August 25, 2010

Visiting a MAC classic - Nymphette

Would you happen to know the definition of 'Nymphette'?

Here it is:

nym·phet (nm-ft, nmft)
A pubescent girl regarded as sexually desirable.
Well, its always a pleasure to revisit old classics. This month I have decided that I need to stop spending on new collections, and instead use the things that I currently own. Mind you, I still have quite a lot of MAC lipglosses that I haven't even opened. Who's guilty of this sin? Me, hands down. Hehe!

See, I usually use 4 to 5 lipglosses at a time, to avoid any contamination to the products. And, I typically finish one lip product in within 2 months of continuous use. Boy do I love it when I finish products though! Unfortunately, that was not the state of affairs lately with all the recent MAC collections and monthly acquisitions.
MAC Nymphette Lipglass is gorgeous on the lips and is infused with pretty gold shimmer. It's beautiful on warm asian skin and is kind of my-lips-but-better look. I often use this over certain lipsticks that tend to be too harsh on my skintone (i.e. MAC Gaga lipstick) to tone it down. 


Applied alone on my lips 

It's going to be a rough day - potentially a 15-hr work day. I got bombed this morning from my boss to deliver another presentation for the CEO by tomorrow. Knowing me, I get really paranoid about presentation formatting and simple things like that so it's usually stressful to have a 15-hr delivery date. But the good news is that I have makeup to keep me happy. Superficial me. Hehe!


August 24, 2010

Products Worthy of a Backup

I hardly buy backups. I usually get bored or sick of a certain shade of lipstick or blush by the end of the product life. So for me to buy a backup, it's definitely a holy grail for me. 

I've broken down my Back-up Worthy Products into hair, skin and makeup. 

After coloring my hair numerous times, I was a hunt for  shampoo & conditioner to maintain my locks. I eventually forked out a whopping SGD 30 for a bottle of the Fekkai Technician Color Care Conditioner, which I sampled initially and loved! I love how soft my hair becomes after using this product daily. Before this I was using the Tsubaki Conditioner which unfortunately made my hair weighed down. The Phyto Phytojoba Hair Masque is a must-have for anyone with super dry hair. This stuff is legendary. I will be doing a review of this product separately.

I love the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation that I bought a backup of this in the same shade (Ceylan). I have not used a light-weight foundation that is as versatile and comfortable on my skin as the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. 

It's rare for me to ever want to buy a backup of a makeup product simply cos I get bored of a certain shade very quickly. But I do consider the MAC MSF in Stereo Rose and Chanel Bronze Universal staples on days where you need some quick emergency fixes. MAC Stereo Rose is simply gorgeous on the skin and I regret not getting a backup of this. And Chanel Bronze Universal is great for contouring and gives your complexion more colour. I will be doing a more detailed review of this product, comparing it to other bronzers.

I'm more brand-loyal when it comes to skincare. I don't enjoy the process of hunting for expensive skincare especially when I've found the product that serves my needs. Its such a waste of money to buy skincare that doesn't work, and ends up being shoved at the back of your drawer. I have remained loyal to products like the IPSA Smooth Cleansing Foam, Lancome Bifacils Eye Makeup Remover, SKII Facial Treatment Essence, and the Shu Uemura High Performance Skin Purifier for years now. Unfortunately, I had to experiment with too many mediocre/sub-standard products to arrive to this limited list. I have recently added the Lancome Genifique Eye Cream to my HG list as I really love the packaging and the formulation of the cream.

What are your products that are worthy of a backup? Do share! 

August 23, 2010

MAC Club Eyeshadow - a perfect smokey companion

I rediscovered MAC Club eyeshadow over the weekend. I don't know why I don't use this eyeshadow enough despite its excellent ratings. I suppose I hardly do smokey eyes on most days and stick mostly to neutrals. I'm in an eyeshadow rut - I've been using the same combination of browns, champagne and taupe colors everyday for work. So it was refreshing for me to finally mix it up on the weekend.

And I know you've seen and heard about this MAC Club Eyeshadow before... here it is again. 

Club eyeshadow has duo (almost triple) chrome shade - green, brown and red. I love how it changes colour depending on where the sunlight hits. The green looks more intense on the lid area, and as the color progresses upwards on the lid, the reddish brown color appears. It looks muddy at first but this is just the first step!

Next I use Laneige opalescent white colour on the inner corners of my eyes extending out to the middle (sorry, I forgot the name - eeks!)


I then used a basic matte black with MAC Carbon eyeshadow extending the lash line.

And likewise on the bottom lash line. I used a bit of MAC Shroom eyeshadow to blend out the harsh lines and to the brow bone. 

I applied Ardell 110 eyelashes

I haven't worn fake lashes in a VERY long time and it's obvious that I need more practice!  

Korres Face Primer
Chanel Teint Innocence Compact

MAC Club Eyeshadow
A white Laneige Eyeshadow
MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
MAC Shroom Eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown Pink Beige Lip Color 62
Chanel Mica Glossimer
Shu Uemura Brow Gel
MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush

Ardell 110 Lashes

I hope you have a great week ahead. Mine is starting very slowly.

August 22, 2010

Experiencing India in Chennai

As you may know by now, I travel to India almost every month. I don't usually take pictures on my trip there because I hardly ever step out of the hotel and I usually have good Indian food only in the presence of customers. I can't simply whip out my camera in the middle of dinner unless I'm in the company of colleagues. 

This time I had the pleasure to visit the Chennai museum. I only managed to take a few sneaky pictures of some items in the Museum because cameras weren't allowed (unless I paid an extra 200 Indian rupees which I didn't have at the time). 

I have this love-hate relationship with India and I'll explain this in a bit...

What I love about India:
  • The fascinating culture and traditions stemming from Hinduism
  • The aromatic food filled with whole spices, especially Northern Indian food (yummy!)
  • Naan (a dough that is specially oven baked)
  • And most of all, the way that people still respect their cultures and keep in touch with their roots. The professional Indian woman will still prefer to wear Indian attire either a sari or tunic. Rarely will you see an Indian women dressed in pants or shirt unless they have a dress code. You will also see Punjabi men wearing turbans as a sign of their faith.  
What I do not particularly like about India:
  • Very dirty, crowded and extremely polluted in almost every city I've been to. The traffic is horrendous. 
  • Fear of eating food outside of the hotel because of my weak stomach
  • Gastritis after having too much spices in the food
  • Indian bureaucracy is a well known fact. Nobody likes to take responsibility and simple court cases take forever to resolve. I see a little bit of bureaucracy happening in the workplace especially in Indian companies. It's incredibly frustrating and I can write about this topic forever, although my observation is only limited to what I have experienced so far. 
Everyday I learn of something new on my trips to India. India is truly a fascinating place and you get to open your eyes to a completely different culture, which often takes you by surprise. The Indian influence stems as early as the 2600 BC and traditional Hindu sculptures have spread to countries like Indonesia and China.

These simplistic sculptures below were obtained from the Indus Valley Civilization (dated 3300 - 1300 BC). As you can see, these sculptures represents the advanced civilization at that era (and during this time the Danish were still fighting as vikings). It's interesting to note that human beings were only around for 5000 years and the earliest civilizations were dated around 3000 BC. I was shocked to see these sculptures in a simple glass cabinet without security! I'm appalled that the Indian government do not treasure these historical artifacts as much as other countries do.  

Although my knowledge on history is appalling, I used to like reading about the sabre-toothed tigers and dinosaurs. My colleague pointed out an interesting looking piece of wood that is now 2 million years old. And during this period, I can safely presume that there were plenty of dinosaurs and sabre-toothed tigers roaming around. Isn't it impressive?! Again, I'm surprised that it's not kept under a roof! 

Frogs could fly during that time, and these reptiles would have evolved to birds a long time ago. 

And I had to take a picture of this 8-limbed pig, preserved in the 1950s. Awesome!

The skeleton of a massive whale that stretched the roof of an entire room.

From curries to tandooris, Indian food is well-liked by most people. Typically, Indians living abroad will always have a regular Indian meal. Their foods are always cooked for hours and the meat is marinated to the bone. Some Indians have a preference for vegetarian food on certain days (usually weekdays) and non-vegetarian on others depending on the days of their Hindu belief (or personal preference!). We often say that someone's in a good mood to be having non-vegetarian on a weekday. 

Southern Indian food for dinner is often packed with a myriad of different curries. You can have different bread options and flavored rice. However, after days of Indian food, I often get a bloated stomach. It gets really uncomfortable.  

I hope you enjoyed this post. In your lifetime, you must visit India at least once. It's worth it! :)

August 15, 2010

RMK Creamy Makeup Base Mat and Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Foundation

For any starting wine lover, The Wine Company @ Dempsey Hill offers a delectable selection of wines for affordable prices. The bf and I headed to The Wine Company on Friday night for one too many glasses. I find that as I get 'older', I'm not into clubs and rowdy places. The noisiest place I would go nowadays would be No.5 at Emerald Hill for after work drinks on a Friday. No.5 has a great atmosphere  on Fridays, I think because of the 1-for-1 martinis. Hehe!

Chilling out is my new favorite past time (after a hard day of work).

Amongst the vast array of wines to choose from, we opted for Balden 2008 (New Zealand), which had a woody cherry taste. I'm not a wine connoisseur by any means, but I think I'm starting to appreciate the difference in wine quality. Unfortunately, the wine bar didn't use a decanter to aerate the wine (not that I really care). A decanter gives a slight difference in the taste but for the beginner, anything goes!

So, I digress. 

I was meant to write some short reviews on base makeup items. Is it just me, but do you often feel quite bored writing about makeup all the time? :P

The first product I want to review today is the RMK Creamy Makeup Base Mat. I remember getting this in Hong Kong last year, and the lady suggested I needed a primer to control my excessive oil buildup. I was recommended the neutral shade in 02. 

It comes out as a very yellowish primer and has a slight powdery scent. A small half-coin size is enough to cover the face. This tube alone has lasted me for months and months! Because of its light container, I often bring this along in my makeup travel bag. 

The product spreads easily but the interesting thing is that the product breaks up into silicony granules, which quickly spreads over your skin. It leaves no 'residue' on your skin, instead it seems to diffuse to a transparent colour. Honestly, it's not an amazing primer, but it's decent. It seems to add on a thin canvas especially if you have huge-ass pores like me. BUT, it definitely does nothing to hinder my oilies. Go figure! Sometimes you just can't trust the makeup sales assistants!

I've done a makeup review on the Chanel Teint Innocence Creme Universel Compact Foundation before on Youtube, but here are some close up pictures of its coverage. 

I used a Shu Uemura Foundation Brush to apply this foundation which gives me better control and finish. The refillable compact comes with a separate closure to help seal the moisture in the cream foundation. The actual packaging functionality is superb, being Chanel. 

I have the foundation in the shade 10 Albatre, which looks very yellow on my skin but after the cream is blended out, it's the perfect shade for me. 

After blending, you can see that it covers any blemishes or unevenness pretty nicely. But because I have large pores on my cheek as a result of my acne, some of the product sinks into some of my larger pores. This is a common problem I have with all foundations. Sometimes a primer does helps to create a smoother canvas for foundation application and so I find the RMK Creamy Makeup Base suitable for this base makeup combination.  

Overall, I love the look I can achieve with this cream foundation. The coverage is medium to heavy, and imparts a lovely illuminating glow. It has not caused me to breakout or itch. However, the downside is that it has a strong perfume scent that seems to only disappear after an hour or so. And it does take some practice and the right tools to blend the foundation evenly. I'll end up a streaky mess if I were to use my fingers or sponge. 

Overall, I would recommend this foundation for nights where you want more coverage. I say 'nights', because I had the issue of an oily t-zone in a few hours, and the combination of sweat & humidity leaves my face with obvious splotches of foundation. Its definitely not a pretty sight!

I hope you found this review helpful. I'm off to India again tomorrow night so I will be MIA on my blog till I get back to Singapore. I'll try to show you the amazing Indian food I get on my trip to Chennai. 

Till then, have a great week!

August 12, 2010

FOTD Featuring Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

I can't seem to rave enough about the Chanel Fall 2010 Collection, which was debuted in Singapore end of July. I've seen collections and hauls on blog sites, but nothing beats having to look at these beauties in person. In fact, I wish I hadn't bought so much MAC stuff from the previous two collections. Instead, I could be buying more Chanel. :) 

Amazingly, Chanel Paradoxal nailpolish is completely sold out in Singapore. I remember looking at this nailpolish the other day and I couldn't figure out why its so special. I usually stinge when it comes to nailpolishes, so it has to totally blow my mind away in the shade and opacity.

Here is a grab-and-go makeup look today. Yup, no faffing around this morning.

The packaging for the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows are absolutely exquisite! I love the little robot and dinosaur on the lid. Very cute. It reminds me of a Girls Scout Badge Collectible.  

You can explode this picture to look at the swatches in detail. Picture was taken indoors.

This picture is taken under sunlight. Look at how gorgeous the Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz is! I love it!

Up close

Am I getting better at my poses or wat? =P

August 11, 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco Chintz - another nude peach lipstick

I'm having a bad office day already - I feel like I need to calm myself down with a little bit of blogging. This will be a short one though because I have a gazillion things to do and I have zilch motivation.

I did a small Chanel haul on the Fall 2010 collection, which I'm getting more and more pleased with by each passing day! Today I'm using Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Chintz, which is a gorgeous light nude peachy colour. I'm surprised at how creamy and hydrated the Rouge Coco formulas are! They seem to glide on like a dream and feels very lightweight and moisturising on my lips. I have a feeling I might be collecting a few more of these in time to come.

Bare Lips

Chanel Rouge Coco Chintz lipstick on

How does it compare to Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Dentelle? Well, it's certainly more peachy. Rose Dentelle is definitely pinkier on the lip. I love that this shade is so office-friendly. None of that 'look at me bright lips' businesss, but enough to give you a beautiful polished look.

I hope you're having a better day than me! I'm certainly looking forward to getting a break from all this hooha.

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