January 6, 2014

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes

Probably my most regularly used item during the Christmas season has got to be the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes. The assortment of 12 varied eyeshadows, mostly consisting of plummy and purples, makes this palette perfect for the winter. I was astounded by the quality of each shadow, especially the mattes. The texture of these shadows are super buttery, smooth and nicely pigmented. While it has already been reviewed countless of times by others, I thought it deserves a special mention here. 

I picked this up from Sephora for I believe S$80? I can't quite recall the price. However, if you consider  each pan to weigh 1g multiplied by 12, you pay a bit less than $7/each shadow. I don't think you can find that kind of quality and price with drugstore makeup in Singapore. Plus, these are shades you can use all year-round. 

My favorite shades from the bunch would be plum smoke (matte), african violet (luster) and fresco (matte) for the crease blending. Generally, there's a great selection of mattes which you often don't find the Urban Decay or Too Faced palettes. Noticeably, the darker matte shadows only take one swipe to produce intense pigmentation. Clearly the palette seems to be geared towards cool-toned skintones, which I love. 

Click on the picture below for better close ups. 

The mirror is generously large. The outer packaging is cushiony. Weight and size is great for travel. I mean, it's almost impossible to find flaws in the palette, really. Perhaps the only flaw I can see with this palette is that there are too many pinky light tones. They could have added a light champagne matte for blending in place of guava or sparkling dew.

While the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette seems to be all the rage right now, I am highly content with the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette.  

Here's a look featuring the very much loved African Violet all over my lid. African Violet is a gorgeous  multifaceted violet with gold shimmer, and replicates its gorgeousness on the lids as well. Using an eyeshadow primer, the shadows fared well for more than 8 hours with very little creasing or fading. But I'm judging its performance in cold dry weather rather than humid and temperate. 

Overall, the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette is a must-have for me. The quality of the shadows, variety of mattes and iridescent shades make this palette a stand-out amongst the crowd of holiday releases.

Thanks for reading and I hope you're had a wonderful new years. 


Pamela Ridwan said...

oh lovely palette! the shades remind me of Urban decay naked3..and I like the look you created ^^

Jacqueline said...

It is such a lovely palette, Tracy. I saw this at the Sephora stores but didn't pick it up, now I'm kinda regretting it. You know how sometimes you keep debating whether to get something and finally when you want it, it's gone? I think you did such a lovely look with it. I love the colours on you.

Jen Lavenders said...

So lovely on you! :) I was so debating about this palette!!! It's gorgeous!

emmabovary said...

such a pretty palette, I have the first one that launched but don't use it as much as I really should!

Tracy said...

@ Pamela, thanks! Yes... it's similar to the Naked 3 especially the lighter pink shades.

@ Jacqueline: Told you to get it! Does Sephora still have them? The last time I checked after the 20 off sale, they still had a few.

@ Jen: I think so too! Did you get yours?

@emmabovary: I missed out on the 1st edition. I wish I picked that up because I've heard some fantastic reviews of it online.

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