January 15, 2014

A Review: By Terry Cover-Expert Foundation

A dear friend of mine passed on her unloved By Terry Cover-Expert foundation to me some time ago and I finally had the chance to use it here in Vienna. Luckily, we both have the same skin color which makes makeup testing versatile. I have here the shade in No. 2 Neutral Beige, which corresponds to NC20-NC25 in MAC. To the right hand bar you can find the foundation shades that match me. 

I wanted very much to love the By Terry Cover Expert Foundation (US$66), especially as Ruth from amodelsrecommends.com seems to be a huge fan. There are a few reasons why this foundation didn't quite meet my expectations. 

Shades: There are in total 12 shades - The Beauty Professor has them wonderfully swatched here. I have mine in No. 02 Neutral Beige. It's slightly lighter than my usual foundations. I would go a shade up, especially during the summer. 

Texture: A lightweight texture and blends effortlessly. It also dries down quickly into a satiny matte finish with no feeling of tackiness. 

Packaging: Foundation is encased in a tube plastic container, making it easy to travel with. The full size contains 35mL. Perhaps the one I have here is defected, but the cap is utter rubbish. I get foundation smearing the sides of the tube, despite countless efforts to clean the cap and the nozzle. I can't stand it really - I hate having to grab foundation this way especially when there could be germs or dried product. 

Coverage: Medium. It seems to cover my redness and blemishes around my nose and lips rather well. The European winter is making my skin suffer from a bit of rosacea, strangely.

As you can see below, coverage-wise is excellent and provides a really nice even base.

Now here is the BUT... I found that it still somehow makes my face look quite flat. It's not dewy by any means (YSL Touche Eclat Foundation), but supposed to have a 'velvety finish'. Up close, I can definitely tell that I have foundation on. There's bits of patchiness around my nose and upper lip area and the skin looks quite powdery and untextured. Mind you, I have been using my Clarisonic every other day and repeating face masks several times a week - touching my clean skin now feels smooth. 

Take a look at my skin around my nose bridge. Notice that patchiness and unevenness? Now bring your eyes to the area below my nose. That's dry skin looking horrible with Cover-Expert. 

As the day goes on, the foundation seems wear off slightly on my nose.

Longevity: Here I am biased. Having foundation during winter is not a true test of longevity and neither is hot and humid climates such as Singapore. Assuringly, I had very little oiliness at the end of the day. As you can see below, the foundation stayed put during the 6 hours. There was perhaps a bit of product transfer to the collar sleeves on my jacket, but that was about it.

Overall thoughts: I was not blown away by the By Terry Cover-Expert to say the least. I dislike the cap and the texture it gave my skin especially on closer inspection. My winter dry skin seem to dislike the formula of the foundation very much - the product clings on dry patches, accentuating dryness and rough skin. On a positive note, those who enjoy to satin-matte finishes will love this foundation. The coverage is excellent and the shade selection wide for all skin colours. 

How does it compare to other foundations? I think the only few foundations that have impressed me time and time again were the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, and YSL touche eclat foundation. The closest rival to By Terry Cover-Expert would probably be the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and hands down, and I prefer Chanel over By Terry any day. Sorry, that just had to be said. 

Maybe By Terry Sheer-Expert will be better? 

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The Driveller Kate said...

I don't think you got an faulty cap, Tracy -- the testers at my local counter for these are pretty revolting! And I agree it's quite a flat, unrefined finish :/ I think By Terry textures can often be surprisingly ageing, considering it's a line aimed at an older wealthier clientele!

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