May 18, 2014

Better late than never: Guerlain Rouge Gs Provocative

It has been a long while since I've felt this relaxed on a Sunday evening. I have completely surrendered to the dreaded Monday and just told myself to enjoy whatever blissful free time I have now. Trust me, it's a luxury to have this kind of time and sheer relaxation. The weather in Singapore has been horrendously hot, with temperatures soaring up to 37 degrees. I even bead sweat in shopping malls and air-conditioned rooms. So finally today's rain cooled off the island and made me ever so in a good mood to put on makeup. In my life, makeup comes in as a necessity or as fun playful things. Lately, it's been nothing but work work work, and my makeup reflects the utter boring and exhaustion I feel daily. 

This kind of good mood lends me to bright lipsticks that have sadly been forgotten in the back of my makeup drawers. I have two Guerlain Rouge G's, and these lipsticks are hefty bullets weighing like gold bars. It took me a long while to realise how truly luxurious the formulation is; always thinking that I was paying for the packaging. Sliding these pink butters across my lips is like sliding the volume up when cruising with awesome loungey jams along the express way. If you love driving (and lounge music), the feeling just gets better and better as you cruise and cruise, and this is how I would describe these Guerlain lipsticks. Pure heaven. 

Forget that this shade - provocative - is limited edition. Because I am so pathetic at keeping up with my blogging schedule. Better late than never... eh? If you're bothered to read more, this deep fuchsia pink has the right level of blue that makes the teeth look white. MAC lipsticks generally make my lips peel within 10 minutes of application, but these Guerlain Rouge G's are like serum for the lips. There's no feathering, no peeling, and wear time is decent even after eating or drinking.

If you happens to have a horrid Monday, take a peek at the Guerlain counters because they have introduced some yummy summer shades - an orange, pink, and deep wine red. All these new shades make me weak in the knees. 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a better Monday than me. 


Jacqueline said...

I want Rose Grenat but it is sold out. Boohoo! It looks so amazing on you Tracy, you must wear more bright lip looks. You look absolutely gorgeous.

Ruby Chua said...

U look great, Tracy!

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