September 1, 2012

Review of the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23

Good weekend everyone! My little weekend projects has all been about trying new bb creams (and also, cc creams). I've put all my foundations at the back of my drawers, and placing the bb creams in the front. I'm realising how easy it is to just put on some bb cream, dust a bit of loose powder, and a lick of lipgloss every morning for work. And bb creams give a lovely effect all in all that I find my days alot more fuss free.

My latest bb cream I've been trying on a weekly rotation is the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream - which is dearly coveted by Jen from Headtotoe. I bought it because everyone on the blogosphere has used it in one form or another. This is now replaced with a newer version called the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream that comes in a harder outer packaging embossed with flowers. Most of the shops did not carry the older Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, so I had to purchase it from the Missha outlet in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

I bought mine for approximately HKD 200 (SGD 32). You can get yours cheaper from Gmarket and other online retailers. Amazon sells these at USD $17 and Yesstyle at USD $25.

Content holds 50mLs

The tube comes in a hygienic pump dispenser and a cap to prevent accidents.

By comparison, Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream has been the most used BB cream so far. It offers great coverage from medium to high, and comes in four different shades. I was only able to see a selection of 21 (lightest), 23 (the one I have today), 27 (for darker NC35+).

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream is generally a more yellow-toned bb cream, and suits more of the asian skin tones. Lioele's beyond the solution is lighter (and also yellow toned), whereas Missha Perfect Cover in no. 23 is slightly darker suiting those with NC 25-30. Skin79 is the lightest in coverage, but has an annoying greyish tone. Unfortunately, I will have to keep Skin79 bb cream for the winter pale days rather than during the summer.

For reference, I am now an NC27-30 as a result of a some considerable tanning days. No. 23 blends effortlessly into my current summer skin color.

As usual, I like to show some before and after pictures. :-)

Here I applied a lightweight moisturizer with the slightest bit of purple tint to brightens my complexion ever so slightly. 

As you can see, the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream has effectively removed signs of dullness and covered blemishes and pores. From a distance, the effect is just lovely. 

However, up close, you can see that it does not really blend in very well into the skin. Dry patches are slightly accentuated, especially the areas around the nose and the upper lip. It's recommended to moisturise well beforehand. 

Oil control was super - I had very little oilies. The finish is matte and oxidation is only slight. 

In summary, I think Missha's Perfect Cover BB is a great bb cream! Because of it's wider selection of shades, especially for yellow-skin tones, I consider it superior than the Skin79 and Lioele BB cream. I really enjoyed using this bb cream in both humid or dry summer heat. I can understand why it has been very popular in the US and in Korea. 

I hope this has been helpful for anyone who's thinking of venturing into bb creams.

Thanks for reading and hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend!


Rola said...

I have been curious about this BB cream for a long time. I think no.21 would be my color. Thanks for the swatches.

lunalunaface said...

This is one of my all-time fave BB creams! Love the coverage and oil control =)

David P said...

wow... your images are really great, it really seems to work excellent. So you which one you recommend between all of them. Between this review and this one I think I'll definitely try it...
Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Hi David, thanks and very sorry for the late reply. I personally like Lioele's for it's color tone during the A/F and Missha for summer because it's slightly darker.

Green Gal said...

I tried Missha for the first time today! Been wearing it for 12 hours now and I have to say that I really love it so far. The coverage is natural looking and makes my face look smooth, even toned and a bit brighter, like I want it to look! Received my order last night from the official Missha website for $20.99 for one tube. I ordered #27 and I think it's the one that matches my skin the best. It is grayish when I first put it in the morning but that went away half an hour or so after. I have tried a few foundations hoping for this look that the BB cream gives, but I haven't found it yet... until today.

peter said...

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