November 13, 2012

Blog Sale!

Hi everyone!

Winter cleaning calls for another blog sale. This one is rather big and I want to let go as much as things that I've completely forgotten or just don't have enough space.

Click here for the link or the image below!

Happy browsing and shopping. :o)


Chris El @ MyFashionTrendencies said...

Hi Tracy,

I read one of your posts on your brushes and I'm looking to buy a Shu Uemura blush brush, just that I can't decided between the 20 or 20H. What're your thoughts? I want a brush to precisely place blush on my cheeks since sometimes my fluffier ones get blush all over the place.


Tracy said...

Hi Chris, I personally get more use out of Shu's 20 (non tapered). The brush head is small enough to give a more precise application. Extremely good quality and will last you years and years.

Lou MyMakeUpCompulsion said...

Hi, Tracy. I have just discovered your blog and I love it.
I´m your follower 235.

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