March 26, 2014

The Elephant Palette

Hi everyone. I've been absent from this blog for some time now. I just got back from my Norway trip, spending a total of 10 days travelling south of Norway to meet one of my best friends and upwards to Tromso, a snowy Christmas town with a population of only 135,000.  I will be writing more about this trip soon but I wanted to quickly put this post up on a look I did yesterday featuring the Chantecaille Elephant Palette, the only palette I brought with me on my one-month holiday. Each season, Chantecaille releases palettes that supports animals by sending proceeds of its sales to conservation groups (for this Elephant palette 5% of proceeds go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust). 

Chantecaille, as we all know, is not the most accessible or affordable brand. However, it's also the lack of accessibility that makes me want their products even more. I confess that I purchased this palette just for the packaging alone and for the company's social responsibility to the environment. 

Although these miniature elephants seem gorgeous at first sight, I found the colour pairings slightly odd. The rusty red-brown and green didn't look like an obvious pairing at first, so I have been using only the light ivory, cool-brown and camouflage deep green on my latest looks. 

This palette costed me $83. A little cray cray but until you calculate the $/g and $/pan, you'll understand that it's not too bad compared to many other brands. Each pan weighs a whopping 3g, twice larger than a standard MAC eyeshadow at 1.4g. These shadows will last you a whole lifetime with continuous use. 

My favourite shade of the quad would have to be Grasslands, a deep mossy green, almost passing off as a dirty leafy green. I think this shade will look great for smokey green looks. I'm still on the fence about Red Earth, a rusty red-brown; it's not a colour I usually gravitate to. Ivory is a lovely soft shade that applies more like an all over lid colour to give your skin some evenness. I noticed very little shimmer and slight sheen, despite it being categorised as a highlighter. Iron Ore, a liner dark brown would probably be the odd-ball of the palette that applies quite dry and not as smoothly as I would like it to. 

What I do love about the Chantecaille eyeshadows are how well they look on the lids even though they swatch poorly on the hand. Here I applied an eyeshadow base to help the colours pop more. I suppose this is the in the theme of French cosmetics being quite soft and ethereal, rather than the heavily pigmented shadows that can be quite hard to blend. 

In summary, I'm not overly won over by the Elephant Palette. I love the fact that this palette has a unique concept dedicated to different animals each season, but I was left wanting more oomph or pigmentation from each of the shade. If you like very soft washes of colour on the lids, then Chantecaille eyeshadows may be the one for you. 

The palette is still available on Space NK (click here) for a 50% discount at 37 GBP in case you're still hoping to get your hands on this cool bargain. 

Thanks for reading and hope you're having a good week wherever you are. 

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Jen Lavenders said...

Really pretty palette! =) I like it a lot!

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