September 2, 2012

Weekend Beauty Ramble

Today's post is nothing specific; and a little bit of everything.

I have new skincare items to try. I'm not loyal to any skincare brand - rather, I tend to jump from one high-end skincare line to another. I got tired of spending hefty amounts of $$$ and here I am with a full line of Skinfood Peach & Sake skincare line and Hado Labo facial wash - all for less than $50! More reviews of these coming soon...

My gorgeous friend helped to receive my new Korean skincare and beauty box from Gmarket - amassing of new bb creams, face masks and Skinfood beauty supplies. I'm truly spoiled. Isn't it fun trying something completely new every week without breaking the bank? I have a big cupboard full of new Skinfood, Peripera, The Face Shop, Etude House and Holika Holika goodies waiting to be opened! I love it!

I'm trying very hard to rotate my older and newer pieces of makeup. We must all remember that there are beautiful things in our stash and the newer collections can just be repackaged versions of the same thing. My latest affordable obsession are bb creams. I love swatching them on the back of my hand. Most Asian BB creams glide on seamlessly to the skin. I'm also starting to experiment alot more into affordable range of Asian makeup - i.e. Majolica Majorca, Lavschuca, etc.

It has been a very long while since MAC had caught my attention. The latest MAC heavenly creatures collection is gorgeous. Not all of the products are stellar though. Somehow a mineralize eyeshadow managed to come home with me. I have never been too impressed with mineralised eyeshadows in the past - they have poor pigmentation and textures. Water, with its' swirls of yellow, blue and green, sirened itself into my basket.

As beautiful as 'Water' looks, I don't think the colors apply as intensely on my lids.

For a while now, I have been eyeing the gorgeous Mcqueen silk scarves which costs approximately 150 euros each. And while that is outside of my budget, I came across a $10 polyester scarf from en.koreadepart which mimics the McQueen's scarves. Although the skulls are not as 'elegant' as Mcqueen's, I love how edgy it looks on my weekend outfits!

Finally but not least, I hauled some beautiful Japanese brushes - Hakuhodo. This little package travelled a long way - from US to Singapore then finally to Denmark. When it arrived, I was so happy. Nothing could have destroyed my day. Each brush was so beautiful and immaculate, and blew my expectations out of the water! More on this in another post.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! Here in Copenhagen, the weather is horribly humid. Humidity always leaves me feeling slightly irritable and tired. I have a full week next week of work. I really hope that I survive through this week of stress, politics and workload. Until then, I hope you're having a better one than me. 


Jacqueline said...

I understand the things about rotating makeup. Everytime I buy a new item, I incorporate it to my old stash but sometimes things do get left out. Hakuhodo is gorgeous, I do not regret buying them. You will have such a great time using them. Show us your brushes please.

Tracy said...

Hi Jacqueline, hakuhodo brushes are so divine. I can't believe it has taken me this long and by comparison, MAC brushes are just not the same quality. Post on brushes to come!

Cynthia Breault said...

I'm really looking forward to read about those brushes! I need to buy some new ones, mine are six years old and starting to look it too T_T.

Haru said...

I was seriously tempted by Water as well, until I remembered the mountainous stack of MAC Mineralize products (MSFs, blushes and eyeshadows) gathering dust in my drawers. Fortunately, they last quite a few years! I love Hakuhodo brushes too. Louise Young, a UK brand, also makes great brushes. Do check it out if you can!

Tracy said...

Hi Haru! I'm so glad I didn't buy into the whole mES... Water was disappointing to say the least but will have to give it another shot with foiling. Now you've tempted me on Louise Young - her fan brush looks exquisite!

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