January 13, 2014

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

I confess that I am one of those guilty ones for keeping mascaras beyond the 3 month expiry date. At best I would religiously use one for 6 months, put it aside, ponder if I should continue using it, then whip it out again... and the story goes on. 

I'm blessed with long eyelashes, however, they droop like curtains. I generally like mascaras that hold the curl and volumises. I often dismiss lengthening mascaras because my lashes get caught on my reading glasses and can be a real nuisance. I have had my lashes permanently curled twice and these were the only times I would really truly enjoy using volumising mascaras - both drugstore and high-end. However, doing regular heat application to the lashes is simply too damaging. 

Lancome Oscillation Mascara was my previously used mascara in rotation. Unlike the Lancome Oscillation, GA ETK mascara is gorgeous when first opened applied. Some mascaras perform better over time as the formula dries and becomes less clumpy. But why wait? I can understand that some drugstore mascaras can take a bit of time for the formula to thicken. However, with drugstore prices I can be patient. The contrary could be said with high-end mascaras; you simply need not have to wait.

GA ETK comes in a noticeably heavy black lacquer tube, with engraving on the side. The weight seems to be distributed mostly to the cap, which I suppose makes you feel like a million bucks when doing your makeup. 

The bristles are arranged in a haphazard fashion to catch each individual lash. It's not too brushy or large like the Diorshow mascaras, which are huge in comparison. I prefer smaller brush heads, too, as it gives me the flexibility to brush through without having to accidentally get mascara on my skin. 

The effect is gorgeous especially with a lengthening mascara base (Lancome Cils Booster XL is super) and curling. As the day goes on, there was no flaking or smudging even in hot humid weather. The curl dropped slightly - but, hardly noticeable. This is probably the single reason why I never apply a second coat to my lashes. As you can see below, there's very little clumpiness to the formula - it simply glides on effortlessly. 

I love how beautiful it makes my smaller lashes look towards the end of my eye. And, I love how it gives an natural eyeliner appearance. 

Removing was easy too (I have mine in the non-waterproof version). I used the Caudalie Micellar water.

How do the GA ETK Mascara compare to some other high-end mascaras that I've used in the past?
  • MUFE Smokey Lash: ETK is more dramatic and more volumising. The formula for the MUFE smokey lash seems to dry up more quickly compared to GA ETK. 
  • YSL Faux Cils: perhaps similar except YSL is much more volumising. 
  • Lancome Oscillation: Again, I prefer having zero wait time when buying high-end mascaras.
  • Diorshow: GA ETK has a brushwand that is easier to apply and it seems to coat the individual lashes better than Diorshow mascaras.
In summary, the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara is divine, but pricey at US $30 (shocking!). It gives a gorgeous butterfly feminine wispy lashes, with a bit of drama and yet still passing as natural for the daytime look. For me, it brings the whole eye look together, forgoing the need for eyeliners (hate applying these). Will I purchase this again? Yes. 

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Ruby Chua said...

I love this picture of yours. U look great!

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