March 28, 2014

Very Berry-Licious Trio: Burberry, Chanel and Dior

Ahhhh... Gorgeous day today in Vienna. Sadly I will be returning back to Singapore this weekend.

Berry lips. I am simply not courageous enough to take it out to the streets. But I did one fine day. Did I get looks? Indeed. I don't think it's quite the fashion to sport the outstanding lips here in Vienna, despite the city being renowned for aristocracy and what not. My biggest mistake in my adventures this time round was my lack of skincare arsenal... leaving my skin feeling extremely dehydrated and unhappy most of the time when using some kind of base product. And we all know how important it is to have plump hydrated even complexion with any sort of dark/red lipstick. Dry patchy skin plus red lips just makes me look old. 

Three things that made it to the post today:
1. Burberry Oxblood Effortless Kohl all over the lips as my first base
2. Chanel La Desiree Rouge Allure on top
3. Dior Ensorcelante glossing especially in the middle

The combination is breathtaking in my opinion. Dior Ensorcelante (even the name itself) reminds me of blood. While it is pigmented, I think this combination with the red underneath makes the lips look even more vampy. I mean, truly vampy. I didn't have to worry about the horrible looking lip line at the end of the day. Chanel La Desiree obediently stayed on and on. 

Burberry Effortless Kohl in Oxblood is a complement to the infamous Oxblood lipstick itself. I don't think too highly of the lip pencil. It's matte. And that's about it. I don't like that you need to find a specific sharpener and Burberry does not provide you with this (unlike Chanel or Dior). The shade matches well to Chanel La Desiree.

Though, Burberry Oxblood lipstick is a must-have. If you don't already own this lipstick, I think you better go grab it. It's really good. And much better than Tom Ford Bruised Plum. I should do a comparison of this with Chanel La Desiree soon. 'Soon'. :-)

Everyone knows that red lips are not the easiest to maintain throughout the day - you know, the touching up and paranoia of reddish teeth. I did however underestimate the importance of good skin. Notice my dry skin around my lip? I hate it. When I get back home, I'll be sure to rally myself into a strict regimented routine of hydrating masks, balms, and nourishing creams. 

In case you're wondering too, I'm using Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream above. It's quite good.

Time to enjoy the sun here. Visit Europe in Spring - the whole continent blooms.

I hope you're having a good one!


Jacqueline said...

Tracy, you look absolutely divine and sexy with plum lips, me likes a lot. We must meet up again, we can make it a threesome (wink wink) with Ruby and go out together.

a p r i l said...

Hi Tracy! I'm so glad to see you posting again, thought you stopped blogging for a while last year and got sad. Looking forward to reading and enjoying more of your well-written posts this year! :)

While reading your recent empties post, I got to wonder which particular brush you use with the GA Lasting Silk Foundation. I have oily combination skin, thought Lasting Silk will be a good match for me and purchased it, wanted to love it so much but I can't. Since you called it your HG, I want to give it another try. I'd appreciate it so much if you could share your favorite brushes/tips for application?

Have a wonderful day!

xx from Korea, Min :)

aucupariabrumalis said...

this is a lip combo right up my alley, so me. I like the vamps and reds in spring summer as well / Claire xxx

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