September 26, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss Rhubarb Custard

I think I have since lost track of the products I need to blog about, because I am so so behind on even last year's collection that it has become negligible to review them. This exemplifies the rate in which I buy over actually finding the time to appreciate each product. It's a bad habit I'm dying to break. 

Hopefully I'm not too late to review the Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Glosses from the Mistral 2012 Summer collection. There are 9 shades in total, some shimmery and some milky. Rhubarb Custard was the only one I picked up, which is described to be a 'semi sheer coverage milky nude rosewood - irreplaceable my-lips-but-better color.' 

So far, I'm really loving RBR Rhubarb Custard - the formula is fantastic and the colors are so up my alley! It turns out that I'm using this quite a fair bit, even though it's one of those grandma looking boring shades. 

What I do love about the sweet excesses are its bottle design and doe foot applicators. It makes application easy, and often times, without needing a mirror. 

The standout, in my opinion, is the formula. It is so incredibly smooth and creamy on the lips, feels hydrating, and not the least sticky at all. It's not all that long-lasting, with maybe an hour after eating and drinking. This shouldn't stop you though - each time I take this to my lips, the scent of candies, makes this a pleasure to use! I also noticed that my lips looking less dry and perhaps even improved over time. 

For more swatches on the RBR Sweet Excesses Glassy Glosses, head over to Best Things in Beauty, Makeupandbeautyblog, BFF Beauty Blog (which was the blogger who convinced me that I needed to have this!)

You can purchase yours for 22 pounds at (this is not an affiliated link).


Maria said...

if i buy my first even RBR product - it will be your "fault" :) thank you for the review!

memoiselle said...

This is really my kind of color. Very pretty gloss :) I like it when a gloss isn't sticky at all. I also don't mind keep on reapplying lip product, it's just so fun to do that :D

Jacqueline said...

So pretty Tracy!

Aretha said...

wow good~!

Amanda Yong said...

I have always wanted to find blogs that talk about this RBR gloss on Asians and it is so difficult to find!
Finally I found yours. I have natural pinkish lips and I find that Caucasian's lip colour is so different from Asians and somehow I don't know if I can rely on those blogs.
I really like your swatch but will you be doing more colours from the same range of RBR gloss again?

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