July 31, 2010

Paul & Joe Lipstick N Swatches

Paul & Joe has an amazing array of lipsticks in their regular range (and some from their limited edition collections). I've been using more of their lipsticks ever since I was introduced to my first one at a warehouse sale. The formula is amazingly creamy and helps to even minimize the look of my dry prune lips. Paul & Joe fragrances has a faint floral scent, which is quite pleasing as compared to many other lipsticks (e.g. Estee Lauder).  Since then, I've accumulated 6 lipsticks (of which I have hit pan on one of them). 

Their lipsticks are geared towards the softer glossy side, and are generally not opaque. It reminds me a little bit of a lipbalm because it's colours are sheerer and a dream to apply.  It's a bit hard to reminder their shades, because they're all labelled with numbers. 

From left to right: #26, #13, #055, #14, #29

I do agree that the last three shades (#055, #14 and #29) look almost similar when swatched but on the lips (and in the tube) it looks very different.

Lipstick N #26 is a bright watermelon cool pink, which I would consider the brightest of their whole lipstick range. If you're looking for something pigmented and fun, Lipstick in #26 is a perfect choice.

All pictures in natural sunlight. 

Lipstick N #13 is more of an orangey beige color and warms your entire complexion. It looks orange in the tube and on the swatch, but it will probably suit more for a beachy bronzed look.

Lipstick CS N #055 is a limited edition colour. I would describe this as a plum colour which is great for the office. I believe the older formulation of lipsticks (with the code CS) is slightly different and a little bit more creamy. I can't really tell a difference though.

Lipstick N #14 is one of my favourite wearable reds. I like wearing safe reds, where you won't go too wrong in the red or blue underbases. This lipstick has some shimmer, which makes your lips look nice and glossy. This red is definitely gearing towards the warmer red and applies sheer, so again, it's perfect for work. 

Lipstick N #29 is a gorgeous light peachy rose colour. It looks beautiful on the lips and is such a wearable shade.

It looks glittery on my lips (but that's due to my previous swatch #14).

In summary, Paul & Joe is my favourite lipsticks of this month. They're all glossy, easy to wear, and very moisturising. I wore my first lipstick from Paul & Joe almost everyday for a whole month and my lips were nicely plumped and moisturized. 

July 14, 2010

Beige Parisian Chic and MAC Stereo Rose

I couldn't do anymore study today. Not only have I developed a sore throat and a cough, I have mentally decided that I needed more preparation to get through the GMAT. It's no easy feat, lets put as that. Unfortunately, I was neither a Maths nor an English genius in school. My favorite subjects were chemistry and biology, hence my specialization into pharmacy. So coming back to Maths basics is something that I don't particularly enjoy. Bloody integers and all... 

To brighten up my already 'bleak week' I played around with makeup (hmm... no surprise?). I haven't done an FOTD in quite some time, so I thought of just showing you some of the things I'm using on a regular basis. 'Regular' meaning that I haven't even had 5 minutes to put on makeup, as I've been just cramming/studying/stressing out. 

I'm really into neutral rosey lip colours. Almost everything that I pick instantly from a lipstick stand would always be in a rose beige colour scheme. Here's my favorite lipstick at the moment. 

Dior Addict High Shine Beige Parisian Chic 330

It has tiny micro green sparkles, which makes the lipstick super lustrous and glossy.

It brings out more pink to my lips and is a subtle everyday color for the office. On my cheeks i have MAC Stereo Rose, which imparts a beautiful glow. I can see why people went crazy about it now. 

As you can tell, it has a bit of a glossy look. And I'm more of a lipstick gal (rather than a lipstick + lipgloss combo). 

Well my eyeshadow looks have been somewhat simple lately. I really like the Urban Decay Pony Eyeshadow Palette. The blue reminds me of MAC Mutiny Pigment, which I should probably use more of. I always hear of Asian girls being scared of using blue eyeshadow, but this one here is a sky blue and you can always make it more neutral with soft brown shades. 

Now I want to end this post with an embarrassing picture (a beauty crime...)

I cannot believe I have left my regrowth grow for THAT LONG! Haha!

Wish me luck for my exams. I can't wait for it to be over already!!! -__-

July 10, 2010

Stereo Rose has got MAC fans screaming for more!!!

It's official - Stereo Rose has gotten all the MAC addicts possessed.

Seriously. On twitter, i see a new tweet on Stereo Rose every half an hour. On Google Reader, I see bloggers swatching and raving nonstop about Stereo Rose and the beautiful shimmery finish it gives to the cheeks. On the forums, fans are screaming 'it's sold out! please buy one for me!'. I have several friends calling me to see if I need them to buy me one or if I could get them one. And YouTube is completely infiltrated with hauls and tutorials from this collection, including the infamous Stereo Rose. Probably the only communication medium left unhaunted is my facebook.

I even recall writing on these forums "I'm not sure if I'm even feeling it for this collection"

But what am I supposed to do when all I hear is STEREO ROSE?

hehe... How predictable am I? I get it of course! And here is another picture to add to the thousand other posts on Stereo Rose. Not like you needed to see another MSF right? Yes, I know you want to see it... here it is! =D

And there's a sick sense of victory that I managed to get my hands on Stereo Rose when alot of other people missed out. Now that I look at this, I wonder what all the fuss is all about. It's another CORAL from MAC. We had the Instant Chic Blush, the Marine Life, the Hipness Blush, the lipsticks dressmaker dressmaker and made to order, Coral Crepe Paintpot; all of which have coral undertones. I'm wondering if MAC simply over forecasted the amount of Coral pigment they needed and are trying to make collections that's just 'over-coralized' (if that's such a word!) to reduce their stock. I hope they introduce more pink based products next year, so it helps to balance out my already overwhelming number of coral makeup.

I also got 3 other things from this collection - and these are more of my 'sensible' purchases. They are truly the products that I wanted to get after seeing Temptalia's swatches online. I could have gotten more, but I had my colleague to keep my sanity in check. I mean... how much blush can one put everyday, right? I need more friends like these. Finance friends, to be more precise. =D

Hang Loose Mineralize Blush

Happy Together Mineralize Blush

Jazzed Lipstick

So I know I'm not meant to be blogging while I'm preparing for my exams. But I wanted to show you my purchases real quick, before the craze dies down. Yes, I need to add to the frenzy. 

To top it off, I got a nailpolish from the Shrek Collection and I'm in LOVE with it!!! I'm not really a nails person but this collection is the bomb! Rumple's Wiggin' kind of reminds me of MAC's Lavender Wip. 

July 4, 2010

A Yummy Her World Anniversary Special

Yesterday I picked up the July Edition 2010 of her World Singapore Anniversary Collector's Edition. This edition features 526 pages full of worthwhile lazy Sunday reading. 

The best part?

You get a free slice of cake from Bakerzia. You can choose from New York Cheese Cake, Cookies & Cream Cheese Cake, Tiramisu etc. I always go Bakerzias for special occasions and birthdays so I was doing a little dance when I saw this special from her World. 

I popped into the Paragon outlet (2nd floor) to pick up my cheesecake. 
Despite jostling around the bus crowds to get home from Orchard Road, my Cookies & Cream Cheesecake is still looking pretty!

Okay, enough blogging! Time to dig in. :)

Go get yourself a free cake! 
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