January 5, 2014

MAC Magnetic Nude Collection: My picks and thoughts

Goodbye 2013. Hi there 2014! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and Christmas holidays.  Lets begin 2014 with my most recent haul (I tossed any idea of any makeup diet this year, clearly).

It has been a long time since MAC has come up with a collection that made me look twice. The MAC Magnetic Nude Collection however is definitely worth a look, especially for those who love neutrals and soft shades. This year's extra dimension formulas in their skinfinishes and blushes are phenomenal: smooth, non-glittery/chunky and hardly pore-enhancing. It took a restraining order to manage my purchases down to five items. Chances are that if you're hunting for the collection online, most of the wonder pieces are sold out. 

The collection has just popped up in stores in Europe and presumably in Asia as well. 

Before the collection was released here in Europe, I was scouring through blogs and forums to read on people's opinions. By the time I reached the counters, I had decided on a number of items. I was also torn between Fairly Precious and Superb Skinfinishes - the latter serves more of a highlighter. Realising how many highlighters I have in my stash, I picked up Fairly Precious and it translates even better on skin because it seems to blend in better with my skin colour. The eyeshadows are lovely and I could have picked up more. The blushers were all very nice too. The lip products are simply amazing, especially the lipglasses. I couldn't decide on the lipsticks - nothing seemed to wow me. However, everything else in the collection was just STUNNING. 

*~*Highlighters and Blushers*~*

Typically, MAC's skinfinishes tend to be quite shimmery and chunky only to enlarge pores. The Extra Dimension formula seems to give the ethereal glistening glow that is quite different to most other highlighters. Even indoors, the highlighting effect is not powdery and instead gives this somewhat wet glistening look. It's hard to describe, but overall the effect is very pretty. There are 3 shades: Magnetic Appeal (more bronzy), Fairly Precious (peachy) and Superb (lightest). I could have picked up superb as well... however, I don't think you necessarily need all 3.

With the ED Blusher in Autoerotique that I have on today, Fairly Precious gives the right nuance of champagne highlight to the my cheekbones which I have caught myself admiring in the mirror many times. Which brings me onto the blusher shade Autoerotique, which I would describe as a mid-tone coral rose. The MAC website describes it to be 'dirty' - well, I'm not quite sure what 'dirty' means exactly because there's nothing dirty or muddy about the shade. The texture of ED blushers, unlike the ED Skinfinishes, are slightly drier and application requires a couple more brush strokes. Although, this is exactly how I like my blushers to be - buildable and subtle. 

Here is autoerotique on its own. Very pretty. 


By now you would know how much I am digging the extra dimension formula. If MAC makes this formula permanent and offers a wide range of shades, I can go seriously broke. Silver Dawn is a must-have shade for me. It's definitely taupe with some green undertone? It reminds me of MAC Club eyeshadow but with an effect that is glowy and less greenish. I think I could wear this alone with a lick of mascara and be out of the door. 

*~*Lip glosses*~*

I'm not the biggest fan of MAC lipglasses, but sometimes they release shades that sweep me off my feet. Well, consider these Oh My Darling and Steel Kiss exactly those shades that will make me consider backups. While it make look mediocre on pictures, it looks incredible when you swatch these in person. Oh My Darling on the left and Steel Kiss is on the right. Steel Kiss is what I would describe this taupe brown but blends right into your lips without looking odd. And Oh My Darling is a lightly shimmery pale pink. Of course pictures always do injustice to these shades and even more so in overcast weather. Hop over to the Beauty Look Book for Oh My Darling. 

Here is Oh My Darling on my bottom lip. Did you just die? :-)

And below is Steel Kiss. Less noticeable, but will look great as a muted lipgloss for everyday.

Overall thoughts: I think this collection reminds me of why I loved MAC in the first place. There's certainly something for everyone - from the darker lip colours to the neutral fan. If you were to pick the most coveted items, I would go for Silver Dawn e/s, Oh my darling lipglass, and either Fairly Precious or Superb Skinfinishes. 

What did you pick up from the MAC Magnetic Nude?


Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, I think that you have yourself a fantastic haul, I especially like the blush shade. I think you look beautiful with the makeup, they enhance your natural beauty. The lip glasses truly complete the look.

Tracy said...

Thanks Jacqueline! I was surprised MAC came up with such an impressive collection finally. The lipglosses are a stunner.

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