October 19, 2012

Dior Nude Rouges Grege and Guipure

Goodbye Summer. 


And while it's sunny today, unlike most days over the past few weeks, I have decided to whip out my new Dior darlings to show you. If you're one crazy makeup fiend, then you would have seen the collection from eons ago. They were released in Denmark in end September - that's how behind I am with my posts. Please pardon my lateness, but it's always better late than never, right? 

These new lipsticks from Dior are downright gorgeous. They're packaged in the delicate Dior criss-cross pattern, and the range is just so wearable for anyone. I heard somewhere that design teams even obsess about the 'click' sound. To me, it's like music to the ears. Try it for yourself and hear the subtle differences between a Chanel click versus a drugstore lipstick click. This is what your extra $ is going to: lovely sounding clicks! :-D

I had a really hard time choosing one out of the range - and I came home with two. I had to put a ban on myself from the Dior makeup counter for the next subsequent days, because I had my mind on picking up more. Dangerous territory, indeed. 

I picked up Grege and Guipure. I picked Guipure up partly because of the name; it reminded me of some kind of Indian rose. There is also a good reason for why Natalie Portman used the color Grege in the commercial below; it is simply a wearable gorgeous nude. 

The Sahara Desert is probably the best way to describe the conditions of my lips lately. This is a combination of not drinking enough water throughout the day and nit-picking on my dry flaky lips (a very bad habit of mine!). However, these lipsticks feel sublime on the lips. It adds a beautiful soft glistening semi-sheer sheen, allowing a hint of my natural lip color to peek through. They feel very lightweight, yet moisturizing at the same time. 

I would probably best describe Guipure as a muted rose with a slight brown-red undertone. This colour is so cushy autumn/fall-ish, that I've popped it right into my daily makeup bag. I'll wear it on days when I have a slick of bb cream and mascara; you know, those days where you can't be bothered to do anything else with your face. 

Grege tops all my nude lipsticks. There's a hint of brown-rose, which gives life, unlike many nude lipsticks which make me look like the living dead. Compared to the Dior Addict Extreme in Incognito, Grege has more browns in it. 

In summary, the new Dior Nude Lipsticks are definitely worth every cent you pay. Both Grege and Guipure are winners for me, from the time I had swatched them on my hand to first application. A lovely job, Dior. 


Cynthia Bro said...

Tracy those look gorgeous! My favourite is Grege.

memoiselle said...

I love grege looks on you1 It looks very simple and subtle :) I agree that Grege has more browns than Incognito. I have incognito and still in love with it :)

Rola said...

Guipure looks lovely on you, that would be the one I would get for me:)

Tracy said...

Cynthia: Grege is indeed very beautiful!

Memoiselle: Grege and incognito are close competitors! I love Dior lipsticks - I've hit pan on mostly Dior lipsticks, which tells you something!

Rola: Thank you! :o)

Jacqueline said...

Both look gorgeous but I have to agree that Griege looks fab on you.

nur fadzliah said...

Thank u very much for this review.i have been looking for grege color!and it looks great on u

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