February 21, 2010

A neutral eye and a rosey lip - FOTD for the weekend

I was inspired by Pixiwoo's video clip and this picture I saw on the latest CLEO magazine. So today's look will be a mixture of a neutral eye, rosey lips and a bronzy complexion.

I don't usually pack on too much bronzer because i hate to look orange. So usually, one swipe of the NARS Laguna bronzer on each cheek is sufficient. So today's look is definitely alot more than 1 swipe. Several, in fact!
I strongly recommend the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brush. It's like a kabuki brush with a handle, and is amazingly soft. Washes beautifully, feels amazing and very high quality. 

I started off with lipstick today (reversed order). This lipstick from Coffret D'or  in PK 229 is extremely glossy and sheer. I got this from an expo sale a while back at a bargain price of $10! So here I have it on my lips at the moment. 

I then applied my Dior Addict lipgloss in Reflect 337, which was released in the Dior Summer Electic Lights collection. This gloss is super super sparkly but soo beautiful! This combined with the Coffret D'or lipstick is love at first sight.

I then did a neutral smokey eye using MAC's eyeshadows in Style Snob, Vanilla pigment and Smoke & Diamonds. I lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown's charcoal black matt colour which you can dupe with MAC's carbon. 

I then used a really soft rose colour from Lunasol, which was part of the Christmas 2008 coffret. A tiny blush but a really safe blush colour which goes well with anything. Colour in Soft Silver Rose. 

The look is really subtle, barely there but nice enough for an evening out. Hair up in a bun or hair down? Decisions decisions...

 This is the gear I used today... 

And swatches... 

What are you up to this weekend?

February 20, 2010

EOTD Using DIOR Pearl Glow 059 Quint and my thoughts on it

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for my absence since Chinese New Year. I've been so busy with friends and family and stuffing myself silly with all the cakes/buns/sweets. And when I got back to Singapore, my priority was to shed off the pounds so I went to McRitchie to torture myself by running 5km! Don't laugh, it was really hell getting up early for that run! 

So the weekend is here and I now have the chance to blog about my new Dior acquisition from the Metro sale sometime back. I played around with this when I was in Jakarta so I finally decided honeymoon period was over and its time to actually use my lovely quint!

As you know, the lace motif is absolutely gorgeous but will disappear upon use. Lace is so 'in' this season, from F21 to Zara we see plenty of beautiful lace tops.  

I find that the exterior packaging of Dior quints to be quite boring. There's hardly any variety. But I suppose the product is alot more important than the packaging. The two sponge tip applicators are completely useless unless you travel and can't be bothered packing brushes. 
Pigmentation is relatively soft (much better than Chanel quads surprisingly). However, I find that there's not much colour variation when swatched. For example, there's not much colour contrast between the light beige, silver and pink colours. So that was somewhat disappointing. It would have been really nice if they included a silvery black colour which you can pack for a night out. I suppose the colours here are 'safe' and can be used for the weekend as you will see later in my EOTD.

Without further ado, lets begin...
After prepping the skin with my usual base makeup stuff...

I begin with P&J Eye Gloss in 04, a shimmery pink colour all over the lids to help intensify the colours from the quint. I find that using a MAC 242 brush to apply gives it more of a precise application. Fingers are just too messy. 

I use the pale beige colour on the inner corner of my eye...

Then the middle blue shade in the middle of my lid. This colour is simply gorgeous. Not too over the top blue and the shimmer gives my lid a beautiful glow.

I then deepened my crease colour with the purple shade, which goes really nicely with the blue colour. 

To smoothen out the harsh lines, I used the MAC blending brush with the pink shimmery shade around the crease and out. 

Used MAC Blitz and Glitz to line my eyes with a 209 brush. 

With my usual Shiseido mascara base and YSL faux cils, I did a single coat. 

The end result is a definitely beautiful. The lilac purple shade really looks amazing as a crease colour. Overall, I love this look. It's nice a refreshing, good for a day out on the weekend. I wouldn't mind wearing this to the office either. What do you think?

I developed a stupid massive pimple on the side of my cheek during my hols. I suppose my bod was telling me to stop eating so much junk. hehe! On my lips I have on Dior High Colour Rose Seduction (which I think is too pink for the EOTD). This lipstick will probably suit a more neutral eye IMO. 

The rest of the gear used for this look: Turkish Cream Blush (beautiful), MAC MSF in Perfect Topping as a highlighter, Shu Uemura Brow Gel.

Swatches of the various items used...

Hope you're having a great Saturday. Now I'm going to wash my face and pamper myself some of my masks. There's plenty of talk about the beauty diary masks but I've never gotten around to buying it. Is it good?

February 11, 2010

A small P&J haul with lots of happiness

Tonight I'm flying home to see mom & pop in Jakarta, so today's post will be short (hopefully!). I previous had a chance to try some skincare samples of the P&J product line and I'm liking some of their cleansing stuff. Plus, they have a promotion going on right now where you get the Cleansing Milk and Refreshing Skin Toner for $68.

They come in pretty big size bottles too so price is totally justified. 

The Light Cleansing Milk, is not really a 'milk' formulation. Rather, it's more gel-like. I love how cooling my skin feels after using this. I'm meant to use this to remove makeup (before cleansing with my holy grail IPSA Smooth Cleansing Foam).

And finally I loved how the Refreshing Skin Toner felt and smelt on my skin. I've been wanting this for quite some time now but never got around to buying it. I'm glad that they have decent skincare promotions. Quite often, beauty companies appeal the customer by saying that a particular set is valued at $128 but you can get it for $100. The actual full size item is $100, and all the other little knick knacks are worth $28?! Comon, seriously that's called cheating!

Now onto a different topic altogether... Lemmings! Now that Spring is officially over on the beauty calendars, all the promotional pictures of the Summer collections are trickling out. I must say I'm very impressed at the line up of releases that MAC intends to do in the next 2 months. Overwhelming is an understatement here.

But it's truly quite exciting to say the least. Here I am at work checking out pictures on my small iphone screen, and zooming and tapping just to see how beautiful the new products are like. I should be focusing on analysing data and numbers on Excel spreadsheets (how boring!).

So here's a list of my 'Lemmings'...

1. MAC to the beach Summer Collection
If it weren't for the packaging, the list may be shorter. But we'll see if my lemmings can really last that long. I believe this collection is released in March? I counted the number of things I wanted from this collection, and it's coming up to 11. That's totally tragic, Tracy. lol! I can't even complete a 10-pan project yet alone buy 11 items from a single collection. My bad.

2. MAC Give me Liberty of London
My eyes are set on the lipsticks, lipgloss and blush. Love the whole fabric prints.

3. Estee Lauder Michael Kors Collection
 I used to be a big fan of Estee Lauder cosmetics but their makeup line seems a little grandma now. But I see that they're trying to spice things up a little. I would love to get my hands on the Bungalow Pink lipstick. The rest I can probably pass. 

4. MAC's Lip Gelees from the Lillyland Collection (Picture source from Temptalia)
I'm resisting... But the glitters are calling me. They're all sold out at Tangs Orchard. We'll see what they have at the airport tonight.

5. Guerlain Le Brilliant Lipsticks
I have (and trying not to) fork out that much money for a single lipstick when I can buy one from MAC for $28. It's quite unreasonable for Guerlain to charge $70-ish for a lipstick! But I love some of their colors and their brand management at Guerlain did a smart move to send all their lippies to Temptalia for swatching.

6. MUFE HD Loose Powder
I promised myself not to buy loose powder this year but this lil fella claims to be camera friendly. So how? Claimed to be a beauty blogger's best friend too.

7. Paul & Joe Lipsticks and Lipgelees
P&J lipies are by far the most moisturising lipsticks I've encountered so far. It's true love.

8. Finally but not least, the MAC Spring Color Forecast Collection
I'm oogling over the lipsticks in Fresh Salmon, Rose Maiden and Laugh-a-lot, Lipglass in Hush Hush Rose. My list is getting shorter because I have more time to rationalise what I will be buying. Good thing the US folks gets these collections out faster than Asia, otherwise I'll be broke all the time.

At some point I have to stop thinking about makeup. It's getting obsessive compulsive now. I will do a post later on what makeup I bringing with me to Jakarta. Checking into Makeup Rehab is probably a good idea for me right now.

So what's on your lemmings list?

February 10, 2010

A 'Pinch' of Red Flushed Salmon Belly Cheeks

Remember last September when MAC released the Rose Romance collection? I think that was the best-ever collection for 2009. All their items were truly gorgeous and is well suited for fair asians (or anyone fair for that matter!). They had the popular MAC Way to Love lipstick, which I'm trying to use sparingly now. And they had the 2 blush items, the Just a Pinch Gel Blush and the Summer Rose Beauty Powder. Yes, it's not much point in me raving on and on about items that are no longer available. BUT, you could find a similar dupe in Benefit's Benetint and Thrrrob. 

So today I decided to try changing up my boring base makeup. First up I prepped my skin with YSL Teint Parfait which has plenty of tiny shimmers. Good for making the skin look more luminous, I guess. But I hate how heavily scented this product is (which explains why the tube is still full). I then used Legere White BB Cream which I got from a 20% John Little sale. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of BB creams because it makes my face look too matte... So I usually prefer fluid foundations. Then again, it's easy to apply and feels cooling on the skin on application.
Here's my face using the 2 base products... My usual dorky face o__0

Now for the MAC Just a Pinch Gel Blush...

One finger is enough to apply to one side of the cheek.

Yup, just like that!

Very subtle hey! I love that it's oh so au naturale.

Now for MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder. You can use Benefit Thrrrob if you have this. You can build this up depending on how intense you want the colour to be. I love the whole rose motif. Yeah, am such a total sucker for packaging. 

Oh no! The sun has gone down :( 

Guess what! I went to the Guerlain counter at Tangs today and the lovely SA there told me I gained weight!! >__< Oh my god, I'm now going on a diet before CNY. So I kept on checking the mirror if I was developing a double chin cos my face is the first place to show signs of 'excessive eating'. True enough, I have. Well, it's because this month is so rough on me so I've been treating myself every 2nd day to Japanese sushi trains (my favourite!). So I better tone down my carbs and eat less from now on! Tonight's dinner will be home cooked tofu (no rice)! *sob*
*Sigh* Fatty salmon belly has gone to my cheeks. I better go running tonight. 
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