October 21, 2012

Having Fun with Shu Uemura's Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette

It has been some time since I've used fun colours in my looks - I wouldn't say that I'm in a makeup rut, but rather my looks are becoming more pragmatic. Often being pragmatic means that you immediately exclude out the brights, including girly pinky and turquoise shades. It's such a pity that I've completely forgotten about the existence of this palette; it's so whimsical and pretty!

Shu Uemura's Reindeer Palette is like assorted candy in a palette. There's a nice mix of light and medium turquoise shades perfect for creating a gradation, then a silver shade for the main lid shade. I bought this palette purposely to have the pink blush - K6. It may look quite scary bright on pan, but on the cheeks it transfers beautifully. Pigmentation is not quite in the league of Nars Desire, which is by far the most pigmented blush I own and can easily go wrong, but K6 manages to illuminate the face like it's own flush. 

I paired the look with Shu Uemura's Gloss Unlimited in PK325N (I don't know which collection this came out with). Basically it's a bright pink gloss with fuschia microshimmer. It just blended right into this fun mix. 

So whilst it's fall, don't let that stop you from using the fun girly colours. For all you know, these shades are great antidepressants. 

And here's all the products I used to create this look


emmabovary said...

I really like this look, it is flattering on you :) I haven't tried much from Shu, only their cleansing oil, but have heard nice things about their palettes. This one is sweet :)

Maria said...

wow! Tracy, you should use those bright colors more often! they really look good on you! and i have an impression that even skin tone is perfect with them!

memoiselle said...

Wow the color really pops! I love the cheek color on you, it looks so fresh :)

aucupariabrumalis said...

Tracy, you are back :D you should use this palette more often, it makes you look so fresh and happy :) what are your thoughts about the P&J powder btw? / Claire

Tracy said...

Hi Emma, thank you! Shu was one of the first high-end brands I ventured into and I love most of their products. Their cleansing oil is fantastic!

Hi Maria, thank you! These colours would look flattering on most skintones, I think.

Hi memoiselle, thank you muchly :o)

Hi Claire, lol! I try to blog whenever I have a bit of free time (a bit of a luxury these days). The P&J powder is decent - it's not as finely milled as La Mer or it's rivals, but I like that I can add a bit more color especially on top of light bases (i.e. the CC creams and the Shu Uemura radiance cream). Also, I love the packaging which just makes it even more fun to use.

Erin said...

Har lige fundet din blog! Disse "look" ser rigtig godt ud på dig :)

- Erin xo

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