March 28, 2010

Weekend FOTD to the beach

Hola y'all! I'm sorry its taken me forever to make a post. I've been so busy that I've come down with a really bad cough. And mind you, I never get sick. And when I do, I really can't drag myself out of bed. Well, I still had to go to work unfortunately. It would have been nice to get sick on Monday so I can take sick leave. :P

I'm feeling a lot better now after all the liquids and sleep. I realised I've been missing out the best part of the weekend, so I went for a run this morning and I'm going for an afternoon coffee at Sentosa beach. I'm trying to get through most of my old eyeshadow palettes, so this week I'm now using the Guerlain Spring 09 Paradis Exotique 401 palette...

This palette struggled in sales last year in Singapore but surprisingly was selling like hot cakes in the US. I'm glad to have bought it at a sale. The quality of the shadows are soft and buttery, but not too pigmented or 'sticky', so there's a tendency for fall out. 

So here's my EOTD using all four shades on the palette, mostly using the orange shade (top right colour). As you can see, the shadows are very pigmented and thank goodness for that otherwise I wouldn't be able to pull off such bright colours (pink, orange and lime green!)...

Cam-whoring session! :P Haha!

Tank top from Forever 21, necklace from Accesorize, Sunnies from Oliver Peoples

Gear I used to create this look...

Other news; I'm going to be running the JP Morgan Chase in about 2 weeks time. So I think it's about time to do some training. It's so important to get a strong body to have a calm and collected mind. I've gone 'cookoo' over the past few weeks thinking about my life and job. As you know, I haven't been very happy with my job and where my career is taking me. But I never stopped to look at where I am. I realise now I'm really fortunate to have a job where I'm contributing to my company, and so happy that I have a beautiful home and a great lifestyle. I forgot that keeping it simple is the way to go. 

Well, that was deep for a Sunday morning! Haha! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

March 14, 2010

Paul & Joe Haul from the Isetan Private Sales (12-March-10)

I'm a huge fan of Paul & Joe Beaute. Ever since I've been first introduced to this brand, I've always looked forward to their new collections. All their items are wearable for a sweet and easy natural look. Their foundations never broke me out, their lip colours are so easy to wear and very moisturising, and their prices are not too crazy for a department store line. Anyway, just 2 days ago, Paul & Joe (Singapore) had a direct 10% discount with $15 voucher for every $100 spent. I used this opportunity to get a few things that I've been holding off for a while.

I love the packaging and flower designs of Paul & Joe. The SA (Mark) is so hilariously cute. I think he's the only male SA at P&J and he (like the rest) are very customer focused. 

Product lineup... which one to use first? 

First item is the Lipgloss N in 08, a lovely beigey nude lipgloss (going at 20% off).

Second, eyebrow pencil duo 03 (lightest shade). This looks great on the brows, the lighter shade is meant to be used in the inner half and the darker shade at the outer half. This helps to define your brows (elongate them especially) and whilst softening your features towards your nose bridge. 

Third, Eye Colour Primer 02 to help even out any discoloration. Will have to see if my eyeshadow creases. 

And finally the long awaited lip lacquers!
First colour from the left is in the shade 03, middle is 02 and the far right is 08. I'm in love with the middle orange colour. It looks more peachy on the lips. More swatches to come later...

Weekend FOTD - Test drive with Chanel Teint Innocence Compact & MAC Triple Fusion MSF

Today I'm giving my Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Foundation another test drive. I've made a review of this foundation previously but I didn't like how it blended. Maybe it was because I was in a rush and I didn't have enough time to blend it in. 

Anyway, here it is again to my left cheek. It helps to illuminate my complexion significantly, and evens out my discoloration effectively. I forgot to mention previously that this cream when applied gives a nice soothing feeling. However, the fragrance is quite strong, so it can be mildly irritating to the nose. 

Here's a more detailed product review of this foundation:

Now to both sides... The coverage is fantastic. I didn't use any concealer at all to cover my blemishes and spots. And it feels nice enough without needing to put additional loose powder. 

I look really tired in the picture, but I'm not. I suppose I've been rather stressed about my career/life lately. It's probably a sign that I'm getting my period. ;P

I never really grab the MAC MSFs too much because it tends to accentuate my huge pores. But I decided to give this one a test go since I've never gave it enough attention. Today I have MAC Triple Fusion on my cheeks. I selectively used the pink shade on my cheeks, the darker brown shade on the sides of my cheekbones blending up to the temples.

Although you may not see it so much on my cheeks, it's quite shimmery... But it's not quite as frosty as Petticoat. 

Then I experimented using NYX Jumbo Eyepencil in Oyster (which is a beautiful lilac purple but creases like no other!), then MAC Push the Edge pigment (beautiful intense purple), and Urban Decay Single eyeshadow in Goddess (dark blue with lots of chunky glitter). Followed by MAC technakohl eyeliner in artistic license. 

And the final look... Wish I had woken up earlier to go for a run in the morning (it's going to start pissing down rain soon). If the skies clear, I'll go for a walk at the McRitchie later in the afternoon.

The lipstick is in Bobbi Brown Pink Beige (just fyi)

Next post: P&J Haul from Isetan Private Sales. Stay tuned :)

March 12, 2010

Friday Lovin! FOTD featuring P&J Pressed Powder 02

I have never had so much fun at work on a Friday morning... This is what I call a perfect 'working holiday'. Working cos you love what you do and enjoying the company of your colleagues. Also, I haven't really cared too much about politics at work. Life is bliss when you realise that there's so many opportunities elsewhere. Staying in your present job is always one choice. I concluded that life's too short to be miserable at work. So I won't let my boss bully me around to force me to move to Malaysia. 

Anyway, it also helps when you hair and makeup goes together nicely without much thought. Honestly, it only takes me 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. 

 Today I used my P&J Pressed Powder in 02, which has a slight shimmer to it and can be applied all over your face without making you look like a glitter bomb. It's truly gorgeous! 

I also used a tiny bit of the MAC Gel Blush

A simple EOTD for today's look:

1. I applied on the lid with Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Sambady Loves Me

2. Then I used the brown shade from the Jill Stuart Layered Gem 07 Eyeshadow palette to the middle and outer lid area

3. Followed by MAC ricepaper to blend the outer crease area

4. Lined my eyes with MAC Blitz & Glitz Gel Eyeliner, and coated my lashes with YSL Faux Cils

The look for today. Easy and a completely natural look.

All the stuff I used to create this look. 

Outfit of the day: A cute mini dress paired with ski leggings from Topshop

After work, I dropped by Isetan to check out the P&J sale, where all things were going at 10% off. They also had a $15 voucher for every $100 spent. You also get an additional $10 Isetan voucher for $100 spent + $5 for HSBC cardholders. So altogether, I received $30 voucher for spending $100! I couldn't resist so I bought a couple of things from P&J which I will show you in my next post! Till then, I hope you have a great Friday night. :)

March 11, 2010

EOTD using one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes - Jill Stuart Layered Gem

I couldn't decide what I should do with my clothes and makeup this morning. But I think I pulled it off quite nicely with my oh so reliable Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Palette in 07 Layered Gem. I'm not sure if you can still get your hands on this palette but I know that it was still selling in HK the last time I visited there.

So after my base makeup (foundation) routine...

Used my Shu Uemura Brow Gel to colour in my eyebrows with a MAC 266 brush. I prefer this over the hard formula pencil, which I've been using for years! 

I like that this is more water resistant than the pencils. I believe it comes in 3 different brown shades. This shade here is the darkest brown shade, which is perfect for my dyed brown hair.

Every month I go to Browhaus to tint my brow color otherwise it looks totally off! But sometimes they over do it and I end up looking brow-less. No likey.

So first up I used the 2nd shade, a gorgeous shimmery (and soft) pink in the inner corner of my eye. I like to use the MAC 213 fluffy brush to apply Jill Stuart eyeshadows cos they're alot softer than your usual MAC eyeshadows. The brush is also small enough for small asian eyes (like mine).  

With the same brush, I then used the 3rd chestnut brown shade to apply the outer corner of my lid...

Then using a MAC 219 pencil brush I used the dark blue shade to line my outer small lash line, extending out to give a more sultry look.

Similarly, I applied the same sequence to the bottom lash line and blended all the harsh lines...

Lined my waterline with UD Bourbon 24/7 pencil and used YSL faux cils mascara. I love how this mascara instantly lifts your lashes!

I think I pulled it off nicely for someone who woke up late!

Hehe! funny faces as usual!

hahaha! My poses... I'm getting better, don't you think? ;)

All the gear I used today to create this look. I hope you liked it!

  • MAC The Perfect Cheek Blush

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Bourbon

  • YSL Faux Cils Mascara

  • Shiseido Mascara Base

  • Jill Stuart Layered Gem 07 Eyeshadow Palette

  • Shu Uemura Brow Gel

  • YSL Rouge Pur in Tea Rose 148

  • MAC tinted lip conditioner in popster

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
A small ramble to start my daily grind; I'm a little shocked at my boss' comments today. He intends to place me in Malaysia for a period of 3 months and possibly indefinitely. And he wants to do it the week after next! My god! I have alot of thinking to do tonight. Yikes! As much as I love KL, I'm gonna miss Singapore so much more! It makes me realise how fortunate I've been here in Singapore. God, I love how I can still get healthy food and walk around the streets without having the fear that someone will rob me. So what are the things you love about your country? Share!! 

Btw, a small shout out to my new subbies! Welcome! :) And to my regular subbies, thanks so much for your support! xoxo, Tracy 
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