February 20, 2014

Tom Ford Spanish Pink

Umming and ahhing many months later, I purchased my first ever Tom Ford lipstick. I have mine in Spanish pink, a light coral salmon peach nude, for daily wear. 

I wasn't smitten when I first met the Tom Ford lipsticks - I knew that people raved about them, but I couldn't justify the price tag. The formula feels luxe on the lips with average wear time of 3-4 hours. My lips feel nicely hydrated - unusually, considering how easily my lips peel on contact with most lipstick brands. 

As must as I adore lipsticks, I don't the find this particular shade quite worth the splurge. Wild Ginger and Bruised Plums are loves at first sight, but I have no occasion to wear bright shades. Perhaps when I have that extra bit of piggy cash, I could splurge on another. Dangerous territory. Alot of restraint is necessary. 

Hope you're having a good one. I know, it's been a bit quiet here. Not in the mood to blog and zero appetite for makeup lately. I'm not sure why. Today's my first day breaking out the foundation. Most days, I don't even bother applying moisturiser to sleep. It's not that I'm busy. It's just that I'm bored. Do you ever get those days on stretch when you just can't be bothered at all with your routine?


Jacqueline said...

Tracy, Indian Pink looks beautiful on you. I have only one TF lippie at the moment and I'm trying to resist getting anymore. I honestly rather get a Giorgio Armani or even a Guerlian Rouge G. Babe get the bright lippie you always wanted, don't worry about not having the occasion to wear it. There is always an occasion to wear a bright lip :) The only time I haven't been wanting to put in makeup is when I'm sick. I lose my makeup mojo then cos I'm just too exhausted.

Tracy said...

I totally agree! I would rather have more Dior or YSL lippies instead of Tom Ford. Haha! Makeup mojo... indeed.

Hichem Fenghour said...

Oh thank you so much miss Tracy.

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