April 17, 2010

Blog Sale Part 1: Eyeshadow Palettes

I'm going to be starting a series of blog sales as I draw closer to my moving date. It also helps me to keep everything in my 4 drawers which is now massively crowded. This sale is open internationally. 

Singapore buyers: all prices are inclusive of shipping
International buyers: Addition of US $3 (unless the items are bulky/overweight, which I will charge you separately)
Source of prices can be found on the Singpost website 

Payments are via Paypal

I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. I will link this to my other blog sale site, so you can access this at anytime (and I can continue to blog on more fun stuff!)

GR366, inclusive of brushes
(3 eyeshadow colours, 1 cream eyeshadow base and 1 eyeliner)
Used 10x (original price SGD69)
US $13

Kanebo - Coffret D'or
Deep Trance Eyes 01, inclusive of brushes
4 eyeshadow colours
Used 10x or more (original price SGD54)
US $12

Kanebo - Coffret D'or
Deep Trance Eyes 03, inclusive of brushes
4 eyeshadow colours
Used 5x (original price SGD54)
US $15

Jeweling Palette by Christopher Kane 2008 Limited Edition
(4 eyeshadow colours and 1 face highligher)
Used 2x
US $16

No. 52
(2 eyeshadow colours and 1 cream eyeshadow base)
Used 4x
US $11

Multi Professional Shadow 02, inclusive brushes
Used 4x
US $14

That's all folks! Stay in tuned for part 2: base makeup. 

April 15, 2010

Lunasol White Gradation Palette for an Alluring Touch on a Thursday

After showing you all my Lunasol E/S stash, I have had requests to do an EOTD and a review of the white gradation palette which came out in Spring 2009. The colours in this palette looks very plain on pan but are truly sensational when combined on the eyelids. It's no wonder this palette was such a star hit upon its release!

All the colors swatch beautifully. Today I used all the shades for my EOTD in the following order mentioned in the picture...

Firstly, I prepped my eyelid with P&J Eyeshadow Primer (which I really like to cover any uneven skin tone. Easy to blend and extremely creamy)

I used the shade from the top right corner to my inner corner of my eye lid. It comes off with a slight greenish yellow shade on the lid

Afterwards, I pack on the bottom left shade from the palette which appears light on pan but when applied on the lid it gives a pearlescent light greyish green. 

Using the bottom right shade of the palette, the greenish brown is a perfect complement to the other two shades which I applied previously

To finish it off, I used the silver shade from upper left shade of the palette, which helps to smoothen out all the harsh lines.

I lined my eyes with MAC Blitz & Glitz Gel Liner on the upper lash line...

Then used Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Eyeliner to darken my waterline

Now for some YSL Faux Cils... 

I love how this EOTD is subtle enough for work but nice & shimmery when under the office lights (especially when I'm in the elevator by myself). I know I'm going to get alot more uses out of the Lunasol White Gradation palette. The colour combination is divine and nothing that I currently have in my overflowing eyeshadow stash. If you can still get a hold of this, you must swatch it! The colours looks so much better in real life than in photos. 

Wore a floral print dress to work today. Not that it's really work appropriate but ah well... Gotta spice up the 'work wardrobe' now and then. I got this dress from Mango and it's a hit & miss with some of my friends. My flamboyant stylish girlfriends love the prints but hate the cutting. 

Here's the gear I used for today's look. Other products not mentioned before includes Nars Madly blush, Nars Sheer Glow, P&J moisturising primer, YSL touche eclat, Shu Uemura Brow Gel, and Rimmel Pink Shimmer lipstick. 

I apologise for not posting very much this month. I've been really busy with work, study, friends and all that jazz. I've been going out partying on the weekends as well, which means I am terribly hung over on the weekends (hangover = bad photography). But I hope to pick up my blogging after my exams are over in June. Meanwhile, I can't wait for the MAC to the Beach collection. I hope it's coming up next month!

April 12, 2010

Product Stash Spotlight: Lunasol Eyeshadow Palettes

This is the result of being exposed to the online makeup community! I have a total of 8 Lunasol eyeshadow palettes over a period of 1 year. *shakes head* anyway, moving along... I love the combination of colours and the soft buttery quality of the eyeshadows. Each and every palette is very precious to me and I dare say that this is the highlight of all my eyeshadow palettes combined. And by now, you would know that I heart eyeshadow palettes. I don't need to think too much about matching or bringing along individual pots of shadows when I travel. 

All 8 of my darlings (taken with a flash) 

And without flash.

I'll go through one of each individually... 
04 Green Coral (Autumn 08 collection)

01 Coral Coral (Autumn 08 collection)

02 Lavender Coral (Autumn 08 collection and my holy grail palette)

EX04 Soft Silver Lighting (My first Lunasol E/S palette and my go to palette of all time especially for work)

02 White Gradation (Spring 09 collection)

EX01 Summer White Gradation (Summer 09 collection)

04 Star River (Autumn 09 collection... can't bear to ruin the overspray ;P )

01 Start of Night (Autumn 09 collection and a favorite of mine)

If you would like to see swatches, let me know. 

If you've probably noticed, I didn't get anything from the Spring 10 collection. I was testing my willpower to resist cos I still have palettes I haven't used. But I'll probably be really weak when it comes to the next Takashimaya sale. Haha!

I hope you enjoyed this and I'll love to see your Lunasol stash :)

April 11, 2010

Product Review on the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex

Last year, Laneige came up with a newer formulation of the famous Water Sleeping Pack. The Ex factor helps to bring additional hydration to the skin. I bought this at the Changi duty free shops when my skin was in need of serious hydration. 

This mask is to be used at night, logically as the skin recovers the most during your sleep. Referring to the product insert, applying it before going to bed, is the best state for skin 'transmission' according to the skin circadian rhythm and maximises the efficiency of overnight supply. 

I suppose it's true to a certain extent because night creams are designed to be thicker and more moisturising. When I use this product, I forgo the need of any moisturisers at night. 

It comes in 80 mL sturdy plastic jar, with enough product to last you for a half a year depending on your usage. 

The product has a light gel-type texture. I usually use about a SGD 50 cent size to apply to my whole face around an hr before bed. 

When applied to the skin, it has a wet texture. From my experience, the wet sticky feeling is so uncomfortable when initially applied. But after about an hour, the gel is sufficiently absorbed into the skin. However, some product will still remain on the surface and if you're the type of person who sleeps on the side, it's quite irritating! I hate having to sleep on a wet pillow! Since I sleep in a very cold room every night, the gel will dry up in within a few hours of sleep but it means that I have to lie on my back the whole time till I completely doze off. I can imagine that I'll hate this product with a passion if I had to sleep in a hot and humid room.

After about 8 hrs of sleep, I cleanse my face as usual and I find that my pores are slightly smaller due to the hydration. So with that, I find that this water sleeping pack is quite good but is a pain in the ass to use. Comparing this to sheet masks, I find that the effect of the water sleeping pack is probably not as comparable or effective for that matter. 

In summary, I probably won't repurchase this. I rather use sheet masks for hydration and it's much easier to travel as well. 

April 3, 2010

Product Stash Spotlight: Benefit Boxed Powders

There's something really cute and whimsical about the Benefit Boxed Powders which I absolutely adore. I began my Benefit collection a few years back when I was still working in Melbourne, starting off with the highly raved 'Dandelion' which gives you the most beautiful natural complexion when swept across your face. Since then, my single box expanded to include other boxed powders and other Benefit items. 

The only boxed powders missing would be Georgia, Hoola and the new Sugarbomb (which I'm planning to get sooner or later). What I love the most about these boxed powders is of course the packaging! And you get a decent amount of product (10g for Dandelion and 10 and 12g for the new releases). 

It has a subtle department store scent, which I can't exactly point my finger on but it smells lovely (to me anyway). 

Benefit Thrrrob
My most favourite boxed powder would be thrrrob which gives the lightest barely-there pink flush. I usually apply this everywhere on my face to give my face some colour. 
Get the "turned on" flush you've been looking for with this heart-throbbing pink powder. 
Well, I wouldn't say I look turned on everytime I use this powder but it's definitely subtle and even lighter than Dandelion (which is really surprising). It reminds me of MAC's Summer Rose, which has a subtle cool toned pink. There's hardly any shimmer either. It was almost impossible to take pictures coz it blends right into the skin. *frustrating!*

Benefit Coralista
 My next favourite would be the Coralista Blush. Wow! this boxed powder really gives the most beautiful peachy glowy look. I heart it!
Take a pleasure trip... to rio. 
This is probably the most shimmery blush within my collection. Infused with slight gold shimmer, this will make you cheekbones pop!

Benefit 10
Benefit 10 has got no love from me at all... :(
Be a perfect 10! For a sultry, sexy glow... 
This is way too shimmery for a contour shade. The brown shade doesn't work too well as a bronzer either and looks too orange on my skin. The highlighter shade is pretty though, however I tend to grab my MAC MSFs for any highlighting needs. A lonely boxed powder it is. 

Benefit Dallas
At first I thought Dallas was too dark for my skintone... Back then it was a perfect match but now it isn't. So I haven't really grabbed this much. Now that I look at it again, I like that there's not much shimmer which makes it a beautiful bronzer when applied lightly. I think this deserves more love from me. 
For a natural, fresh glow... 
If used too much I think it may make my face look somewhat 'dirty'... We shall see in my later FOTDs.

Benefit Dandelion
The highly raved Dandelion... the first boxed powder from Benefit which sold like hot cakes till there were none left in the stores. What was all the rave about? It's just another pink powder which is too light to be used as a blush. What's the biggie? Well, the secret is to apply all over your face to give you a really pretty brightened complexion. 
Finely spun with delicate mauves and pinks, this exquisite brightening face powder leaves a petal-like finish. 
Honestly, the rave was probably a little overrated. Yes, it does help to brighten my complexion. But after discovering Benefit Thrrrob, my little dandelion sat alone in the corner. It's more pigmented than Thrrrob and mind you, oily skin ladies may not fare so well with this. Blushes/powders always changes their colour slightly after oxidation. 

So that concludes my Benefit Boxed Powders stash spotlight! I hope you enjoyed it!
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