August 24, 2013

Dior Mystic Metallics *Bonne Etoile* Eyeshadow Quint

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great Saturday so far. I'm very happy to show you one of my latest acquisitions; the Dior Mystic Metallics Bonne Etoile Eyeshadow Palette, which comes part of the Fall 2013 collection. I'm sure by now you would have seen these eyeshadows in person. These are gorgeous palettes; excellently executed with star detailing across the 5 eyeshadow pans. If anything, I bought this palette only because of the packaging, and later was very much delighted to see how well the shadows performed in person.

This is by far the most impressive Dior quint in my collection today. In this lovely array of shades you will find:

  • A deep khaki green
  • A shimmery glittery silver 
  • A light mint green 
  • A deep teal with a strong metallic finish - the most pigmented shade
  • A soft mid-tone brown with a satin finish

My most favourite shades of the palette would be the bottom left complex shimmery deep teal and centre mid-tone brown. These two on it's own would be enough to create a gorgeous nighttime smokey eye. But as with all Dior quints, there are countless possibilities to create different looks. Unlike many eyeshadow palettes where one shadow suffers in pigmentation or quality, all these 5 shades are nicely pigmented and smooth. The mint green can be quite faint when swatched at first but on me it looks beautiful.

Here are some dry swatches under natural day light. 

Under the flash, you can see the complex shimmer... 

Today, I used all 5 shades to create this EOTD:

Firstly, I used the mint green all over my lid...

I then applied the deep teal to the outer lash line... 

Using a pencil brush, I added the khaki shade on the outer lash line on the top and bottom.

I blended the brown centre shade on the crease

Finally, added a small touch of the silver on the inner corners of the eyes

A lick of mascara and a gentle application of brown eyeliner on the inner corners later, here is the completed look.

I think this palette hits a home run for those who don't want to venture into bright greens but want to try a smokey look with khakis and teals. Bonne Etoile is an incredibly versatile palette, especially for brown eyes. I have ideas running through my head while I was putting this look together - I think a golden base, together with the assortment of colours from this palette, will do wonders... I can't wait to experiment further with these shades this weekend. 

I do realise that this palette has been quite popular online, so perhaps you might have some luck finding it in stores. I bought mine from Takashimaya.


Jacqueline said...

That is a gorgeous look Tracy. I have been thinking really had about this palette but I manage to resist buying it. It is very lovely though.

Tracy said...

Thanks Jacqueline! There's too much to resist this season. I have already succumbed with many gorgeous items from the various brands. It's time for some serious makeup dieting

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