June 29, 2013

Tom Ford Summer 2013: Pink Haze and Escapade

I picked up a number of lovely things from the Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection through Nordstrom. The Tom Ford counter in Singapore had only received a total of 6 pieces of each item! So I'm glad to have pounced on my order when I saw these items appear online in the US. They sold out so quickly online.

Today I will feature the two Cream Color for Eyes in Escapade and Pink Haze. Each pot weighs 6g, and retail for S$60 or US$40.

Escapade is a light peach-champagne shade that looks understated on its own, however, when matched with Pink Haze as a companion, the duo looks magnificent on. Pink Haze may look intimidating from the swatches but this would be my favorite of the two. Pink Haze has better pigmentation than Escapade, and produces a beautiful metallic sheen of burnished copper. I would describe the texture to be of a whipped mousse, and definitely creamy. There's a slight cooling sensation when applied on the lids, too.  

When worn alone, Escapade seems to blend into my skin color, leaving not so much of a contrast. My guess is that Escapade would probably look better on darker skin tones. 

Wearing Pink Haze on the outer corners. 

If your budget allows, picking these two shades make perfect sense. They look fabulous together. But, lets say you had to pick one of the two: go for Pink Haze. I don't believe I have seen this shade before from other makeup brands. And, don't let the pink tone scare you off. With just a lick of mascara and brown eyeliner, Pink Haze can look good alone as well.  

Makeup Magpie has a stunning feature of these two eyeshadows - if you haven't already, you should. Her photography is stunning. period. 

I have been wearing the two cream eyeshadows consistently for about a week now. All I can say is that Tom Ford's cream eyeshadows are not to be missed. If only he would release Platinum from last year's Summer Collection again; I will snatch it up in a heartbeat. 


Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, my sentiments exactly about Pink Haze, it's my fav of the two. I love the texture of these and if there were other colours I would definitely collect them. How are you liking the bronzer my dear?

Tracy said...

Hi Jac, glad that you also feel the same way! At first I thought it would be escapade after reading all the blogs but pink haze won the battle between the two. I have yet to try to bronzer. Going to this week and will come back with my thoughts on it. :-)

Anne said...

i like your lip color here. what's your lipstick color and brand?

Anne said...

nice lotd. love your lip color. may i know what lipstick are you wearing?

Tracy said...

Hi Anne, I'm wearing chanel rouge coco shine in boy.

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