June 24, 2009

Wednesday night haulage!!

I didn't plan to be buying makeup today, since I'm getting quite bored of the collections at the major department store. So tonight I had a date with my girlfriend, which is always really fun! I haven't seen her in a month and I miss her dearly! I used to see her almost 5x/week and it feels strange to not have her around. Tonight was our catch up session, and she expressed this burning desire to buy the Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls Portable Brush Set after reading the Catalog magazine. 

This collection is now available at the DFS Gallery @ Scotts Road. It's not yet released in major department stores. The bottles are really cute, but I already have too much cleansing oil to use up. So I gave this whole collection a miss. But my girlfriend was so determined to get the travel brushes and the price is definately lower than stated on the magazine, at $98 instead of $125. The bristles are really soft and the quality is superb with all Shu Uemura brushes. 

I didn't plan to get anything from DFS, and I ended up getting quite a few things! I had to get some essentials from IPSA @ Tangs, since my IPSA foam cleanser was almost running out. I redeemed my free gift which is the protector day shelter bright vision sunblock. I love IPSA products so i'll definately do a review of this in due course...

(from right to left: Club, Shroom, Tempting, Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel)

Here is my MAC haul... Yes, I've already bought quite a bit at the MAC SUMO sale, but I just had to get more after watching this youtube video clip:

She used the eyeshadows in tempting and shroom and looked great! It was easy too, so it made me 3 minute shopping spree a whole lot easier. No swatching needed! I also got the regular shadow in club, another popular colour. Yes, I finally succumb to getting the Pink Rebel lustre drops from the Style Warriors collection. This is the only thing I was interested in getting from that collection and they sold out everywhere in Singapore (as usual!). So yay! I'm really happy about my shopping today.

Now for some more juicy news! Takashimaya is having their 10% sale tomorrow! yay!!! So I've asked the lady at the Guerlain counter to reserve me a backup of the pearly white meteorites. *blush* I never used meteorites before and so i bought one when I found out from Rouge Deluxe that they were having a sale. I tried it this morning and I was instantly sold! It was like giving my face a whole new facelift. I'm going to get another one as a birthday present for my sister. 

And the more juicier news? 
I'm now getting hooked onto the Twilight series again, even though I didn't like the movie. So I bought New Moon & Eclipse to keep me entertained for the weekend. I can't wait! But yes, the juicy news is that New Moon will be released at cinemas in November 09. Check out the new trailer at the link below... Interesting, Jacob is back in the scene. 


June 20, 2009

Barry M Dazzle Dusts & Weekend Update


I went to London in June during my breaks between jobs, and I was dying to get my hands on Barry M. You can only find them at Superdrug, and there's not many outlets in the CBD itself. After searching high and low, I found one and was swatching all the available colours like a maniac. I managed to reduce my list to 5 colours which I knew I could wear everyday. Now I wish I got more, but then again I need to have better self control. 

I got the shades in 3...1...34...76...39

Each jar contains about 3g (doesn't mention on the packaging unfortunately)

Here are swatches of the colours. Sorry, my lighting is slightly orangey so the 1st and 4th shade looks similar. But the 1st shade is definately pinkier. All in all, I love the texture and the wearability. My purse is happier with Barry M than MAC. Unfortunately, you can only get this in London. They don't have it anywhere else in Europe. If you have a friend in the UK, ask them to send you a care package! 

Anyway, a good chunk of my morning was to venture at Singapore's most prided nature reserve. This place always has alot of hikers and occasionally you may see eye candy jogging with shirts off. I looked atrocious after 14 km walk/run but now I see a sexy tan! So this is part of my health kick lately to get my body feeling good after binging through 5 weeks of holidays. For any nature lovers, the McRitchie carpark is now finally expanded so you can rock up at 8am and get a carpark slot! 

June 18, 2009

My upcoming MAC delivery...

With the F&F MAC sale, it makes sense to purchase things that you've hesitated initially. With my hoard of makeup, I'm trying to make smarter makeup decisions. So I've passed on some MAC makeup items, such as the BBR which I'm now completely regretting! We hear of the Colour Craft collection out soon in US stores on the 7th July. I think I will be getting ALOT of the MSFs that I missed out at from the MAC BBR collection. 

So I've ordered my MAC products online using the Borderlinx Concierge Service. I am thoroughly impressed by the service they have given me time and time again. The exchange rate is also comparable. I do recommend that before any MAC F&F sale, you place the order 3 days before the first day. I didn't do it this time which meant that I had to regretfully take out the MAC 138 brush and the Mineralize Blush in Moon River. 

I'm surprised that I only have 2 MAC mineralize blushes! MAC Dainty & Warm Soul... Funnily, I'm really proud of the fact that I only have these two! haha!

Duty Free Hauls #1

Yes, finally! I am back to update my blog. I have been MIA lately due to constant travels, work, my crazy work-outs, and health kick. So I do apologise. To make it up to you, I will be showing you my hauls, but in stages (cos I have to dig through my unpacked luggage). 

First up, my haul from Hong Kong & Singapore duty free...
From left to right (top): Maquillage Long Lasting Foundation UV in OC10 (HK250), MAC brush cleanser (SGD16), Shu Uemura Mousse Shimmer with mini regular UV underbase (HKD300).
Bottom: Maquillage Eyeshadow 3D creator in VI367 (HKD 270) and Foundation sponges (HKD40).

I've been using the Shu Uemura UV underbase for the last few years and I've always go back to it. It's a real joy to use it as it gives a refreshing feeling to your skin and is not oily at all. The MA claims that it reduces the appearance of pores. I suppose with any sort of skin hydration, your pores are likely to look smaller. The mousse shimmer is the newly released version that has very subtle shimmer to give your skin a more dewy appearance. 

I decided to give the foundation a try as alot of Cotters love Maquillage foundations. So we'll see! I also need a foundation that can withstand the extreme humidity we have here in Singapore. 

This is the eyeshadow palette close up. I wanted to get this here in Singapore, but this was the first colour they sold out! So I was quite lucky to buy this in HK international airport. I love the whole portable compact, so travelling is real easy. 

Other news, I'm going to be travelling again like crazy in July. I might get some things in the airport, we'll see. There's currently a promotion in Changi at the moment, where you purchase $350 and you receive a $50 voucher. That's quite good considering how cheap duty free goods are in Singapore. It will be a good time to buy the La Mer lip conditioner. 

Good night girls. :)
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