July 3, 2012

Austria... not Australia!

Hi everyone! I promise this is not going to become a travel blog! I wanted to show you the pictures I took when I was in Vienna about 1-2 months ago. I went to Vienna for the long weekend to join my dear SO who was interviewing for a job there. Latest news tells me that Austria will become my second home soon. 

It was my second time in Vienna, but my first to visit the romantic city. The Viennese definitely have alot to be proud of - music, culture, the alps, good economic growth despite the eurozone recession and the buzz of a vibrant urban city. There's plenty of things to do - from listening to aspiring musicians playing on the streets to long walks around the palace at night. 

Stephansplatz is the place to go if you wish to capture most of Vienna's old historical buildings or do your highstreet designer shopping. The main charm lies with the Churches sbout. Chuch-hopping was my agenda for a few hours, gazing at its stunning interiors. 

Getting lost in the wavering streets makes the whole experience of discovering the city even more exciting. I discovered a barn of white horses, crowded by kids and locals. 

And slipping into a unsuspecting cafe hidden from the tourist bustle, getting to devour into some mouthwatering deserts.

I Occasionally saw street magicians, such as this. Can you figure out how this is done?

Then we both managed to find some time to visit a museum. Of course! Even though I am considered a museum junkie, I can only keep up with one museum a day. 

You can also take a short afternoon nap on the outside benches on the spaces outside the museums. Vienna, fortunately, has rather good weather. During the spring you get a lovely dose of sun, and during the winters are predictably clean and crisp. Denmark in comparison can be VERY depressing; the springtime still feels like winter and winters are always wet and windy. 

I leave you a tasty note of the traditional Viennese Scnitzel, a favourite dish by the Germanic countries. It's crispy, it's thin, and it's absolutely HUGE! Each covers the plate entirely, often flopping outside the perimeter of the plate!

I hope you liked the pictures. There will be more of Vienna in the future, so this is only just a teaser of more things to come!

Have a lovely week!


Chris El @ MyFashionTrendencies said...

Tracy, I love your travel pics. I hope to come back to Europe soon! I stopped briefly in Vienna, to get a cup of coffee (literally), but wish I could've spent more time there.

makeup magpie said...

Thanks for sharing your great travel pics! Hmmm...I'm still trying to figure out how that street magician can levitate like that!

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