November 30, 2009

Update; failed my project 10-pan

now blogging on my iPhone at the dentist waiting room. Going to clean my teeth before I install the brackets/braces this Saturday. I've already found eating quite difficult with two bands on my molars. Lost 2 kg within a week. Dentist suggested that I don't eat/drink sugary stuff especially on braces. So my diet plan is going to be terrorizing! Hypoglycaemia + demanding work schedule = grumpy Tracy.

Project 10-pan; I'm a hopeless spendaholic. Only last night I went online to order more cosmetics. I call it stress; I haven't had a chance to enjoy my 3-day weekend. I drove 8 hrs on Friday to finally reach kl and then another 4 hrs back to Singapore. Furthermore, every night was torture on the laptop to get things done before my trip to Mumbai tonight. So yes, I felt I deserve a haul or two... Yes, haha... I'm cheating within self-justified reason!

I owe you girls some haul posts. I promise, I haven't forgotten or ignored it. Stay tuned and hope your week starts positive!

November 23, 2009

Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel

It's important to use a scrub and mask once or twice a week to give your complexion a boost. I'm a big fan of gentle exfoliators and clay masks, namely the Origins Out of Trouble (click on link for my review on this mask).

The Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel is a bestseller amongst their range of very fun skincare range. It comes in a 150mL (5.1 Fl. Oz.) size which will last you a good 8-9 months with 2x/week. It costs about <50 SGD.

You only need a small 50-cent coin size each time. It comes out as a gel with specks of granular beads. It  seriously smells of strawberry yoghurt like those yoghurt drinks.

When you apply this over the face, it may feel slightly 'wet'. Let it dry a little, and start rubbing in circular motions. The small pink granules are not abrasive and will disintegrate.

After a 2-3 minutes of circular motions, you will see small white bits of product and dead skin rubbing off. When you wash off these bits, your skin will look immediately more soft and radiant.

It has been really effective for my dried up acne and clears my blocked pores/blackheads. A non-abrasive, fun and lovely-scented product.

 I give this 5 out of 5 stars!

November 21, 2009

Daily Skin Regime

Good morning y'all! I'm so happy to finally have the weekend here. I went a little cuckoo yesterday working like a maniac to get all my presentation slides done for my 3 bosses! Thanks to Prodigy; Fat of the Land, namely Firestarter & Breathe replaying a gazillion times in my caffeine loaded neurons. Ahh, the wonders of heavy metal and techno during your times of need...

This weekend I'm totally going to R & R. I had it. It's also because today's my birthday :)

I thought I might show you my little furry friend and my skincare companions....

My current skincare regime includes:

IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam
IPSA Metabolizer in R3
SKII Whitening Source Dermdefinition
 Shu Uemura B- G Reinforcing Gel Cream
Shiseido Eye Moisture Recharge

I have a few staples in my regime. And being the beauty junkie that I am, I try something else because I get bored but I eventually end up buying the same thing again because it's far superior. The only thing that I would repurchase over and over again would be the IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam. This shit is the bomb...

It comes in 125g tube, and costs SGD44. It's worth it, seriously... You only need a small pea size amount   and this will last you for 4-5 months with regular washing.

Just the tiniest amount will do.

Within seconds it lathers into a rich creamy foam. It has a lovely lemon/citrus scent, I can't describe it. The scent makes me look forward to washing my face every am and pm.

So here I've applied water resistant gel liner to show you how effective this cleansing foam is.

Again, I applied the tiniest amount. After a minute, the gel liner has come off my skin... amazing.

This is the result after a good cleanse. Just small traces is left in the tiniest creases of my hand lines.

HG all the way!


Actually, this is considered an 'essence'. But to me, it seems more like a toner with hydrating properties. I bought this especially having dehydrated skin. IPSA has a huge range of metabolizers (that's what they call it, weird huh?). Pretty pricy and I will definitely not repurchase because I haven't really seen that much a difference with it.

You need 1-2 pumps to apply, with gentle patting motions all over the face. It absorbs nicely into the skin and gives a general hydrated feeling.


Again, I bought this wanting to reduce my acne scarring and not specifically to become fair. Did I see any results with this? Just slightly. It was only last week that I mentioned I was a shade darker and with this, it seems to have 'lightened' my complexion slightly within a week. It's also fairly expensive for the quantity (30mL) that you're getting. Not repurchasing.

Comes in a fluid-like texture, very easy to spread and absorbs nicely into the skin without a residue. SKII products all have pitera, which supposedly helps to prevent aging. However, the treatment essence is probably the staple of the whole range of products.


Moisturiser is such a subjective thing. I find it hard to rely on someone else's experience with it. Your skin reacts different to different things. And I must say, it's hard to find the 'perfect' moisturiser. Depending on your hormones, environment, stress levels, diet... your skin changes. I might have dehydrated skin, but I also have oily oily skin too. And I'm also someone who hates feeling ladden with creams. To be honest, I have no idea what 're-inforcing' means...

I got this Shu Uemura B-G Reinforcing Gel Cream, which comes in a cream form but with a gel-like consistency. Interesting...

It's literally a 'solid' cream/gel or whatever you call it. I use a spatula to scoop the product out. Again, another hate. I just feel urked to dip my fingers in there...

When applied, the cream becomes a gel and layers nicely... My skin does feel hydrated but it's a little too 'thick' for my liking. Not repurchasing.


I hate buying eye creams... not only are they expensive but they're so 'necessary' apparently. It's like needing to buy tampons/sanitary pads and if you get the wrong one, you'll leak or feel uncomfortable all the way. Well, eye creams fall under that category. If you buy the wrong one, you get 'oil bumps' and causing so much injustice to your eyes and wallet.

I only look for a basic eye cream with moisturising properties in a gel formulation.

The Shiseido Eye Moisture Recharge seems to be rated well on MUA and so I decided to give it a go and bought this at the duty free shops. I don't even recall testing it before buying it.

And... I totally regret this purchase.

As you can see it leaves a oily residue and even an hr after, it still remains.

On a different note, I'm going to my dentist to get myself a nice little present for my birthday... hehehe... braces. Can't imagine presenting my slide deck with my teeth full of metal. Will post pictures when I do decide to get them.


November 19, 2009

I'm starting Project 10-Pan, Round ONE

This is a form of my rehab with my makeup addiction. Ever since I started watching youtube videos, I 'needed' to have alot of things. Project 10 pan is here...

So here's my Project 10 Pan list: 
  • Ettusais Acne T-zone oil block gel
  • MAC Claire de lune eyeshadow
  • Shu Uemura Pro Concealer or YSL Concealer
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • MAC Way to Love Lustre lipstick
  • MAC Bigbaby Plushglass
  • P&J lipstick in 053
  • Sugar lip treatment
  • P&J Protective Fluid Foundation
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon 

Most of things are used halfway (alot more to go). But I'll definitely do an update when my 5 products are up. 

Just for sanity check, is it crazy to clock in 11 hrs/day, 5 days a week? I haven't started working weekends yet but probably will have to soon at the rate work is going. I heard some people doing 70hrs/week, whom some of my colleagues are already doing. It seems disgraceful to some people in the office that if I leave work early, at 6pm, they think I'm lazy. 

I'm starting to wonder if I'm really bothered to 'dedicate' all my hours in a day to slave away for my 3 bosses. Anyway, such is life. Hope you're having a better Thursday than me.

November 18, 2009

NARS Cosmetics Sale is here!!!

I was having my coffee in the morning, reading Temptalia on my iphone and when I saw the NARS discount coupon, I accidentally spilled coffee all over my white pants. Yes, I was really that excited. (Now I've got to think about how to remove the coffee stains...)

"Save 22% off your purchase of $60 or more..."

Enter code: 0011290CP

So what are you getting from NARS? Here's my shopping list:


After reading too many reviews on the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, I thought I might give this one a go. As you've probably read in my last post, I've gone half a shade darker. I'm neither here nor there. Frustrating as it is, I've resorted to tinted moisturiser instead. Nevertheless, the MAC SA matched me to Studio Fix NC25-NC30. NC30 is slightly too dark. Since NARS decided to give Singapore a diss, I had no other way to match my shade but to go on MUA. Eventually I was debating between Ceylan and Deauville.

Karla's blogspot was incredibly helpful...

I just went with Ceylan and I'm hoping for the best.


I already own a number of these blushes and they still remain dear to me. Their powder blushes and bronzers can't be missed. So today, I placed Gilda and Deepthroat into my happy shopping basket. :)

So ladies/girls, don't miss out. Just a tip: If you hold a Citibank card, use your US mailing address as your billing address and you should have no problems in processing.

Have fun shopping!

November 15, 2009

Back from Hong Kong with a tan...

G'day! I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday. I spent the last few days in Hong Kong, and surprisingly not doing 'too much shopping'. I got a couple of Jill Stuart items and some YSL staples, which I'm scared of running out of since they've left Singapore. I will have to show them in my next post, cos they're still in my suitcase and I'm lazy... hehe :)

Today I was looking for a darker foundation shade in my current foundation collection. Instead, I found this Shu Uemura Color Corrector Base, which will help to mask my lobster red tanned face. Yes, I did wear sunscreen but apparently it didn't help that much with my very sensitive skin. So I have this in the Green shade which helps to counteract redness.

It imparts a slightly glowy look, with it's slight shimmer. I'm not sure if it entirely helps with my complexion but it's alot better than using my current shades of foundation.

I mixed a pea-sized amount of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and the P&J Foundation to have a lighter coverage.

I'm enjoying the tanner color on me. I used to go really dark this time last year and alot of people actually commented on how good I looked. But oh well, my skin hasn't seen much of the sun because of my crazy-ass job.

My lips are severely chapped after taking 2 weeks of Roaccutane. My dermatologist has considered my acne to be serious enough to warrant the heavy-duty treatments. I hate dry chapped lips.

EOTD... sorry, can't remember what I used. Was playing around and forgot to take note.

I'm in love with brown color contacts :) But it's super drying so my eyes are really tired out!

:) I love my tan

Anyway, just some other updates; I'm on a revived mission to get my life back on track. I know, this is my early new year's resolutions. I might as well start now.

1. I'm going to drink more water - 2L at least every day!!! (I don't drink enough)
2. I'm really going to do my GMAT by October 2010. I need to get out of this shit-ass job.
3. I'm going to do project 10-pan by Dec 2009. Coming up in my next post!
4. I'm going a diet. Period.
5. I'm going to tell my parents about my bf by Dec 2009. hahaha... you won't believe it, but my parents are so ultra conservative, it's annoying. 

Join me if you have already thought of your new years resolutions. 

November 9, 2009

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Nylon Pink 377

Today I did 11-hour work day. To be honest, I'm completely knackered and I didn't think I could do a post tonight. But somehow beauty blogging gives me renewed energy... 

So instead of ranting about how work is draining my life and soul out of me, I'll focus on the positive things in life. Dior lipglosses

I must admit, I'm a total sucker for packaging and Dior wins my heart all the time.

My 2 lipglosses; Nylon Pink and Pink Clutch.

I possessed this little gem a while back, and it has rekindled my love for sparkly lipglosses. There's quite a hefty amount of gloss, with 6mL compared to 1.92mL for MAC dazzleglasses. It's just as sparkly, and much less stickier. In fact, I prefer Dior lipglosses hands down. Another good thing is that there's no scent, unlike YSL lipglosses which may irritate some sensitive noses. 

So lets begin our little experiment...


Decided to go for a sheer pink-purple lipstick...

With the lipgloss on, it really helps to intensify the colour of your lipstick without overshadowing it.

It's a beautiful lip combination and I'll probably be using this quite a bit for my next few looks. 

The rest of the gear I used today... 

I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow, so I might be MIA for a bit. I'm not sure if I should buy more makeup, considering that I'm supposed to have started my project 10 pan by now. Lets play by ear, shall we?

Hope you're all having a great Monday... It's going to be a pretty long day for me tomorrow. 


November 8, 2009

Lunasol Start of Night Eyeshadow Palette - Autumn 09 Collection

I adopted this little darling 2 days ago from Takashimaya...

Here's a better picture with some decent sunshine coming through. The combination of colours are astounding, with better pigmentation and less glitter that is typical of Lunasol ex-collections.

The first 3 colours are very shimmery and the last shade to the right is incredibly glittery and doesn't show up very well. If they included a matte white to replace the glitter, I think this would be a perfect palette.

Lets begin the experiment, shall we?

Here I applied P&J Eye Gloss in 04 all over the eye up to the brow bone...

Now I've applied the pink shade all over my lid using the MAC 239 brush. As you can see on my lashes, you can see the fall out. Generally, this shade is very subtle.

I really love this shade and I would describe this as a taupey plum colour. I applied this on my outer corner of the eye with my MAC 219 pencil brush. The stupid clouds were blocking the sun just then...

Now I'm starting to blend the brown shade on my outer crease area...

Finally I tried my best to apply the glittery white shade on my inner corners of my eye. You may see some sparkle but generally not much.

Here I applied my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourban on my waterline and lashline. This gives lashline a more softer smoked out effect, which I love!

My twins to make my lashes look longer and luscious...


How intense are those lashes? The amazing power of Shiseido Mascara Base and the YSL Faux Cils combined. Dang... I'm impressed!

This is the finished eye look. Very soft and easy to wear for work.

Now for the rest of my face... Foundation, concealer, powder...

I think I must have gone a shade darker because my base makeup is giving a whitish cast. Hmmm...

Lets add some colour...

Here I used NARS Laguna Bronzer and Benefit Throb boxed powder.

Doing makeup blogs should be fun... so here's my funny pose... Totally un-Victoria Secret. hehe!

God, I'm loving this MAC Way to Love lipstick. It is seriously my HG lipstick.

My weekend FOTD...

I hope you enjoyed my review. I highly recommend this palette, and will give it 5 stars because it's so easy to use and wearable for work or any occasion.

Here's all the stuff I used today...

I hope you're all have a great Sunday! *Kisses*
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