June 2, 2012

Skincare: Clarins UV Plus HP Sunscreen

Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 UVA-UVB/PA+++/Oil-free Anti-pollution has been my latest go to skincare and I've been enjoying it immensely, especially for the hot and humid days. My alternative  for the drier months has been the Diorsnow sunscreen, which feels alot more thicker and more emollient.

There are two shades available - one in transparent, and the other in a light pink. I opted for the light pink and it creates a soft and smoothened look to the skin after application. 

The container itself is travel friendly, with a precise nozzle tip that makes dispensing the product very easy. Compared to the Kiehls UV Daily Defense previously reviewed here, the Clarins packaging is far superior. 

The texture of the Clarins UV Plus sunscreen spreads well and sinks into the skin without much work and waiting time. There's a slight scent, as with all Clarins products, but only marginal. I find that their older products had too much fragrance, and even though I'm generally insensitive to scented products, it  was strong enough to steer clear of the brand. I have noticed that they have been continuously improving their brand image and product quality. So perhaps I should be more forgiving and try more of the Clarins products?

Interestingly, the main sunscreen ingredient is supposedly 100% mineral. Scanning through the product ingredients, titanium dioxide is listed amongst the top few ingredients. There's nothing innovative about titanium dioxide - it exists in most other sunscreens. Titanium dioxide is proven and effective, and is all you really need for daily wear. However, the ultimate most effective sunscreen ingredient is still zinc oxide, which unfortunately makes your face super white. So if you plan to venture out in the strong midday sun, use something stronger. Otherwise, this is a great option to keep the ageing signs away!

So... Clarins have also added some sort of a canteloupe melon extract, supposedly making this whole formulation a whole lot more 'anti-pollution' with some sort of anti-oxidant effect. Well, I'm no skincare genius, so sure - I wouldn't mind some extra skincare benefits. 

What I do like is the very smoothened silky feeling post application. It gives a lovely matte finish, without making you feel like there's another heavy layer of product on your face. I love that about ultra light weight sunscreens, and fortunately the offerings seem to be getting better and better. In fact, I much prefer the texture and feeling of the Clarins sunscreen over the Kiehls. 

What about the oil-control factor? It's moderate. I had no issues by mid day, but had a slight oily t-zone by 8 hours.

Product ingredients can be found here:

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday afternoon! I've just gone out for my rare 5 km run, and of course, with my new favorite sunscreen for summer! :-)


Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

I want to try this one as I hear such great things about it. Actually, I think I might pick up the tinted version if I can find it! Great review!

Blusher Obsessed said...

I'm loving this one too!
In fact I even use it as my face base.
But lately the weather here is extremely hot and humid and even though my face turns red in the heat but it does not burn. This is a plus point for me wearing this sunscreen.

Tracy said...

Hi Tracy, thanks! :-) I can see myself repurchasing this.

Hi Blusher Obsessed, I'm not a fan of the humid weather either - it makes anything slide off. I guess the trick is to reapply often and generously.

Miaka said...

Love this sunscreen in transparent. It's considered pricey as compared to other drugstore sunscreen but I like the light texture even with high SPF.

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