December 29, 2008

Christmas and New Years 2009

The last time I checked it was March 2008. And now it's December! Freaky how time flies like that. I've been hopeful about getting 2008 out of the way. Apparently, my luck hasn't been all that fantastic, especially with work.I've been crazy shopping also. I recently got myself more MAC pigments to curb my latest pigment lemmings. Got the full size MAC pigments in Mauvement (neutral chocolate), Spiritualize (cool tone green), Green Olive (green olive with yellow undertone). I love the mauvement with spiritualize and the green olive with melon. I'm LOVING it! My favourite MUSA is at Isetan (Shaw). He's super honest and does not blindly sell you things that will disappoint.

Mauvement (p), Golden Olive (p) and Spiritualize (p)

Pretty huh?

December 8, 2008

Breaking the bank (again)
Purchases I made today... *
So lately, I've purchased the 2 cream eyeshadows from MAC metal urge limited edition collection... and once I got home, I logged onto MUA and realized that it creases even under UDPP! I was further confirmed by a youtube makeup guru, and she says that the only way not to make it crease is to have a base of liquidlast liner. I was flabbergasted! In my head I was thinking that it's insane to be covering your eyelid with white eyeliner!! I decided, I'm gonna return the product and thanked that person up there that I didn't already try the product. 

Instead, I did an exchange at Tangs for 2 apparent HG loves by alot of MUAs:
1. The Shiseido - Mascara base (SGD$37)
2. MAC pigment in Melon (SGD$38)

I'm pretty excited to use my first ever pigment!!! Yipie! I will updating you with the results...

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