September 26, 2012

Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream #2 Review and Comparisons

Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream, along with the Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream, is the thing that I desperately wanted to try when I got onto the BB cream bandwagon. Consider me a late-starter, but bb creams just never was my thing when living in hot and temperate climates. 

Holika Holika is a Korean brand, with a few selected stores scattered around Asia. They had opened one store in Singapore (I think 2 years back), but when I returned back a month ago, they were no longer there. That is quite unfortunate considering how much I prefer Holika Holika products over Etude House. Instead, I had purchased a bunch of Holika Holika products from Gmarket Korea, and shipped it to Singapore. My sweet friend had helped me carry it over to see me and I can't thank her enough! Thank you, Angeline!

I've been using the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream SPF 37 PA ++ (in no. 2) in rotation with my Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (in no. 23) when I just feel like using something even quicker than foundation. The BB cream process only takes me no more than 10 seconds; I squeeze a pea size around on my fingers, then quickly warm the product by pressing my fingers together, and then dab it on. Couldn't be much simpler. 

This cute little nifty thing costed me no more than $20 (I think its best to refer to prices on Gmarket). It contains 50mLs of product and a small cap size amount of peach blush. Cute, isn't it? 

And surprisingly, the cream blush feels creamy and blends in very well to the skin. I haven't used this blush yet, but it doesn't feel like a 'cheap' add on. 

I believe I'm starting to get better in evaluating BB creams... So far, I've only been trying Korean BB creams. I simply do not believe in bb creams from the West, including the Garnier and L'oreal BB creams that have started to infiltrate the makeup stands in the Danish supermarkets and pharmacies. I suppose I'm quite biased that way. There are just some things where I would consider Asian brands more superior - BB creams and sheet masks, for example.

Comparably, Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream no.2 is lighter than Missha Perfect Cover (which is suited to those in the NC27 range), but darker than the Skin79 Hot Pink. The tone is slightly grey on first application, but the color settles in about a minute or so. For reference, the picture above is swatched against the back of my arm where I'm probably an NC20. I still have some residual tan from the summer, so I would consider myself an NC25-27 on my face. The most yellow tone (and thus, more flattering on most Asian skin) would be the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream. 

There are 2 color options for the Peach Girl BB cream. 

Holika Holika Peach Girl offers medium coverage, whilst Skin79 offers the lightest. The heaviest coverage bb cream is probably the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream. Nevertheless, Holika Holika Peach Girl covers some of my acne scars, and to some extent, covers my pores too. 

Texture, Scent & Finish
I really love the texture of the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream; it's creamy, blends in effortlessly, and leaves the skin feeling slightly fresh and dewy looking. Compared to the Skin79, the finish is more satiny matte, and compared to the Lioele Beyond the Solution, it is more dewy.There's quite a moderate scent to the cream, but I quite like it, and I hardly notice it after 5 minutes. 

Oil control & Oxidation
By the 5-mark, there was hardly much oxidation and color change. "Marginal" meaning that you don't get the color demarcation from face and neck! :o) As for oil control, I didn't notice much. And I'm probably not the best judge for that, since I'm starting to have dry skin after living in this kind of crappy autumn weather. Because I suffer mostly from dry skin, I feel that the Peach Girl BB cream actually does nice job to hydrate the dry patches. What about the skincare benefits? Other than hydration, I'm not sure if I see any 'whitening' or 'anti-aging' benefits, like most Asian BB creams would claim. 

In summary, I am loving the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream! It's quite hard to choose my preference between those BB creams I have tried so far. If I want to achieve luminosity, I would definitely go for this. 

I hope this post is useful for anyone considering in some BB creams off Gmarket. There's just too many to choose from, but at least, the prices are attractive! 

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