December 26, 2009

EOTD with NARS Modern Love Palette

NARS Modern Love Palette is a go-to eyeshadow palette should you need something sultry without looking too 'clubbish'. In fact, I love to use this in the evenings.

Lets get started...

First up, I used Benefit's Get Figgy Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow all over the lid

Now I've used India Song over the cream eyeshadow. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and requires some blending to soften the harsh lines.

Now, I've added Alhambra around the inner corner of my eye. I find that it's harder to apply this lighter shade once I've applied 2 layers of a darker eyeshadow. So I would recommend using the brush on the lighter shade first.

Here I've used Pandora (a beautiful intense charcoal black) to line my lashline. Immediately, it helps to elongate your eyes making it look slightly bigger.

And here I blended all the harsh lines with Tokyo in a windsweeping motion.

Now I've used Alhambra on the inner bottom lashline and Pandora on the outer bottom lashline to complete the look. To intensify the look, I've used Urban Decay Zero on my waterline.

1 coat of Shiseido Mascara Base and YSL Faux Cils.

The finished look

On my cheeks, I used Becca's cream blush in Turkish Rose which is so beautiful and natural. I love it!

The rest of the gear I used today...

I hope you enjoyed this EOTD. Till then, happy boxing day!

December 25, 2009

Base Makeup Review - NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Ceylan Light6

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you're spending quality time either with family, friends and close ones.

I wanted to show you how amazing the new NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is! I got it in the shade Ceylan and I was taking a huge risk when ordering this online. When it finally arrived, I tried it on and it was the perfect shade for my NC25 skin tone.

The packaging really needs improvement. It has no pump, comes in a glass bottle and the lid doesn't close properly either.

Texture of the foundation is runny. It's hard to scoop the product out with a sponge tip, so I poured it out instead and I overdid it! Whoops! However, it applies really nicely with my MAC 187 stippling brush.

Now here is what the foundation claims to do:
1. Blurs imperfections - check!
2. Sheer and weightless - check!
3. Brightening and illuminating - check!
4. Can be layered - check!
5. Offers immediate hydration - check!
6. Improves skin texture over time - we'll see...

Has this foundation really become my holy grail? We'll soon find out...

My face without makeup... yuck!

After applying P&J Moisturising Primer...

After 1 layer of the foundation. As you can see, it has given a illuminating effect and evened out my redness on the cheek very well. It feels amazing too and my skin feels like it's breathing. Plus, it doesn't accentuate my dry spots, so it does a good job in hydration.

Some NARS Laguna bronzer to add more colour...

And Gransenbon blush in 02 (a light pink hint to the cheeks)

Used MAC spiritualise pigment (1-yr anniversary of my pigment and the start of my obsession of MAC cosmetics)

I'm so in love with this foundation. I feel like I should buy another one just in case something happens to my current one.

The rest of the gear I used today...

Merry christmas and hope you're enjoying the celebrations wherever you are =)

December 24, 2009

Base Makeup Review - Maquillage Lasting Liquid UV Foundation

If you may probably recall, I was a fan of the Maquillage Lasting Liquid UV Foundation and mentioned this in my August favourites. So today I'm doing a step-by-step product review of my thoughts now (4 months down the road).

For your information, I am a MAC NC25

Here I am i with no makeup on....

I decided to use the P&J Moisturising Primer, since my skin is now getting pretty dry. Ever since I started on Roaccutane, I've started to see a huge improvement in my skin. I used to have excessively oily skin, so foundation tends to slip off in just 2 hrs! Now I'm so dry, and it's nice to touch my face and still feel my powder intact after 5 hrs in the day!

This primer gives a nice radiant glow....

The bottle comes with a hygienic pump in a 30g vacuum sealed plastic container. However, you can never see how much you have left and it really bugs me (especially being the makeup junkie, that I am).
Not the most prettiest packaging though.
Packaging Rating

The Maquillage foundation tends to be quite thick and creamy, with a consistency like a BB cream. It's not as runny as the P&J Protective Fluid Foundation, and therefore harder to apply. For this, I tend to skip using my MAC 187 stippling brush, knowing that it's going to stain the bristles. Instead, I use my fingers to apply (which isn't particularly the most effective, but for this case, it is). FYI, my shade is # 10, which is the 2nd most fairest shade.

To the left side of my cheek, I have applied the foundation. The right I have nothing on. It does even out the complexion very well with it's medium to heavy coverage. You hardly need concealer after applying this.

With both sides on...

As you can probably see, my complexion is now completely even. But I do find the shades quite yellow.  At the same time, I feel that the finish isn't exactly dewy or glowy. There are no moisturising properties with this foundation, so dry skin ladies beware!

With my IPSA Poreless loose powder... Ooo, ghost town. Haha!

And a touche of colour... with my favourite Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brush and Nars Laguna Bronzer

The finished look!

My thoughts? Honestly, I was a big fan a few months back. But my skin has changed so much, that using this foundation has accentuated my dry skin even more. Especially around the lip area, where I tend to suffer the most dryness.

Otherwise, I would say it's good for ladies who need to have longer coverage due to oily skin. It claims to last 8 hrs... And I agree when I used to have oily skin. Good staying power, and gives oily skin a matte finish.

My Overall Ratings

I hope this review was helpful. Gotta rush off to work now! Ciao!

December 23, 2009

Lots of Unexpected Surprises - Christmas Shopping at Orchard Road

For any ladies daring to venture to Orchard road during Christmas time is a brave soul. Don't even consider driving because parking is literally impossible, public transport is so packed you may even need to consider walking home... Yes, walking home because the taxi line snakes on forever. However, the tip is to go early. Get there at 9:30am, get a coffee then start your shopping on the dot at 10am.

So that's what I did...

And boy did I find plenty of little treasures!

First up, a few tops from Topshop. Love the bird detailing and the assymetric shape to the hemline. This was SGD44.
This top is so cute when paired with a similarly cut jersey tank top (below) in purple.
Second top has leopard prints detailed at the front, with cute little buttons going down the middle at the back.

Second, a simple pretty tank top from Miss Selfridge for SGD 29.
Little pink roses all over

A short button skirt by Warehouse with some pretty black and blue rose detailing. I'm really into roses lately!
This would look amazing with some fashion tights/stockings. This was SGD53.

A simple grey skirt with a ribbon on the waist. I couldn't resist the 70% sales at G2000 and I got this skirt for SGD 29.

Even Ardell Lashes were on 20% sales @ Guardian Pharmacies. Great time to stock up!

I was walking past a customer testing out this fragrance and it stopped me at my tracks. It has the cutest packaging and has a sweet scent that isn't sickly. I was planning to get this for my sister, but now I'm considering of keeping this for myself. The devil is speaking...

A set of IPSA lipglosses for SGD 28, for 5 different colours with a tube size of 2g each. This is a bargain I couldn't surpass.

I present to you the last ever Stila Doll'ed up Palette in Singapore... Yes indeed, I am one lucky biatch!
I had to have this... It was a matter of life and death!

12 different shades with the most pigmented buttery texture. You already know that I'm an eyeshadow palette hoe...

Finally, just a little treat for my dry lips... the Shu Uemura Principe Lip Conditioner. I'll do a review of this soon.

I have been seeing alot of ladies do some fun christmas shopping. Show me what you get on boxing day because I'll probably be missing that one as I'll be travelling to Istanbul, Turkey. =)

Till then, happy shopping!
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