October 31, 2012

Daily Makeup Setup

Over the weekend I rearranged my makeup stash. I'm proud of this little daily makeup setup I've put together. I'm hoping that it not only reduces the amount of time I spend every morning figuring out what makeup look to put together, but also help me complete a few products.

While I sorting out what products to put together, I was shocked at the number of lipsticks and blushes I owned. I mean, literally SHOCKED! I don't dare count and you know what's even more looney? I want to buy more!!! For every lipstick I finish, I buy 10+ more. With that, do tell my illogical brain that I do not need those cute Mon Shu lipsticks, pllllleeeaaassseee?! lol 

These MUJI drawers are not a new thing to the beauty community. Their viral popularity is mostly makeup storage related, and maybe the occasional accessories storage. MUJI probably didn't realise the potential these acrylic drawers had when they first made them. Not only are they the cheaper alternative to the Clear Cube, they are made with consistent durable quality. 

I find them perfect for displaying lipsticks, lipglossses and eyeshadows, but perhaps a bit too small for blushers and base makeup. 

I bought two 2-drawers, one with a lid and the other with 2 drawers. They stack on top of each other nicely without sliding about.

The top compartment houses all of my face products; including sunscreens, primers, foundations, concealers and powders. I am almost close to finishing the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation, and halfway through both the Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation and MUFE HD Foundation. 

I keep some of my blushes and bronzers that I'm hoping to use more in the 2nd compartment. I completely forgot about Azalea Blush Ombre and Instant Chic blushes from MAC, and I hope that this organization forces me to use it more often than I do now. 

My Burberry and my only 3 Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows are assembled in my 3rd compartment. I love this drawer because it keeps things simple to the basics. One primer - a few mascaras - a few liners - lash curlers - and my swoonful stash of Burberry. 

And finally, my last houses the lipsticks that I'm determined to create a dent. It might take me a year to finish all these lipsticks... But -8 from my stash-of-infinity is certainly an achievement, nonetheless! 

Eye and face brushes are bundled into two separate MUJI cups, both made out of plastic. 

How do you store your makeup? Has the way you store your makeup helped to curb your makeup spending? I'll love to know!

Also, Happy Halloween Everyone! How are you spending yours? I'm not one to celebrate Halloween, so instead I'll be preparing some yummy salmon and cozying up to some YouTube. But if I'm courageous, I might put on a black cape and do bikram yoga tonight with it. That sounds like a great way to spend halloween, ain't it? haha!


Erin said...

You've got some great make-up there!

I have a huge leopard print make-up trolley where I store all my make-up; most of it is my pro kit so I don't really touch that, but I have an organised compartment for my own make-up too :)

- Erin xo

365mu.blogspot.co.uk - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

Fenny Yolanda said...

I am loving it so much :D
You are really have a great taste of makeup product dear


LittoMokaa said...

I love your makeup stash! I wish I could find clear drawers that has the same size as Muji's, but I've only found smaller ones :( Great way to use up your products! I'm a lippie hoarder too and I think I should go on a lippie ban soon! LOL :P

Miaka said...

i am using the muji clear drawers to store my stash but needless to say it doesnt help me to clear my items as i am still buying at a faster rate than the rate i am finishing my items. lol

Jacqueline said...

Very organised Tracy and I see you have beautiful makeup items. Love the Burberry items best.

memoiselle said...

I love when a blogger post about their make up storage. It gives me inspiration on how I should manage my makeup.
I understand how you feel when counting our own makeup.. I don't dare to do that too! LOL

Ra, UK said...

Hi there,
Are you still in Denmark? I had read a post saying you are back to Singapore.. Just curious.
Take care.

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