June 11, 2013

Recent daily staple: the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base

If there is any product that can simplify my dreaded morning routine, you have got me interested. I am one who tends to gravitate towards base products that are light coverage, especially foundations, tinted moisturisers, or bb creams that gives me a translucent appearance to the skin. I actually like that bit of natural blemishes coming through. I think it looks tres chic to still see freckles around the nose. 

This is why I seem to have an obsession towards bb creams because it's enough to even out the skin tone, but just light enough to be smothered on in the morning without a makeup brush. The caveat here is that its simply not easy to find one that matches me perfectly. While I have yet to find a bb cream that ticks all my boxes, I seem to have grown a fond affinity towards Sulwhasoo's Snowise Whitening BB Base. It has hardly the same coverage as say Liole or Missha, but it is packed with some awesome skincare ingredients that completely justifies a splurge. 

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I was encouraged to try Sulwhasoo's BB cream after reading this fantastic review from hope-inablog.com. She has a detailed run down of the ingredients and goes all the way to describing how each bb cream fares in oil-control, color-selection, etc. 

The shade I have on today is the #2 Natural Beige.

Below, this is me in bare skin: you can see blotchiness most around the cheeks and blemishes around the chin area.

The coverage is very very light - so it's enough to just smoothen out redness. The initial application is still somewhat grey, although only slight. Of course, over the course of the day this color oxidises slightly.  What I do love about this bb cream is the lovely texture and the appearance of true skin. There is no hint of powder or foundation, like you would see with many foundations, including that of lighter textures (Nars Sheer Glow Foundation). 

Below is me with one pea size amount of the Sulwhasoo's Snowise Whitening BB cream with a slight dusting of Anna Sui Pressed Powder. 

After a 10-hr work day (apologies for the lack of lighting, but this just can't be helped when I reach home at 7+pm), my face is definitely oily. But that is without any blotting or touch-ups during the day, and usual scurrying from one place to another on this congested island. I would rate the oil-control only average. Although, this is quite typical from a brand like Sulwhasoo, in which I find their products a bit more emollient and suitable for the drier climates.

My mascara has already melted, my nose clearly has no base foundation, but overall everything else is holding up fine. 

I am just over halfway through my current tube. Did I notice any overall whitening effect? Yes, I did. At first, I didn't like this BB cream at all - it seemed to give me a whitish cast, even with shade Natural Beige. Over time I am starting to see how nicely the color blends into my natural skin color. 

What are my thoughts on asian bb creams vs the western ones? Previously, I used to think the former was far superior but as more of the designer cosmetic houses are reformulating and launching their own take of their bb or cc creams, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that bb creams are not just simply an asian phenomenon. Those living in Europe or US won't have to stock up on bb creams whenever you do travel to Asia. In fact, there are a few brands that will not be arriving to our shores soon, including the Guerlain BB Booster. I'm looking forward to trying the Guerlain BB booster and Dior Nude Tan BB Cream when I get my hands on them eventually. 

I hope you find this post helpful... Have a wonderful week ahead!


Maria said...

this base looks good on you!
as for european bb creams - i've heard several reviews on Guelain one you are interested in - all reviews are negative, and absolutelly not right for oily-combination skin :( so try it before getting, Tracy!

Tracy said...

Oh really? Thanks for the heads up! Where do you get your bb creams from in Moscow? I suppose it's quite limited?

Maria said...

Hi Tracy! i use only asian ones - get them on ebay and we also have a Missha store now (but honestly i haven't been there yet, but it's a good option anyway). European BB creams are so yellow, so dark , so expensive and more on tinted moisturizer side, so i just not interested much in them - they won't work on my oily skin unfortunately

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