September 29, 2013

New Rouge Dior Releases for 2013: Dior 999, Darling, Trafalgar, & Grege-1947

I'm so excited to share with you some of the new lipstick releases from Dior. The 4 signature colours - 999, Darling, Trafalgar and Grege are absolutely gorgeous. These 4 shades are part of the 32 stunning array of Rouge Diors, which have been reformulated to be more moisturising and hydrating.

Dior 999 is what Dior considers the perfect red - a perfect balance of red and looks absolutely exquisite in the tube and on my lips. Lately, reds have been on my agenda. I'm planning to pick up the complementary 999 Lip Liner as well to make an accentuated defined classic red lip.

I was given a swatch card that samples Darling (a vibrant luminous pink), Trafalgar (a orange-coral) and Grege-1947 (a nude beige). I'm planning to pick up both Darling and Trafalgar as well because they are stunning and wear so beautifully on the lips. 

I have always had a slight aversion to wearing red lips to work - the combination of dry flaky lips and the need for constant touch ups make the red lip require maintenance throughout the day. Finding the right lipstick has proven to be quite of trial-and-error for me. Often, I look for hydration which makes the wear feel far more comfortable, but compromises on lasting power. Here's another one to add to my red collection - Dior 999, featured oh so beautifully on Natalie Portman.

Here is Dior 999 on me. 

 Here is Darling on me.

Here is Trafalgar on me

And finally Grege-1947. 

Grege is a beautiful shade for anyone looking for a nude neutral lip. I have mine in last year's formula, which I have reviewed previously here. The new packaging is slightly different compared to the older ones in that the older containers have the Dior trademark criss-cross ingraved etchings. The new packaging removes the criss-cross design but leaves a prominent CD on the top of the lid. I also found the older Grege to be slightly different in shade - perhaps leaning more rose brown instead of a tawny brown? This could be a difference between a lipstick in tube versus on enclosed in a sample card - not sure. 

I found the formulas to be extremely hydrating on the lips. The newer formula is comfortable and has enough slip to smoothen out the lip lines. And what I love most about these new shades is their degree of luminosity and almost feels like a balm on the lips. 

Here are all the shades again on my lips. 

Dior 999




I hope this post is helpful for anything thinking about the new Dior releases. Expect to see this collection in stores on 1st October. Can't wait to see them all!


Jacqueline said...

What a pretty red lipstick! I've got to check these out in person. Trafalgar looks fantastic, in fact all the shades look good on you.

Tracy said...

totally agree. Probably the most beautiful red lipstick I possess to date.

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