January 10, 2014

Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent 84 - Holiday 2013 Collection

There are some real standout pieces from the Chanel Holiday 2013 collection. Even though Spring 2014 is creeping to counters here, I am still drawn to the Holiday collection. I missed out on a shimmering chocolate lipstick and painfully regretting it now for not picking that up. Plus, Spring 2014 is just not catching my interest at all. Everything in the collection seems too pink and girly. 

Catching up with overdue posts for Holiday collections, it seems timely to bring up this new obsession of mine: Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent 84. Here in Vienna, Muller department store (a place for makeup junkies) is offering 20% discount for Chanel Holiday 2013.

I have my Joues Contraste in the european baked formula, which supposedly is inferior to the US formula. I have never tried the US formula so whatever JCs I have currently are pretty good to me. Accent is a stunning shade and very wearable for everyday. I dismissed it initially thinking it's some boring brown but I was convinced by the likes of bloggers and YouTubers that this shade is a must-have. And true enough, Accent has become a staple in my makeup hall of fame. 

Accent is described to be a pinkish beige with micro sparkles. It applies smoothly without that seemingly cakey or powdery look like some powder blushers do, and allows for this delicate translucency to the skin. On lazy days, I would often skip blushers entirely and use a bronzer instead - duplicating as both a hybrid bronzer and blusher. To me it is like a win-win situation for lazy girls or conservative work environments. Whilst 4g is nothing compared to the likes of bronzers, I am curious to see if I will actually finish a JC blusher. I am dying to see what the bottom of a JC blusher pan looks like...

Using the brush that they have in the compact, I can achieve this healthy dose of colour without looking over the top. Compared to the MAC autoerotique extra dimension blusher, Accent is more brown. I have been wearing Accent a ton lately - for Christmas dinner parties, New Years, and probably soon to be all year round. 

Top to bottom: MAC Autoerotique blush on top. Chanel Accent on the bottom. 

As you can see, Accent is neither muddy nor dirty. It applies like a blush. and a bronzer. two-in-one. 

Here are face swatches - all taken in natural indoor day light.

I know that most you beauty fanatics already have this blusher, so this post is kind of meaningless. But for those who have that extra bit of 'petty' cash, pick this up... This is surprisingly the blush shade you'll be using over and over again.


Jacqueline said...

It is never a pointless post when I get to see pretty makeup Tracy and Aaccent looks absolutely lovely on you. Accent it not just a brown blush. Hey the next time we meet, we bring out both our Accents and we can compare, it will be fun :)

Tracy said...

Oh you have the us formula? Cool! Yes indeed! Lets compare :-)

Joey said...

I love your eye makeup in this post!!

Tracy said...

Thank you, Joey!

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