in the morning. Another month till this body butter is finito. 

MAC Lipglass in Nymphette
Everyone raves about Nymphette as if it's Holy Grail. Honestly, I didn't see the big fuss. But I'm starting to appreciate it now, especially in the office environment. It's your lips but better colour, with shimmer. I'm almost halfway done. I think it'll take me another 2 months to finish this. 


the IPSA Poreless Loose Powder
How I wish I could finish this already. It's taking me FOREVER! Not that I despise it... it's just that I have other loose powders that need my attention. I've been using this for more than an yr now (on a daily basis). *SIGH*

Do not underestimate this small little amount of powder... this can last me another 2 months of daily use. 

Whats on your current project use-up list?

Project Use-Up and Mini reviews

Now and then, I love to view blogs and videos on project 10-pan, Gloss-out, Use-up... First of all, it inspires me to use things that I currently have. But secondly, to see the true and honest reviews after the product is near its completion. Often we buy things because it's nice off the shelf or is in 'fashion', but the true sentiments reveal after continued use. 

I confess, I am hopeless in Project 10-pan or anything of those lines. I love to shop and I love beauty. I tried Project 10-pan before, but I failed miserably. I salut the girls who can finish 10 products without buying a single thing. 10 products that are all makeup related as well (no skincare). For me, that's like climbing Mount Everest. It's not impossible, but it's torturous. 

Now and then, when i do finish something, I put it into my 'parking bag'. A bag where I keep in my cupboard so that I can go back to once in a while to see what I've recently used up. 

Today, I spill the contents for your viewing pleasure...
Here's a quick snippet of what I think of the products that I've used up. If you want to have a detailed product review, let me know by writing in the comments below. 

Shu Uemura High Performance Cleansing Oil Fresh
Great in removing makeup. I'm still currently using it, with 1 backup. A staple of mine.
Will repurchase

Kiehls Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser
Nice for oily skin ladies, very minty and fresh after your wash but doesn't completely remove all my makeup. I like to use this for the gym as it's in liquid form which I can transfer into a small bottle.
Will not repurchase

IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam
I love this stuff. I have a review on it here. I have 2 backups. 
Will definitely repurchase

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover
I've used other makeup removers but this is by far the best. I have 1 backup.
Will repurchase

Laneige Star White Essence
I'm neutral about this product. I don't find it particularly ground-breaking but if you can still get these on a sale, then I suppose it's worth it. 
Will not repurchase

Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer
Found this primer quite mediocre. Doesn't make your makeup stay on longer. I'm loving other primers now. 
Will not repurchase

Shiseido Pureness Anti-shine Refreshing Lotion
A toner for oily skin ladies. Has a refreshing feeling, which is nice. 
Will repurchase

SKII Whitening Source Dermdefinition
Nice in texture but considering the price and amount of product you get, I don't think it's really worth it. 
Will not repurchase

Lancome Maqnifique EDP
Love the scent. Got it as a fragrance from my BF. But since I never buy the same perfume purchase twice...
Will not repurchase

Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Moisturiser
This product is really blah. Yes, it's lightweight but it doesn't seem to control my oil nor hydrate my skin.
Will not repurchase

Chanel Purete Ideale Serum
Again, nothing exceptional. Feels nice on the skin but doesn't really control my oil production. Had an oily t-zone within a few hours of wear. 
Will not repurchase

Stila Lip Glaze in Pon Pon Gerbera
Nice on my dry lips, quite thick and sticky but I never buy the same lipgloss shade twice. The range of stila lipglazes are decent though. 
Will not repurchase 

Shiseido The Skincare Eye Moisture Recharge
I don't like how it seems to sit on my skin even after 2 hrs of application. I prefer my Lancome Genifique  over this. 
Will not repurchase  

MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
This is a dual tone makeup remover. But it's not as effective as my Lancome Bi-Facils. 
Will not repurchase

MAC PlushGlass in Big Baby
This is my first ever lipgloss from MAC is in the plushglass range, which I used to like because I had no comparisons. But after using lustreglasses and lipglasses, I don't quite like these anymore.
Will not repurchase

MAC Bare Slimshine
I was really surprised at how quickly I went through this lippie. Not because I really liked it, but only because there's so minimal product inside. It feels like I need to reapply this quite often during the day because it doesn't seem to hydrate all that well. However, it is a very nice colour. 
Will not repurchase

MAC Lustreglass in Morning Glory
I got this as part of the christmas gift sets, which comes with deluxe sized lipglosses. I've wanted to try lustreglasses and found that their texture is less sticky than the other MAC lipglosses. I like this one alot. There's plenty of sparkle and shimmer in this, and will look great over some lipstick. If this came with a doefoot applicator, this lipgloss would have scored another point. 
Will repurchase

In my next post, I'll show you the things I'm trying to use up... 

New Stuff from the Body Shop

I chanced upon a fantastic sale at the Body Shop while I was dragging myself to the coffee shop yesterday. The previous sales at TBS never really sparked any interest with me. I find some of their products quite 'blah', especially their makeup line. But, I did buy my mum (way back) the Brazil Nut Body Butter which she found quite greasy. I never got into the body skincare bandwagon, until now. 

They had some great deals; each 200mL full size body butters and scrubs are priced at $16.90 from $29.90. I figured 'why not give it a go' since drugstore moisturisers are priced around $13-$15 anyway. So I got the body scrub in olive.... walked out of the shop then returned to get 2 more body butters after being told that spending $50, you also get a membership card which entitles you to 20% discount for all products in the store!

This is what I returned home with... and boy was I really happy!

The Olive Body Scrub is something that I was really looking forward to trying... and when I did I was so  pleased!

It comes in a 200mL jar (which is quite annoying to use cos the water can dilute the product inside). Unlike Lush stuff, these products have a longer expiry date. The scent is light and quite refreshing. You don't get alot of product inside considering how much you need to use to scrub your entire body. I think I'm going to get another backup today (mind you, I never ever buy backups!)

2 parts to the scrub; the moisturiser/cream with the granular beads which you dilute with some water to then massage in circular motions around your body especially the legs, elbows and knees. 

On dry skin, the moisturiser/cream actually absorbs into the skin, leaving the granules behind. I find the whole scrubbing thing incredibly therapeutic. My skin was left feeling ULTRA soft!  

I had a hard time choosing which body butters. But I settled with the Moringa as it absorbs into my skin fast and has a light scent. This is suitable for normal skin types. 

And finally, I also picked up the Olive Body Butter for my dearest mum who's really into Olive stuff at the moment. I recall her asking me in mandarin, 'Tracy, could you help me get some olive oil?' And I was puzzled... why can't she get it there in Jakarta? And I told her that it's better that she get it from there. So she got pissed off cos I refused to buy her olive oil. Only much later I found out through my sister that she actually wanted olive oil moisturisers and not the olive oils for cooking

This scent is even lighter than Moringa, and I'm starting to really like this too.

My jumbo sized Korres Quince Body Butter is almost done. I really enjoyed it when I first started using it but I find that it can be quite 'greasy' and takes a bit to absorb. I do have very happy skin in the morning though. 

I'm now wondering what else I should get from the Body Shop sale (which ends this Sunday btw). I'm thinking of getting the moisturising gloves... after being told by my colleague the other day that I better start looking into my hands cos it's showing signs of aging!!!!! *shock* 

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