July 5, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Giorgia on My Mind

Georgia on my mind is Ji Baek's latest collection and one that perked my attention immediately. The collection went up for pre-orders in early June and I snapped the opportunity to pick up my first ever Rescue Beauty Lounge nailpolishes. I did quite a bit of research on Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes before ordering, as I have never seen it in person, and heard plenty of wonderful things about the formulations and shades that she has created. Ordering through her site is relatively easy, but unfortunately, many of her shades are out of stock. Her concept is to produce limited quantities of each shade. Once sold out, they are not replenished, unless voted back by VIP RBR-ers. This is probably the reason why RBR-ers go bizerk on pre-orders, and stock up shades that they can't do without.

$200 dollars worth of goodies entitles you to free shipping internationally, and boy was it quick. From shipping notification to the small box arriving on my doorstep took a total of four days. Each bottle of nailpolish is priced at $20 - rather steep, but I personally justified that it was the same price as OPI nailpolishes here at the local drugstore. 

I can see why there is a cult following now. One coat is all you need to achieve maximum opacity. And it applies so smoothly. I couldn't believe it. Now I wished that I taken up the pre-orders for the Fan Collection, especially Aqua Lily. It was incredibly hard to select from the choices, seeing that I wanted everything but had a budget to stick to. Overall, I am incredibly happy with the selection, including 3 bring-it-backs, 2 basic top and base coats, and 5 Gomms. Yummy gomms.

Giorgia on my mind is a collection with alot of earthy, sky tones. I picked out 5 out of 7 of the collection. Head over to Messy Wands for the entire collection. Ji Baek has released a blog post that announces that she will not be bringing these back once sold out, because of some naming issues. So I encourage you to purchase them without hesitation if any of these catches your fancy. 

Here are some single-coat swatches. No base or top coats there and it's really pigmented.

On each side of the bottle labels Ji's signature.

And here are some more swatches of Killa Red, Scrangie (LOVE!) and Catherine H. It was a quick and dirty job, and I promise better swatches soon.

Until then, keep a watch on Rescue Beauty Lounge's site for the final release of the 'Giorgia on My Mind' Collection.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!


memoiselle said...

ahhh rescue beauty lounge! I want to order these polish too :) I have never tried this but very interested to try.

Miaka said...

Girl!!! U r hauling big time!!! The shades are lovely.

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