October 20, 2013

A review of the Rise Salon @ Gemmill Lane

I am excited to share with you my awesome experience at Rise Salon @ Gemmill Lane today. As you have seen in recent pictures, my hair is getting out of control. I have fraying bits of hair all over the place -- some longer than others and not curling at the right places.  Furthermore, the last time I had done a full head colouring was in January so my regrowth shows and my hair looks very lacklustre. I know it's unusual for me to keep my hair unkempt but the last hairjob costed me a whopping $450! While digital perms do cost more, the curls only lasted for a month or so. This was my hair straight after my digital perm. I apologise for the fuzzy picture as this was taken at 11pm at night with my iphone, the best available camera on hand. 

About 4 months later, all my curls have disappeared into what I consider a messy bedroom look. I suppose bedroom hair is ultimately sexy on some days but not so when work is concerned. I was tossing back and forth between medium shoulder length hair and tousled wavy long hair. I wanted something manageable -- something that will give me the flexibility of growing my hair out without worrying about regrowth or dry ends. 

I decided to take it to Rise Salon. Rise Salon @ Gemmill Lane is a purely Japanese joint run by two guys. I had my hair done by Teru, the Senior Stylist. One tip: do have your hair requests ready because they are booked with appointments back-to-back. I spent slightly longer to decide what I wanted because I didn't know where to start with this frumpy mess. 

Here's me this morning before my hairdressing appointment. 

I had my hair coloured in some natural 06 shiseido colour, a shade that's appropriately conservative for work but also reveals healthier locks. The dye was applied firstly to my roots and about 10 minutes later to the rest of my ends. About 20 minutes later, I had my hair cleansed with some fabulously smelling John Master Organics shampoo & conditioner. The head massage was surreal, too. 

We decided to keep the same length, but thin out the thickness especially at the back of my head. Some of the relaxed curls remained which was nice; it saves me from needing another digital perm anytime soon. 

The colour was perfect - I finally realise what was missing with my hair for the longest time. It was missing the shine and vibrancy! 

I have been paying closer attention to the hair of passerbys and pedestrians and noticed how commonplace it is for girls to dye their hair an awful brownish orange. If you have been a frequent follower of my blog, you would have remembered those days where I also had very light-coloured hair. The colour was beautiful but such a pain to manage because hair regrowth is an absolute pet peeve of mine. Anyone in their right mind should be prepared to invest in root touchups every 2-3 months especially if their base colour is >3 shades lighter than their natural colour.

So overall, Rise Salon @ Gemmill Lane is a real gem. The service is very typical of Japanese standards in which Teru took very meticulous attention to detail. I was very well taken care from the time I stepped into the premise and all the way out. This is a huge leap from the usual run-of-the-mill hair salons on Orchard Road. It's a different business model of course - commercial salons rely on technicians to support the hair washes and hair styling. But here in Rise, Teru walked through all the steps of cleansing, colouring, cutting and drying. That to me is quite special. 

Rise is quietly tucked away at a small lane near Far East Square (ChinaTown) and best accessed with taxi. Sundays are the best time to book your appointment because there is generally less traffic and the weekday working crowd. I had my hair coloured and cut for $290, including a complimentary duo of John Masters Organics Shampoo & Conditioner valued at $65.

So I hope this review helps anyone who's looking for a decent Japanese hairdresser in Singapore. 

Address: 12 Gemmill Lane Singapore
Number: +65 6438 3138 


Afroditi Kat said...

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Jacqueline said...

Lovely hair do Tracy. I haven't had the time to trim mine, it is such a mess right now. Sigh.

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