October 28, 2009

Japanese Green EOTD using Coffret D'or Eyeshadow Palette

I used to be a huge fan of greens, yes... once when I was nicely tanned. I wanted to give this palette another go since I haven't really used it very much. I think this was released from the 2008 Fall collection. I know I shouldn't be reviewing products that are way past the season, but seriously this palette was worth a space on my blog, IMO.

All the shades here are very shimmery and soft, typical of all Japanese eyeshadows. Even the bottom liner shade was highly pigmented and soft!

Blending was effortless... No harsh lines unlike some of the other MAC eyeshadows

I was pretty happy with the results of my EOTD after my 4-hour sleep, so I wore it to work. The colours hardly creased after an intense 15-hr work day.

Giving you a big morning smooch :) LOL! Not the Victoria Secret smooch. I brushed my teeth so no morning breath intended in it.

(As you probably can tell, I'm still a virgin at cam-whoring)

All the stuff I used today...

I can't believe it's the end of October already. I'll be going to the Singapore Open this weekend, woohoo! I can't take shots of golfers hitting the ball (like someone did to Phil Mckilson last year and got scolded in public). But I'll definitely show you pictures of the course!

October 25, 2009

New hair & weekend FOTD

I have new soft shiny hair (woohoo!) thanks to my wonderful stylist, Wesley @ Kenaris Centerpoint.

I soft bonded my hair to rid all the curls, which this damn hairdresser screwed up at One-Utama (see previous post). 'Scuse my t-shirt. Was getting ready for my bf's friend's wedding...

I'm dreading tomorrow cos I have confront all my inconsiderate colleagues. My colleague sent me a text message just when I stepped out of the office on Friday afternoon to give her presentation slides by Monday. I was fuming mad! She had the whole day to ask me and didn't even have the courtesy to call me to explain. I know, she probably did this on purpose so I'll look like an idiot in front of her boss. So I called him immediately to tell him it wasn't possible to work on the weekend.

I know this is probably not the best forum to express my 'anger' but I feel that this is justified, considering how my company is trying to screw me up and I've had numerous restless nights. My boss has tried to lie through his teeth to avoid paying me my full salary. I have had 4 months for them to clear their business policy. And just a few days ago he tried to negotiate 'a compromise'. Fuck it! No way. Based on my agreement, I am fully entitled to my pay.

I feel cheated.

If you're evaluating moving to a smaller company, make sure you learn of the company's values. Also be 100% positive that your new boss can be trusted.

For this, I'm now on blood pressure watch. I had a terrible headache for days and my GP warned me about my blood pressure shooting up to 180.

October 22, 2009

Guerlain Meteorites in Pastal White 04

Guerlain seems to be taking beauty junkies in Singapore by storm. With all the arrays of promotional ploys on the poor little cash-strapped consumer, it's easy to fall into the Guerlain-pit of obsession. This is my first ever Guerlain purchase and the rest is history!
Inside, you get a mixture of multi-coloured pastal balls with a soft scent. A sponge is also placed tightly to retain the scent and prevent the balls from being jostled around.

What I love about the meteorites is the ability to give a soft hue to the face, with some brightening qualities. It doesn't make you look like a glitter bomb, but rather gives you that illuminating translucent look.

FOTD for the day. Doing a safe look. I'm suffering from insomnia. I need to take some time off but my work is starting to get really demanding. I can only hope that things will improve...
Anyway, I'm really excited! I received a $50 voucher from Guerlain for my birthday. So i'm going to redeem this tomorrow, with the 10% off promotion they have for any purchases with $300. There's always retail therapy to soothe the mind and soul. :)

October 21, 2009

Finally, I'm back from Jakarta

Hi y'all! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts... I've just come back from Jakarta and I've been flat out, working overtime till 9pm. To top it all off, I have insomnia so I'm a walking zombie! But I have just been told that I won't be going to India next week, so I have a chance to do some more posts on my last hauls. Reviews and FOTDs all coming up!

I wanted to show you my super extravagant hotel room. I'm talking about taking everything to the next level when you stay in hotels in Indonesia. Indonesians love European interior, especially gold themes, long lavish curtains and pure luxurious beds. Pure decadence!
I also had a chance to visit mom and pop over the weekend. I reunited with my furry friend, Sydney. He's turned 9 a few weeks back. Photogenic as always :)

October 14, 2009

Hauling 2 of 3... Agatha charms

I've never bought anything from Agatha before. I don't even steal a glance when I walk past their collection. Until I saw the most cutest little charm...

Isn't it so cute? I looks so cartoonish and not too chunky like the Juicy Couture charms

I'm going off to Jakarta tomorrow. I won't be posting so often this week, cos I'll be really busy at work. So I hope you all have a great week!

October 13, 2009

Shu Uemura Single Eyeshadows - swatches and review

This week's product spotlight goes to Shu Uemura Single Eyeshadows. As we all know very well, Shu Uemura eyelash curlers has a cult following. I really love this brand, especially being introduced by my best friend. We went crazy about Shu Uemura at one stage, having tried alot of their products especially the dazzling array of eyeshadow singles. Most of their products are of great quality and the textures are particularly creamy and buttery. If you're a fan of the MAC starflash collection, you're going to love this!

Their permanent line has an impressive line up of shades, as shown above. Those underlined are the ones that I currently have.

Each pan contains 2.1 grams which is alot more than your normal 1.5 gram MAC eyeshadows. Packaging-wise, it can be much better. I'm not a big fan of the clear glass-plastic packaging but it's simple and colours are easy to locate. Here, I use an old Ferraro Rocher box to store all my Shu Uemura single eyeshadows. As you probably notice, I'm a big fan of greens especially being tanned for a long time.

IR 800 Beige
Swatches to the left
A gorgeous nude with gold shimmer particles
Great for a nude-neutral eye

ME 300 Yellow
A bright yellow, but doesn't appear OTT when swatched
Really fun when paired with blue or teal

ME 600 Blue
A hard-to-find-dupe ocean blue which goes well alone with black liner

IR Prestine Green
A lime kaffir green, limited edition from Spring 2007 collection
Needs to be paired which a brown to tone it down but perfect with 'SpringBreeze' which you'll see as you scroll down

P860 Brown
A classic brown, almost like satin taupe but darker

IR White 900Y
A pearly white with gold particles
Beautiful under the brow bone area... (hence my little pink sticker)

ME 700 Purple
My most beloved purple which I have not found a dupe to date
This is Shu's most popular shade in Singapore

P990 Black
This reminds me of the NARS night series with a black base and silver glitters. The glitters don't fall out either. Texture wise, it's slightly drier but nevertheless, easy to work with.

P Green 450
An emerald green with gold shimmer

ME 855 Brown
A copperish-brown for everyday wear

P900 White
A versatile white frosty colour, perfect around the tear duct area to open up the eyes!

P Springbreeze (limited edition)
A lavender purple, released as part of the limited edition Spring 2007 collection

ME 650 Blue
A dark navy blue to pair with a smokey eye

IR 400 Green
Another kaffir lime green but with more yellower than the limited edition shade above.

ME 550 Green
A leafy green with a beautiful silver sheen.

I hope this post was informative. I will start travelling again this week to Jakarta. There'll be some hotel photos with a few Indonesian dishes to make your mouth water. Not much shopping in Jakarta this time round since I'll be visiting friends and relatives. I studied there when I was much younger and went to the same kindegarten as Obama!

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