July 24, 2013

Coffee & Instant Manicures: Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge & Poppy on my digits

Again, I apologise for my absence. This month, June to July, was quite horrific in terms of workload. While I used to paint my nails in the evening, this habit has switched to a morning breakfast routine. Although my paint job is hardly perfect, the feeling of spending that 10 minutes for yourself is quite satisfying. I'm not usually a breakfast person and usually stick to a nice cup of latte in the morning. But even that has dwindled to instant coffee (*gasp*) because of time. So voila... I now coin this routine: Coffee and Instant Manicures.

Poppy on my little digits was a perfect choice. It's a gorgeously bright warm red, with gold shimmers interspersed throughout, and has an opacity to leave one coat happy. 

Grunge is a lovely neutral nudey light mink shade, with a hint of lilac. Grunge is not a color that is too nude which can often make the hands look sallow, but instead delicate because of its' slightly purplish/lilac undertone. 

It is definitely a winner from the Rescue Beauty Lounge line up.

 What are your favorite shades from Rescue Beauty Lounge?


memoiselle said...

Hi Tracy,
I've missed your posts :)
Glad you're back!

Tracy said...

Thank you memoiselle! :-)

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