November 18, 2010

Recreating Shu Uemura's Abacadabra Fantasy

I have been looking forward to Shu Uemura's whimsical christmas collections every year. Although most of the products in this collection are not considered a must-have, I'm really pleased at what I bought. Priced at S$125, you're shelling out quite a bit for a pretty palette like this. But I'll show you why this palette has won my heart and frugal wallet over. 

Shu Uemura's Abacadabra Fantasy was designed by Japanese pop artist Aya Takano. From her pieces, you can tell where the design of the palette came from. I love this promotional picture, and I think this may have been the very reason for me walking over to see the collection in the first place.  

There are 2 palettes available from this collection. The other palette is called Bowow! magic queen palette which consists of warm tones, such as brown, coppery, dark emerald green shades. I picked the Reindeer kiss xxxx palette for it's unique turquoise green and silver shades which can be easily pulled off at the office. I'm bringing this palette along for business trips due to its versatility. 

This palette consists of 2 cream shadows; a highlight and a darker brown, 3 powder eyeshadows; a silver, turquoise, and lime green shade and 1 blush that is very much pink in color. For Shu Uemura fans, I immediately asked the sales associate if this pink is ME33 because both appeared like the same tone of pink. Upon swatching, it appeared that this blush has some slight gold pigment infused that makes this shade slightly warmer than ME33. But, it's still cool-toned. 

I'm now going to try to create an eye look based on this palette alone...

1. Starting with the highlight cream color using my fingers to apply. The pigmentation is unimpressive and only leaves a 'sheen' to the lids. The cream texture leaves a powdery finish and I didn't observe any signs of creasing. 

2. I'm now using the brown cream color, with my pinkie finger to apply at the crease area. This shade is impressive; it blends well and leaves a soft crease color on the lids. 

with a pinkie finger, applied the brown cream color to the crease area

blended out

3. Adding a silver eyeshadow color to the lids. This shade although pretty, is easily dupable in my opinion. MAC silver ring or the likes of other brands are very similar. 

4. Now, adding a pop of color to the inner lashline. This color is lovely and is something that I don't currently own. It's wearable for those fearing the blue eyeshadows. 

5. Using the softer lime green to blend out the turquoise color. This shade is a nice complement to the other. Applied to the inner lashline

6. Using Chanel Stylo-Yeux eyeliner in black shimmer and MAC zoom lash mascara...

7. Now for the blush. Shu Uemura blushes are so beautiful when applied to the cheeks. They seem to infuse into your skin, looking like it's not blush but a flush. I'm impressed with the color coordination of the blush and the eyeshadows. Although, some may find it quite boring on pan, it's truly stunning when this whole palette is applied in unison. 

My impressions of this palette is very spring and fresh. I don't get a feeling of the dark wintery shades that alot of the collections are releasing. This will become my staple during work days, and as you can see it's very subtle but refreshing. In fact, one of my colleagues noticed the difference in today's makeup look compared to most other 'boring' days. It helps to give a bit of freshness to the dullness of work sometimes.  

On my lips I have MAC Rose Romance lipstick - a cool toned pink lipstick

All the products used to create today's look

Have a wonderful day! I'm flying off to Melbourne tonight :) 

November 15, 2010

Melbourne is just so perfect

God, I LOVE Melbourne. Everything about it makes me so satisfied. The food, the people, the fashion, the trams. Whenever I do visit Melbourne, I make it a point to have an Aussie breakfast and a really good cafe latte. 

My first stop - Brekky at Vic Markets

It has been a very long time since I had eggs florentine. It has been a VERY long time since I've had spinach this good. 

My friend drives a sweet-as car. I'm jealous. Obviously, I will be 50 by the time I own a sportscar. My next car is an Audi SUV. No, it won't be a mummy car... hehe!

He took me on a spin around Melbourne. Don't ask me what these buildings are... I just snapped happily.  He's a sexy thing too, so I was really enjoying the looks we were getting from pedestrians! ;) Blasted the music and it was a purrfect experience. 

Ok, I know this one. It's the Parliament House. *feeling proud of myself* 

The trams are a nice necessity to Melbourne's public transport system. But some of the older trams are gross. I heard they were loaned from the Swiss. Yuck. I don't think the Swiss expected the Aussies to be THAT dirty. 

St. Vincent's Hospital... one of the best hospitals in Australia.  

This place is legend. If you ever visit Melbourne, you must try hot chocolate from San Cirirro at Brunswick Street. 

The shop next to the chocolate shop... now, was this part of the chocolate shop? 

The Spanish donuts are amazing dipped in thick milk chocolate. 

The hot chocolate is sooooo thick that it forms a thick chocolate layer on top. One cup is enough to make ANY girl happy. Perfect for the breakup blues. Guaranteed. 

This is what I'm talking about!!! This is the shiiitttzzz!!! Haha!

Lets have a closer look, shall we?? 

*dying in chocolate heaven* Do you see how thick that layer is? Seriously... You guys are missing out. Get on that plane now!

and again!


After all that chocolate, we needed to walk it off. We strolled down Flinders Lane... Don't mind my random pictures. I liked this store. I love how grunge the backstreet alleys of Melbourne are. Gotta love the character here. 

These places serve the BEST coffee. I had coffee in Italy, and trust me... it can't compare to Melbourne's cafes. The Danish are the biggest drinkers of coffee but man... their coffee sucks. The poor souls. If they had this good a coffee in Denmark, the Danish will be having coffees every 5 minutes. 

I even get home made cafe lattes... with Koko black handmade chocolates. Haha! Just when you think I was chocolated-out... 

Figs on fried cheese is sinfully good.

Now on to cute pictures. A very close friend of mine gave birth 2 months ago. This little bubby was one of the reasons why I really wanted to visit Melbourne. How cute are her fat cheeks? 

And another kid who I really really wanted to see for the longest time. The parents never post pictures of her on facebook so I had no idea she will look so gorgeous in real life. She loves to kiss and hug people. I want one!

 That's all folks! I'm going back to Melbourne this Thursday night. Melbourne is an amazing place. I think I will make Australia my home again soon. 

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