July 26, 2013

A Blast from the Past: MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre

I am addicted to Natalie from Flowerbomb31 on YouTube. I started watching her videos from way back, and she has become one of my favorite YouTubers, especially on lazy weekday nights. She has started a series of MAC mondays, which has helped re-energize my love for MAC cosmetics. All in all, she is fabulous. Watch her here.

To be frank, my attention has wavered over the last years when it comes to all the continuous MAC collections; the repetitions got tiring and nothing from recent collections caught my fancy. Gone are the days of crazy MAC hauling, specktra stalking, or even locking down the dates of coming MAC releases on my icalender. Thankfully my bank has recovered, but it also shows to say that MAC hasn't been quite so effective in the 'creative' space.

Looking back, there was one collection which featured a HUGE array of products; including the much coveted blush ombres from vibrant grape, azalea blossom, ripe peach, to something else. This collection was stellar. The collection was HUGE and there was so much to pick from. Some of the items were standouts, resulting in 'tripling revenues on evil-bay'-type kind of items. Ripe Peach is one of them (and so were Stereo Rose, Marine Life, Redhead to name a few).

MAC Ripe Peach: It surprised me today. I've forgotten how truly lovely it is. Here's me with one gentle sweep of Ripe Peach.

Some quick thoughts about the Chanel Les Beiges Collection. I have mine on in shade 10, and it's truly gorgeous. My skin looks fabulous with this on, over on top of Sulwahsoo Snowwise BB base. I am indeed very fair, reference MAC NC20 - especially living here in Singapore over the past few months (as ironic as it sounds). If you haven't already, do consider this in your next Chanel splurge. Definitely worth the money. I bought mine for S$80 here in Singapore. Unfortunately, it's not available in DFS.

All the makeup used today. 

Thanks again for reading and here's to a happy Friday!


Maria said...

wow! you look so good, so radiant!

Anne said...

pls post a review of the chanel les beiges

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