August 26, 2012

Review on the Rachel K Neutral CC Blemish Balm

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well! You'll have to excuse me for my sporadic postings lately - August has been a month of change. I started my new job; very exciting but extremely busy, which leaves me with not a single moment of time to dedicate to my 'extracurriculars'. September to November will bring about more changes and possibilities of relocation. You can now understand why time hasn't really been my best friend lately.

I visited Singapore last week, and I discovered a new brand called 'Rachel K'. My friend seemed convinced that it was better than BB creams, and since I'm obsessed about BB creams lately, I decided to give it a go. There's two choices of 'CC creams' (which I'll come to later) under the Rachel K line - one packaged in black called Original, and this one here in Neutral. The Neutral shade (packaged in pink) is much more lighter in coverage. They also have a powder pact, which had won some Elle beauty awards.

Without further ado, lets me spill the beans about this little discovery! The Rachel K Neutral CC Blemish Balm 

Those who don't live in Asia, you may be wondering if CC creams are just an 'enhanced' gimmick over and above BB creams. Probably! My impression is the CC creams have the feature of not requiring 'color matching', and resolves the BB cream dilemma. Any skin tone is able to wear CC creams, and in my opinion, makes this product quite 'innovative'. Read below for an explanation of CC creams.

There are 10 supposed benefits packaged into one tube - epidermal growth factor, SPF, moisturising, whitening, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, collagen-enriched, non comedogenic, smudge-proof, and waterproof. I'm surprised that they even have space to write all 10 of these claims.

What you do see in the ingredients list is a high percentage of silicones, water and sun protecting agents. I'm no means a chemist, but when I scan through more than 2 inclusions of silicones, I begin to think like a cynic.

As a makeup product, it serves as a 'primer' or a stand-alone bb cream. It's a dream to apply and the smallest dollop of cream is enough to cover half a face.

There's 40grams worth of product which will probably last me a while. I got mine for SGD 30.

The finish is matte, like second-skin. It feels ultra comfortable, like I hadn't applied anything to my face.   If you have ever tried Dr. Feel Good by Benefit, you would know that silicones can feel heavy on the skin. This one seems to disappear on the skin, leaving no hint of color. Oil control was good too. It kept my oilies at bay for almost all day.

The main feature of the CC cream is that it's not necessarily a 'foundation' product, rather, it seems to be 'brightening' cream. And because the coverage is super light, acne scars and blemishes will still require a concealer. 

Some before and after shots coming up!

Me, bare skin and uncontrollable hair!

Applying Rachel K CC cream to the left side of my face... Notice how much lighter the cream is to my skin tone? 

The effects are very subtle. You can still see some blemishes but generally the redness of my skin is nicely concealed.

Below, I've applied CC cream to both sides of my face. My pores look less noticeable, and overall my complexion looks brighter and less pink. There's not the slightest hint of powder, pigment and foundation. I like the look - it's like wearing my own skin and better. 

I noticed good oil control and very little oxidation throughout the day. Here, I've put the rest of my face on with a gentle sweep of MAC Pink Swoon blush and Guerlain meteorites all over. 

In summary, the Rachel K Neutral CC Cream (Pink tube) is fabulous for anyone with good skin to begin with or for those who don't like foundation. It gives a lovely matte finish, covers the pores and brightens. The downsides I see with such a product is the lack of coverage and the amount of silicones. I would definitely recommend a 2-step cleansing process (or maybe 3), to make sure the product doesn't clog the pores over time. 

My thoughts; I will continue using it because I enjoyed the effects, but I will limit my use to perhaps 1-2 times a week. 

Have you tried the Rachel K CC Cream? Or have you tried any other CC creams in general? If so, did you like them? 


Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, this CC cream looks very natural on you. I stopped using my bb creams although I really like them because they all seem too light for me at the moment :( I have to stop using my fav Dior version because I was getting too tanned. Such a bummer. You are lucky to find a good match. I love the pretty eye look too.

Tracy said...

Hi Jacqueline, going darker is always annoying.. but I love the tanned look. I heard alot of good things about the Dior BB cream. I've asked a friend to help me buy it for me from Asia. The whole bb cream concept has not kicked off in Denmark... most Danes are too dark for the shades anyway! Very ironic!

Jess lee said...

I love the Rachel k CC Cream! it is the best so far that i have been using :)

TinaOurWonderLust said...

Hi! I really like this CC Cream to. Have you tried any others? I'll be getting the Chanel one in a few weeks and will do a review. I also did a post of the Rachel K though:

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