August 22, 2013

Boys Don't Cry Pierre Hardy for Nars and an Update...

I was late to be introduced to the Pierre Hardy for Nars Collection this year. On my random swatch days I took a gentle sweep of my finger on the already very-used tester at Tangs. That was when I immediately went 'whoaaa!' A few minutes later I was a proud owner of another unique Nars blush.

One caveat with the Boys Don't Cry palette, like most of NARS's pigmented blushes, is that you really have to invest in their blush brush. None of my other blush brushes are able to moderate the pigmentation level quite as well as theirs. I would either end up with too much colour on my cheeks, or too much of a streaky mess with my stippling brushes. So that's now on my shopping list... 

I would describe this colour to be a coral red colour. I took these pictures under dimming natural light which makes the colour look quite reddish. The true colour is in fact has a slight orange/coral tone with a dominant vibrant red. It is extremely pigmented, and feels very smooth. The finish is matte and when buffed into the skin, the colour appears seamless and natural. Moreover, the vibrancy neither faded or oxidised on me for the whole day. 

I didn't realise how tricky it would be to control the pigmentation until it was too late. I had to resort to a buffing brush to take the colour down. Well, what stays pretty much stays. The only way to handle this feat is to use the most gentle tap of my blush brush for both cheeks. And if I eventually succeed in doing so, I'm pretty sure the colour will be breathtakingly gorgeous.

I hope you're having a good week so far. 

And as usual... An update 

I have learnt over the past 7 months after moving back that I need to be realistic about my time commitments on my various facets of life. Close friends tell me that I tend to be over zealous when it comes to taking on new hobbies/interests/responsibilities. And what eventually happens is a general lack of focus on my personal front. I get so flustered having to do a gazillion and one things during the day and I would curse at the clouds on the day being only 24 hours. 

Specifically, I don't spend quite as much time on my blog. The number of posts this year versus last year is really pathetic. It's not because I am not interested in beauty, but I have shifted a focus in my desire in makeup. I want to look presentable and I love pretty things still. But I don't want to write because I need to be in the 'in' crowd of the most latest wave of new collections or have to generate new posts per week to hit my KPI (key performance indicator). I came to terms with this many months ago and I told myself: 'you know what... I'm just going to take this blogging like it's just a hobby. There are thousands of beauty blogs out there so you're not the only one... so take it easy'.

And when I finally came to terms with this, I found this new found freedom about myself. I apply this to my yoga. And I apply this to my other hobbies too. Sadly, I had to de-prioritise many things this year. But it also meant that I could really give my 100% on the things that mattered the most. These are the issues that are so important, so painful, and yet so rewarding when things do work out. 

I do want to thank you, the readers of my blog, for always taking the moment to read and support me. I think my connection with you makes this aspect of blogging so much fun, and I hope I don't lose this when I become less able to spend the time here. 

Sorry this is mushy. But I had to get it out there. So I can stop feeling those moments of 'obligation' and 'responsibility' for my blogging. Let me know what you feel... how you manage those times of stress... did you take the back seat as well? I'll love to hear. 


chloe_e said...

I know exactly what you mean. My posts this year have been quite sporadic, i still love it but i'm finding hard to find the time to do everything because i commit myself to too many things!
That blush is such a cute pop of color!

à la foliee

Jacqueline said...

NARS blushes are sup pigmented, I was afraid to buy this because I'm afraid I would overdo it. It looks great on you though.

Maria said...

i like your blog a lot and i'm happy when i see your post maybe once a month. I totally understand your reasons and in fact i do like it the most - i don't trust a lot to bloggers who write everyday and take it all as a second (or even the primary) job. So don't worry about it! important to be honest and interested in thinks you write :)

as for a little wish from your reader - maybe you will write about your actual skin care?

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