February 27, 2014

An Amazing Find: The Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser

Aesop has really captured my attention lately. From its' beautiful arrangement of classic apothecary bottles and amazing scented aromatherapy, it is little wonder the brand has catapulted into an international cult favourite. I adore their body care products and splurged many times into their luxury body balms and soaps. Apart from the Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask, reviewed here, I have not ventured into their skincare range. On my last little whirl of Tangs Singapore on a boring hot afternoon, I purchased the Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser - a bottle that claims it's right to stand as a centre piece on my bathroom sink... just on looks alone. 

Here I have mine in the largest bottle, sized at 200mLs, and priced at S$67 - double the price I would typically allow myself to spend on face cleansers... For reference, my favorite IPSA cleanser is about S$38 and Vichy is no more than $30 in pharmacies. 

But before you judge me to be a crazy spender, let me say that Aesop is a brand that sucks me right in because of their genuine scents. In my personal opinion, Aesop has ingeniously created my version of luxury fragrances encased in different skincare/bodycare utilities. For someone who adores fragrance, it was just a matter of time. 

The Aesop Amazing Cleanser contains mandarin rind, ylang ylang and lavender stem. True enough, the soap emits this awesome mandarin scent that almost sends my brain winding down into pure relaxation. A small amount goes a long way - budding up into gentle soap suds with a small amount of water and gentle rubbing. 

With no better way than putting the cleanser into action, I wanted to see how it fared under makeup 'heavy' circumstances. Here, I have smeared a lovely dose of waxy MUFE intense rouge and Chanel stylo yeux eyeliners that are rather resistant to normal hand soaps. 

As you can tell, the cleanser failed to remove every last trace of the lipstick, however, did a fairly decent job on the eyeliners. Given that the lipstick chosen is of the waxier sort, supplementing your pre-cleansing routine with a cleansing oil would guarantee much cleaner skin. All in all, I have been really enjoying the Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser and have been looking forward to my AM and PM cleansing routine just because of it.

An amazing find? Absolutely! 

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Jacqueline said...

I've been looking around for a new facial cleanser so I might have to look this up Tracy. It looks interesting.

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