September 21, 2013

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo Kaleidoscope Face & Eye Palette Mystic Blues

I just treated myself to a piece of Giorgio Armani makeup that literally broke my bank during my stroll down Scotts Road. It's one of those pop this and that in my basket days straight after another Saturday workday. I didn't dare look at my receipt. I knew that this one item alone was $$$ enough to scare the daylights out of me. But the secret is that I was not strong enough today to walk away, so it Scarabeo had to come home with me.

I don't think it's a palette I would use necessarily for the day, although the card that came with the palette suggests that it could be used either for day or night. But one thing for sure, it's certainly stunning enough to be used in one of your Formula 1 nights. 

Scarabeo Mystic Blues palette is one of the two palettes released for Giorgio Armani Fall 2013. Themed after the literal Scarabeo Beetle, which glimmers shades of blue and teal, this palette houses a soft golden-peach blush on the top compartment and 3 cool toned blue/teal eyeshadows. 

The blush has a fine overspray of gold shimmer, but this disappears on first swatch. What remains is a soft golden sheen that applies with a satin skin-textured appearance. You can trust Giorgio Armani blushes to have a right balance of shimmer and pigment. In other words, the results are neither shimmery like a disco ball nor powdery on top of your existing powder foundations, if this is so your thing. And the shade provided in this palette is a nice combination for the intense eye looks you can create with the 3 stunning eyeshadows. 

Swatches below. 

Truth be told, my main reason for the splurge was the eyeshadows itself, and not the blush necessarily.  Each shade completely left with a gasp each time. It's been quite some time since a product left me stunned. I think pictures do half the trick... 

Under white light, the complexity of the shadows come through...

And even with natural day light, the shadows do not fall short of eye candy either.

Surprisingly, when I dipped my finger into the middle shadow, the overspray of bright purple disappears to reveal a sea-sky teal. So delusional. Should I say this is art?

I would describe the darkest shade (right) to be a darkened black base with navy blue shimmer.

The middle shade is a teal shade thats equally balanced between blue and green. The shade is far more vibrant than what appears to be in these swatch pictures.

And the lightest shade (left) is a shimmery sapphire blue.

Here are all swatches under natural day light.

What I do love about these shades is that they look beautiful as a single eyeshadow. Just adding a matte camel brown on the crease is often adequate. However, for purpose of this post, here is what I managed to come up with using all three shades.

I used the left blue shade all over the lid, then the teal on the crease blending it into the existing blue. Then using the a pencil brush I smudged out the darkened shade along the outer and bottom lash line.

I found that this look was best reserved for the late evenings to night. While I did wear it to work for one day, I couldn't bring myself to wear it all week. I guess it boils down to my preference to wear conservatively in the office and smokey looks I try to steer clear.

I missed out on wearing the encased blush that day, but that review will soon follow. 

Overall thoughts, I think GA Mystic Blues is stunning. The quality does not fall short of expectations and perhaps you might even get that swoonful response that I had when I first opened it, swatched it, and applied it on. Mind you, it will break your bank, so be prepared to be decisive when you see both palettes in person. 

I hope you had a lovely Saturday either watching F1 or near the tracks. 


Jacqueline said...

I had to resist the GA palettes, I had my eye on the greenish one but I kinda went crazy with the EtKs so I didn't get it. I think you eye look looks very nice and it looks like you can wear it to the office. The palette is too good to just save for special occasions, must make use of it more :)

Tracy said...

Hi Jacqueline! You have great restraint! I couldn't help picking up a number of the ETK as well. The look is definitely too 'smokey' for work-comfort. I'm planning to do another night-time look with it. Too bad I don't club that much anymore otherwise I'll be rocking it weekly!

Haru said...

This collection really broke the bank for me, as I purchased both the palettes (at rip-off Swiss prices) plus one of the ETK. The Mystic Blues applies less metallic than it looks in the pan so I find that I can still wear it to the office.

Tracy said...

Hi Haru! Yes, prices in europe are high... especially with the added VAT. I couldn't bring myself to buy both palettes - it would mean that I have to eat bread for a month! I guess it's also how you pair the shades. If you use the darkest shade, it will bring your look into a more intense-smokey eye. hope to see you sport the look with the green palette soon ;-)

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