October 15, 2013

FOTD with MAC Paint Pot in Camel Coat

I picked up MAC's Pro-Longwear Paintpot in Camel Coat. This creamy little pots released from the Pro Longwear collection last month have some wonderful matte neutral shades - perfect for the quick morning get go. I have a few others but they're still in their boxes. 

The only downside I have with these paintpots are that they do tend to dry up quickly. I had one paintpot which I hardly used and the sides of the product has shrunk significantly. I couldn't be bothered to work with something half-dried so that went straight to the bin. 

On the left, Camel Coat is a muted beige with pinkish undertone. Unlike, Illamasqua Hollow (right), Mac's Camel Coat appears more cool toned and matte.

The shade seems to blend into my skin colour, leaving a soft hint of some colour. It's hardly noticeable. Perhaps if you are an NC20 or lighter, this could be a more suitable shade for you. I am currently an NC25 with beige undertones. 

I am thinking of cutting my hair. I am tired of managing these tresses. They have held up very well this year with very little split ends. I have managed to steer clear of chemical treatments until recently with my perm. Luckily my hair seemed to have survived that last round but it feels dry at the ends. I envy the girls with beautiful streaks of coloured highlights and bleached hair. I don't think I'll ever go back to dying my hair every 2 months. While it was different, I didn't think it was all that spectacular. 

So  I think I will keep a simple hairstyle. One that will give me some freedom to practice yoga daily and that I can throw back into a ponytail. Lets see what comes out this coming weekend. 

New haircut, new life? That's what they always say, don't they? 


Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, I am kinda wary of cream shadows that come in glass pots but sometimes I can't help collecting them. They feel wonderful when new but if left unloved for a few months they become hard to work with. How short do you intend to cut your hair? I like your hair by the way. :)

Tracy said...

I'm not sure yet... I haven't had a haircut for 4 months! Its' about time to trim the ends.

Sharina said...

I love these MAC paint pots! Cant wait to see the newly released ones :)

Jen Lavenders said...

Tracy! You have such a beautiful smile! ^___^ I love your lip color a lot. Camel Coat is really nice... I like it =)

New haircut does change a lot. I just cut my hair yesterday... nothing major but I feel refreshed and energised because of it =)

R Hipro said...

hi can share what your lipstick is?

Tracy said...

Hi R Hipro, the lipstick is Rouge Dior in Fuschia Star. I featured this previously on my blog, which you can access with this link:http://tracysbeautyblogsphere.blogspot.sg/2011/04/dior-confidence-with-fuchsia-star-lips.html

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