October 20, 2012

Shimmering Mysterious Eyes with Kate BR-1

Kate's new eyeshadow palettes features some shimmery punch all packed into 3 combination shades. I was curious to try Kate; I've only tried Majolica Majorca and Fasio from the Japanese drugstore lines. Most (if not all) Japanese drugstore eyeshadows are very shimmery and each collection can easily look similar. I'm very sure that these shadows have been released in Kate's previous collections. And between the different brands, these eyeshadows become repetitive. 

For 1400 yen (14 euros), you can't go too wrong with these eyeshadows. I picked mine from Tomod's, a drugstore chain in Tokyo. The testers at Tomods tend to be cleaner, however, I noticed that the products there are a little more pricier than other drugstores in Tokyo. 

The differentiating point of Kate eyeshadows are that they apply smoother than some others. From what you can see below, there is no chalkiness with any of the eyeshadows in this palette. The glitter can appear quite chunky, but no where near the size of those in the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes (I think Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy is notorious for that). 

Even though these shadows swatched so nicely on the back of my hand, the different shades were not so obvious on the lids. It seemed that the middle pink champagne shade applied almost like my skin tone with plenty of glitter/shimmer/sparkle. Indeed, the shadows seem to reflect the intensity of the sparkle very well. All photos were taken indoors with natural light. 

I also have on Rouge Dior Nude in Grege. I'm falling in love very fast with these lipsticks. I'm even applying them at home as a lipbalm. 

Lots of products were used to create this look. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday. I'm about to sit through another 3 hours of exam revision - I did absolutely shocking on my mocks. Yes, it's not the best way to spend the weekend but dear SO is in Vienna this weekend. I'm home alone with my makeup friends. lol! Grege is enough to make me happy in the mean time. 

Also, candles are alit and soup is brewing in the kitchen. Can you tell that I'm getting cozy for the colder months?



Jacqueline said...

I always look forward to my Saturdays :) I always hated studying for exams so I feel your pain. Jia you! A little more hard work and you will achieve what you set out to do.

The palette looks pretty and though sheer and like the overall look. Very natural.

Tracy said...

Haha, thank you Jacqueline, for the encouragements! It's really challenging working full time and studying every evening. I wish there's quick solution to it (like inject smart cells into my brain), but there's nothing to it than hard work.
:o) Yes, that's the right description - sheer! Swatches nicely but sheer on the lids.

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