July 18, 2012

BB Cream Review: Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream (Pink)

We have all heard of (and probably tried) BB creams. I now see a plethora of bb cream options from the major Western prestige lines (Dior, Clinique, Bobbi Brown) to drugstore (Maybelline, Garnier) to Asian Japanese brands (Coffret d'or, Kanebo Freshel), over and on top new additions to the existing Korean BB creams. If anything, the options are endless and overwhelming!

There seems to be mixed reviews about BB creams in general. Personally, I didn't enjoy them when I was living in Singapore. The humidity and heat made my extremely oil-sensitive face unbearable beyond the 2-hour mark. I now realise that BB creams fare much better in longevity and wear in milder temperatures, particularly the North of Asia as opposed to South East Asia. With confidence, I brought home to Denmark a number of BB creams to test and sample. 

While I was in Taipei last week, I picked up Skin79 Super Plus Beblish Balm (Pink) from Watsons. They were selling them at a promotional price at TWD499, which translates to about SGD 20 per bottle. Google tells me that Watsons Singapore is selling them are  SGD 36.90 per bottle. That's just to give you a comparison of savings when shopping in Taiwan. If I was living in Singapore, $37 dollars for a foundation/sunscreen is still reasonable. 

If anything, the packaging of these BB creams are too gorgeous to pass up. It comes in a small dispensable pump, enclosed in a sleek pink bottle. 

Be weary of fake BB creams. You can tell it's originality by noticing a few things, including:
  • Sticker in Korean at the back of the bottle
  • Batch number and expiry date on the bottom of the box
  • A perforated line on the back of the box

I presume that fake bb creams are sold on ebay. Either buy them from Watsons, or, established online retailers. Adambeauty.com sells them as well with a slightly higher markup - in fact, quite reasonable still. 

I don't pay much attention to the claims BB creams - 'whitening, UV protecting, SPF25, wrinkle free' for example. I simply like the fact that it's a skincare-based tinted moisturiser which gives your face a natural even look. And indeed, it does look much more natural than the most lightweight foundations. I don't see foundation settling into the lines or accentuate existing dryness. This factor alone makes BB creams far more enjoyable to use. 

The balm spreads very well - there was not much tugging as opposed to Missha BB creams. I would only use one pump of bb cream for the entire face. A 40gram bottle is probably going to last me at least a year, if not more. 

The Skin79 Super Plus Bleblesh Balm (Pink) comes in one color - suitable for skintones from NC15-25. For reference, I am a MAC NC25. It appears light on me, but not overly so. It comes off initially as quite greyish, and is supposed to oxidise to your natural skin color. Well, I don't quite agree. By the 8th hour, my complexion still looks considerably fairer than my neck and chest. There was very little oxidation - hardly noticeable in fact.

Upon application, I noticed an immediate brightened look - looking very even and very natural. It covers pores, making my skin look younger. 

And even on close ups, you don't see any signs of patchiness or dry spots. It's quite a breezy application, just by using my fingers to spread it evenly.  

I would say that the only two negative points about this BB cream is 1. lack of yellow and maybe appearing too white? and 2. lack of effective oil control even though the pink bottle is targeted for oily skin types. 

Literally I look like snow white. There is not even the slightly hint of yellow - and I think it makes my complexion look unnatural when comparing it to my chest/neck. However, come winter - you'll notice less of that difference of neck to face. 

By the end of the work day, I could see the product disintegrating, but that's expected anyway. I would consider the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation to be slightly better in the oil department. For oilier skin types, I would assume that oiliness will break through by the 2-3rd hour. Bear in mind as well that average temperatures in Denmark are around 10-15 degrees. 

My face looks rather unsightly, I know. But all other foundations look quite the same by the end of the day anyway, that it'll be unjust to rate this product as negative on its lack of oil control. Given the oiliness here, I am convinced that I will only wear BB creams in cooler climates (and definitely not in tropical weather!!!).

In summary, the Skin79 Super Plus Bleblesh Balm is a good introductory BB cream. I wouldn't rate it as the best out there. It brightens, evens out pigmentation, spreads easily, and has been loved by many. It would suit combination to dry skin types (suggested to also use an effective primer to last throughout the night or regular blotting face powder to help matify during the day). The only other disadvantage is the lack of yellow, giving a noticeable (but not drastic) contrast from the face and neck. 

Have you tried the Skin79 Super Plus Bleblesh Balm (Pink) BB cream? What are your thoughts? Do you have any holy grail bb creams that you can't live without?

There will be more reviews to come on other BB creams, so stay tuned. :-)


Beauty on a College budget said...

I bought this, and did a fake check and I got the real deal. My problem is this makes me breakout, and breakout bad! Ugh I want to love this but my skin just doesn't love it back.

Tracy said...

Oh no! That's unfortunate! I haven't used this long enough to comment on my skin's reaction. Hopefully it doesn't break me out as well. Thanks for the heads up.

Miaka said...

I used this BB cream before and it is too fair for me. Personally I like Dior BB cream better, shade is darker enough for me with decent staying power.

Maria said...

here you are! i was missing your posts!
this bb cream is one of my favourites. i have already bought the 2nd bottle of it :) but i buy the smaller size

memoiselle said...

hi tracy,
I have been missing your post and I am glad that you are back :)
I agree that this BB cream lacks of yellow tone, however I still think that this looks good on you. Your skin looks glowy:)

Tracy said...

Hi Miaka, I too have the Dior BB cream (just bought!) and looking forward to testing that out. :-)

Hi Maria, you're too kind! Surprising! Did you get yours from Asia or Russian stockists now selling these?

Hi memoiselle, aww thank you :-) I'm trying it out for the week to see if I change my opinion on it. I thought that I was putting a bit too much, so i reduced it and noticed considerably less paleness. I still like to look like my exact skin color, and that I achieved with Chanel Vitalumiere.

Maria said...

hi :) no, i buy 80% of the skincare i use online from Asia/USA.

i buy bb-creams on ebay from the sellers i know (in fact i don't think there are so many fakes, i don't see the profit in it).

in Russia in shops we have only bb creams of European brands, which i don't want even to try)))

a p r i l said...

Ah you're back! Just wanted to say you're my favorite blogger :) I checked out Matas and had fun perusing the aisles while I was in Copenhagen thanks to you! Have a nice day! <3

Misa said...

I really love this BB cream! It blends perfectly on my skin. But I stop using this cause it's tad a bit dark for my skin. Anyway I envy your skin! your skin looks good even without BB cream on :D thanks for the review I might get back to this BB cream later as it looks more natural than my current bb cream.


gie_chloe said...

Hi I used this for 2 weeks and it gave me a bad breakout too. Later I realised it has high level of mineral oil which is comedogenic for some people.

It's a shame because the shade suits me really well and the coverage is excellent.

helen thinks said...

I love orange BBcream of Skin79, intense clasic blam, are perfecto for my skin tipe!!


Pera Utami said...

hi Tracy..thank you for the review. I have the same experience with this BB Cream (recently I use Skin79 Hot Orange, almost the same with Hot Pink but with higher SPF). I got my face fade in grey shadow after 4 to 8 hours...ughhh.. Now I'm considering to use another BB Cream..i interested try Missha..hehe, as you reviewed in this blog also... Thanks!
*fyi, I live in Indonesia :)

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